7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

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Accessories will complete the look that you desire to flaunt. A dress, without matching shoes, neckpieces, and bags, looks like a painting devoid of colors. With the right fashion accessories, you can either dress up or dress down a particular outfit. 

7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

These trinkets will also highlight your taste and help to create a distinct style statement. In case you lack the eye to a new dress with appropriate accessories in your mind, then take the assistance of the experts. 

Watches: Keep Pace With Fashion Trends 

The advent of smartphones has eliminated the need of wearing a watch on your wrist. But how often do you see a man or woman without one? Almost never! Whether it is a casual occasion or a formal event, people love wearing expensive watches. These timepieces are no longer used to keep track of time. Instead, these act as accessories. 

7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

A sleek watch polishes your outfit and your personality at the same time. It shows you are capable of striking a balance between being funny and serious. If you are in a casual and relaxed mood, then ditch the boring black and brown leather straps for brightly printed and patterned straps. Some watches come with interchangeable straps. So, you can sport a new look every day. 

Scarves and Jackets for Extra OOMPH

Power suits, skirts, basic tops or jumpsuits – no matter what you are wearing, a colorful scarf can add life to the attire immediately. Monochromatic or bright scarves, will attract focus to your face, instead of the top. It will add an extra layer. They are a mark of sophistication and charm. If you are not a fan of tying something around your neck, then jackets will save you from fashion disasters. 

7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

For summers, you can depend on linen, cotton or silk jacket, while woolen overalls will keep you safe from the winter chills. Jackets are available in bright as well as subtle hues, to complement the dress underneath. When in doubt, throw a coat over your clothing, and you will look elegant instantly. 

Shoes for Comfort and Class

Shoes offer much more than comfort. Classy shoes are a mark of an elegant individual. People pay attention towards the clothes and accessories. But only a knowledgeable person knows that a true blue aristocrat will own shiny and well-maintained shoes. All your efforts to look like a million dollars will go down the drain if your shoes don’t go with the dress. Flats and platforms shoes offer supreme comfort. Tie-up shoes and Greek sandals look amazing with casual dresses. 

7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

If you want to make a style statement or look rich at a formal event, then it is imperative to ditch the flats and put on high heels. In case, someone is not comfortable walking in high heels; she can opt for smaller box or kitten heels as well. Heels offer an excellent posture to the body and make you look taller instantly. Make sure you have bright colors, blacks, browns and nude colored footwear in your shoe closet. 

Hats for Every Season

If you think that hats were a thing of the past, then you need to take a quick trip to the race course. The rich and famous like to wear hats even today. It highlights their status but also shields them from the harsh rays of the sun. The members of British royal family and aristocrats are never seen without hats on special occasions. 

7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

Covering the head, was a mark of sophistication in early days. Berets are famous among French women, while British ladies opt for elaborate hats. If you want an extra edge, then wearing fedora, boater, cartwheel or floppy hats will do the trick. Boater, cartwheel and floppy hats are available in different colors and patterns and look amazing with jumpsuits, rompers, shorts, skirts and other casual dresses. 

Get Some Bling on With Jewelry

There was never a shortage of trinkets in the market. Precious metals and costly rocks not only enhanced the beauty but also showcased the status of the person. Gold, silver, platinum and white gold are some popular metals, used for making trinkets. If you are looking for affordable options, then German silver and artificial metals will also do the trick. 

7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

There is an unending option for men and women who desire to adorn their bodies with ornaments. Multi-layered neckpieces, chunky statement necklaces, small and big earrings, beaded and charm bracelets, middle eastern headpieces, strings of pearls are some common pieces, which can help in making a smile dress look expensive. In recent fashion events, models have been seen sporting midi and layered finger rings. Cuff bracelets are also in vogue. One can incorporate these to dress up or dress down appropriate attire.

Bags! Bags! And More Bags!

Will you ever leave the house without a bag or purse? Bags are essential accessories, which bring out the beauty of any dress. Not all bags will complete all kinds of attires. A wrong pick can mar the beauty of the outfit. The market has been flooded with various kinds of bags. One can pick tote bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, bucket bags, fanny packs, transparent plastic bags, purses, and clutches. 

7 Fashion Accessories To Lift Up Your Style Quotient

Bags made of cotton and jute; with thread work are new additions to the fashion world. They are popularly seen in India and Middle Eastern nations. They suit the traditional outfits as well as solid colored dresses.


If you have a plain jumpsuit, then these bags can add a dash of color and character to the outfit. Clutches made of silk or metal complement dresses, while tote bags offer a casual look if you want to step out in basic T-shirts, shorts or rompers. Smaller vanity bags will make your getup look elegant. 

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