Adair 6 : Push to the Design

Description : 

Enough with the speeds of Adair File Manager, so we decided to deal with the design and with some important improvements. The beautiful and gorgeous metro ui, no matter how much we say about it, It never gets enough.

Forward to 6. A new look : 

Take a look at this picture. Similar to this image will be Adair

New Features : 

- Adding Tabs (+) and Removing Tabs (-) 

- Better Tab Support 

- AFM Integrated Cleaner 

- Better HTML5 

-Better Icons 

- Improved System Resources & Work load 

- New Design 

- Surprizes ;) 

More News : 

Adair 6.5 UI Update : 

Something is coming up soon! 

Adair Cafe : Coming on Android soon! 

Learn more here

UPDATE : Adair Browser changed to "Native" Browser. Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Metro App for Windows 8 are also under development. Learn more on Native's section.

Stay tuned for more updates and news! ;) 

*by andreascy*