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Starting in 2008, The *Official AndreasCY* stepped into the world of publishing Unbiased, Original and High Quality News Content, Opinion Pieces, Trending Topics and Breaking Stories, covering everything from hardware and software to business and entertainment. The *Official AndreasCY* is your one Stop Shop for everything Geek, giving you your daily news updates and tips.

About us

We offer also a wide range of creative and support Services & Web Solutions for businesses, brands and individuals. Starting from a simple website to a complex business management tool, we have the knowledge, the experience and the technology to deliver.

We are an International Web Development company with a team of professionals that span across all regions. We provide a complete range of professional Web Services (from Website Designing to Internet Marketing, and also Web Hosting) that help you organize, manage and promote your company to the world wide web.

About us

Our methods, technical expertise, and unrivalled knowledge of the internet economy enable us to provide honest, clear, practical advice based on sound business principles. By digitally transforming your Business, we add that quintessential edge to your online initiative!

With a multi-year experienced team and a trustfull associates network we can meet any requirements regarding the very demanding and fast growing digital world. We're here to help. Just define your needs and let us come up with the most suitable solution.

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Board of Directors:

Andreas Christodoulou (Founder and Chief Executive Officer / CEO, Chairman)

Andreas is Founder, CEO and chairman of The *Official AndreasCY*, home of Top Content, Daily & Unbiased Tech News. He is a Graphics / Web Designer and Developer who enjoys writing articles on technology and other topics. An Entrepreneur, a Professional Mechanical Engineer and a certified Google's Partner (AdWords) / SEO Consultant who runs a number of companies. A normal person with an eye for knowledge and ear for listening.

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Stephania Savva (Chief Research Officer / CRO)

Stephania is CRO and board member of The *Official AndreasCY*. She is an Academic Researcher and Educator sharing a passion for digital and anything tech related, working in particular in the area of educational technology for teaching and learning in the 21st century. She has presented and published her doctoral research in international conferences and academic peer-reviewed journals. In her leisure time, she enjoys painting, creative writing and is in a constant learning mode.

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Get in touch with the people at The *Official AndreasCY* and do not hesitate to email us if you have technical issues with the site. The easiest way to contact us is to explain your problem or concern and one of our Customer Service Representatives will respond. In most cases we can sort things out for you straight away.

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