What Makes Me, Innovation From Down Under

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Hello folks. How do I begin? This is my first ever blog post on my brand new sparkly website. I have lots of hopes and dreams associated with having a new website that allows me to do so many things that I have wanted to do for so long and yet haven’t had the ability (or time) to do properly. I know you must be thinking that what you are doing here? Who am I? And what is The *Official AndreasCY* all about?

What Makes Me, Innovation From Down Under

First of all my name is Andreas Christodoulou (known as AndreasCY) and i'm from Limassol of Cyprus. I'm a Graphics / Web Designer and Developer who enjoys writing articles on technology and other topics. An Entrepreneur, a Professional Mechanical Engineer and a certified Google's Partner (AdWords) / SEO Consultant who runs a number of companies. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn Network or my about.me page for more.

I have created this Blog to share with you ideas, groundbreaking developments and ambitions for the future, to meet new people and promote upcoming innovation, revolutionary technologies and start-ups. You'll be able to follow interesting curations and all the good stuff, including our Daily Tech Magazine and Newspaper, Trending Tweets, Interactive News Videos, Newsletters and much more.

What Makes Me, Innovation From Down Under

The main aim is to publish Unbiased, Original and High Quality News Content, Opinion Pieces, Trending Topics and Breaking Stories, covering everything from hardware and software to business and entertainment. We'll offer also creative and support Services & Web Solutions for businesses, brands and individuals. From website designing to Internet Marketing, and also Web Hosting we are here to assist you, to facilitate your Internet presence and make you win potential business opportunities. 

With a wide spectrum of Professional yet Affordable Tools that lead to a successful business on the world wide web. The *Official AndreasCY* is going to be your one Stop Shop for everything Geek, Giving you your daily news updates and tips. We can also answer any technical support questions you might have and cover unlimited Email and Telephone support.

Thank you for your trust and don’t forget to connect with us! I hope lot of interesting people will make contributions to the blog. Comments are optional but please, try to keep them positive. Always with peace and blessings.

Take care everyone! ;) 

*by andreascy*