Adair Browser Reached "The Power of 7". Download it now!

Description : 

What really got us thinking in the development of Adair was that we could not change the homepage and had to create a new tab manually..that was really very irritating. We started to fix it out but some problems showed up. We tried, and tried.. but finally we did it…today we present to you Adair 7 with lots of changes including : Super Upgraded Flash Plugin, Java V8 (latest), plenty of Bug Fixes and much more. 

There is no need now to add manually a tab. It just got Automatic and also with this you get the capability of changing your Homepage. 

Be it Google, Facebook, Twitter, your kids Favorite TV Channel Homepage or your Business pages now its there. Get your updates at the first start of your Browser. Also there is a new “Bug Reporting Utility”. “Bug Reporting” Utility has changed now to “Report an issue”.

Adair Beats Mozilla Firefox in HTML 5 and Gets 100/100 on Acid3 (Rendering Tests) :

After taking Adair and Mozilla Firefox for a test drive to The HTML5 Test and Acid3 pages and checked out the results we saw an amazing improvement. Adair just gets better and better!! 

We apologize to all the users who were waiting desperately for the CLOUD, as the Server is under maintenance and may take some time to get fixed. We will let you know more about this soon!

We are currently working on :

- Next Version 7.1 that will have an Installer Setup

- Better Designs on the Tab

- Theme Support

- Faster HTML 5 and CSS 3 rendering

- Better Flash

- Faster & Secure Websites

- Anti-Phishing and Infected Websites Warning

- Error page display when your Internet Connection is not working or… any thing that seems incorrect.

- MAC version is almost finished

So..what are you waiting for? Head over on Adair Corporation Blog and Download the latest Version of Adair. Leave your feedback for future improvements!

Feel free also to Download Adair's 7 Latest Wallpapers for your Desktop from our Minus Gallery.

UPDATE : Adair Browser changed to "Native" Browser. Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Metro App for Windows 8 are also under development. Learn more at :

*by andreascy*