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THE OFFICIAL ANDREASCY is a media platform that kicked off back in 2008, stemming from a desire to spread the word on groundbreaking news that matter. The Founder Andreas created our "Home" to gather news lovers worldwide, to ignite their spirit, and to share his passion for technology and other fields of the future!

If knowledge and learning on a wide spectrum of domains are among your interests, then we’ ve got you covered. Focusing on Tech, Business, Education, Science, Health, Nature, and more, our team will ensure you stay in the know.

About us

Our concern is to keep you in the loop through publishing Unbiased, Original and High Quality News Content, Opinion Pieces, Trending Topics, and Breaking Stories. Covering everything from hardware and software to business and entertainment, your one Stop for everyday news and tips is here. 

You can browse through our content or join us on social media for everyday updates.

Looking Ahead... 

As our team and expertise grows, we aspire to provide the sort of content that will enrich people’s lives, with the knowledge and understanding gained from our reliable sources, unique insights, and tips.

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Hereby, we welcome you to our online community and would love for you to contribute and join our discussions in a positive spirit, without using any offensive/explicit language or content which shall be removed. 

We Want You To Succeed! 

We offer a wide range of creative and support Services & Web Solutions for businesses, brands, and individuals. Starting from a simple website to a complex business management tool, we have the knowledge, the experience, and the technology to deliver. 

We have an International team of professionals that span across all regions. We provide a complete range of professional Web Services (from Website Designing to Internet Marketing) that can help you organize, manage, and promote your company, products, and services to the world wide web.

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Our methods, technical expertise, and unrivalled knowledge of the internet economy enable us to provide honest, clear, and practical advice, based on sound business principles. By digitally transforming your Business, we add that quintessential edge to your online initiative! 

With a multi-year experienced team and a trustfull associates network, we can meet the necessary requirements regarding the very demanding and fast growing digital world. Just define your needs and let us come up with the most suitable solution.

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Contact us for a guided experience and a result you’ll be proud of! 


Our Team 

Andreas Christodoulou (Founder & Chief Executive Officer / CEO)

Andreas is the Founder & CEO of THE OFFICIAL ANDREASCY. He is an Internet personality and self-made Entrepreneur and Investor from Limassol of Cyprus.

Andreas is in an everlasting learning and creative mode, with an intention to share his ideas and innovative endeavors. He works with companies and like-minded achievers providing products and services that improve business.

Andreas is known as "andreascy". 

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Stephania Savva (Guest Author) 

Stephania is a guest author at THE OFFICIAL ANDREASCY. She holds a Ph.D from the University of Leicester, UK, exploring the potential of museums for supporting 21st century education through museum multiliteracies. 

At the moment, Stephania shares a passion for digital and anything tech related, working in particular in the area of educational technology. She has presented and published her doctoral research in international conferences and academic peer-reviewed journals. 

In her leisure time, she enjoys painting, creative writing and is in a constant learning mode. 

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