Adair Web Browser released! Download it now! Leave your feedback!

Description : 

The *Official AndreasCY* proudly announces it's partnership with DB Technoholic and Adair Corporation. What was born from this teamwork is awesome >>> Adair Release Candidate 0.1.5 finally released! Our first and long awaited Web Browser now is available for download from Adair's Official Page so go ahead and try it out and don't forget to leave your feedback for future improvements! 

A modern tool we use to access our Virtual and Modern Life. Something that makes our Digital Life even better! The primary purpose of a web browser is to bring information resources to the user. And to do it fast! This is exactly what this browser does! 

So, what’s the plan? 

- Create something that people need and will enjoy using it! 

- “A gorgeous User Interface, Fast Speed, Cloud Storage, Acceleration, Full compatibility, Great Help Facility and Plenty of Unique Themes to choose from.” 

- “A Web Browser with beautiful Metro-UI and GPU acceleration.” 

- "Lot's of other cool stuff and surprizes" 

Basic features of the released RC 0.1.5 version : 

- Inbuilt Download Manager 

- Metro-UI 

- Blazing Fast 

- Anti-crash 

- Google Search 

- Anti-malware 

- Important websites - Already pinned 

- Less Resources 

- Less load 

- Full support for Adobe Flash 

- Very Stable 

- Faster & Safer

OS compatibility :

Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8

Don't forget to install Net Framework 4 before installing this from :

Download Adair directly from : 

Future updates on 01/06/2012 : 

- Cloud storage 

- HTML 5 

- Mobile version of the Browser 

- Stunning appearance 

- Already known bugs will get fixed 

- Surprizes ;) 

Check the links below for more information about Adair : 

Enjoy the video! 

UPDATES : Adair Browser changed to "Native" Browser. Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Metro App for Windows 8 are also under development. Learn more at :

Stay tuned for more updates and news! ;)

*by andreascy*