Sean Loper : CEO of Grimm Studios

Description : 

This is a tribute to our friend and supporter, Sean Loper. A CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a new startup Company named *Grimm Studios*, along with his partner Danny Castillo.

A very knowledgeable Web/App Designer and Coder - Programmer, who builds tons of free stuff to enrich deviantART with more choices, a devoted deviantART Fan/User who recently hand coded his Website (Using Jquery as a standard Javascript platform) to match how he feels in his current situation right now.
He works hard to create a Dynamic Design to show off his skillset, he loves Interactive Designs and wants to express this love, showing to people more about himself. We really love this guy's works and potentials and highly recommend him to all those who might need his help. Feel free to check his websites and some of his works on the below links and make sure to ask him for suggestions. 

Learn more on his profile.

Partnership with The *Official AndreasCY* :

1. Android app - *Informadroid*

*by andreascy*