Adair Major Update comes with something powerful packed

Description : 

The “Simple Clean Fast” Web Browser by The Adair Team was out on 19th of May. We wrote also a detailed article about this here. However it was based on a /rebuilt/ that means a faster processing IE7 Engine was not impressive but at least it managed to do well and surf the web without even a single crash. But this new major update is something that will be hard to ignore. A big jump from version 0.5.1 Release Candidate to 5.9 Stable.

The new version has the WebKit Engine which supports HTML5 which gives you a not bad 240 Score with 2 bonus points in the test. It is surely not the best because Maxthon is leading the way out of HTML5 with an awesome, really awesome 470 on 500.

"We are working hard on upgrading our engines and getting better and better to beat atleast Google Chrome with using the least processor usage says AndreasCY from The Adair Team"

"We have our main concentration on the speed and ease on the browser, along with the smooth acceleration to avoid crashes said AdityaDB also from the team"

We give this web browser a 4 watching the easy design maintaining the metro design style. So go ahead and try our browser. Leave your feedback, let us know what do you think about it! 

UPDATE : Adair Browser changed to "Native" Browser. Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Metro App for Windows 8 are also under development. Learn more at :

*by andreascy*