The Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Workplace

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They say that it is not apt to judge a book by its outer cover. But an eye-catching and tasteful cover will increase the chances of its sale significantly. Taste in clothes and dressing sense varies from one person to another. Some like to keep it subtle, while others like to go bold and bright. A 9 to 5 type office is not a hip place. People are bogged down by work pressure.

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

There is too much stress in the office environment. That does not mean you have to dress in a depression manner as well. Picking party clothes and office clothes is as different as chalk and cheese. With the right balance, you can make office attires fun and sophisticated at the same time. Some organizations have strict dress codes, while others have a relaxed attitude. An employee must put some thought while stocking his/her wardrobe with professional clothes. 

1. Dress Code According to the Industry

Only suits will make the cut in strictly corporate offices. These offices have a business professional dress code where only trousers, blazers, pencil skirts, solid colored shirts, and ties are allowed. If you work in an office with a business casual dress code, then men can replace formal trousers with chinos. Leather footwear is also allowed. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

As for women, plain but bright tops, embroidered shirts, and a variety of shoes will make the cut. If the office environment is too relaxed, then you can wear anything. That being said; never show up in shorts, bermuda, heavily embellished tops, too revealing outfits and flip-flops

2. Creates a Cohesion in the Workplace

Employees work in groups to attain a common objective. A professional dress code is needed for visual cohesion. It gives a sense of belonging to a group. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

Too dissimilar dressing patterns can produce an awkward vibe in the workspace. Dressing conveys messages, and proper dress codes enable all employees to send a positive message on behalf of the organization. 

Dress to impress

Following correct professional dress code, allows a person to create a positive impression on the interviewer. First impressions are essential. If the professional attire catches the eyes of the authority, your chances of bagging the job will increase. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

If you are already working in an office, you must be well dressed to create a positive impact at any time. You never know when the CEO will drop by for a surprise visit, or if you dump into your ex-flame. Best dressed men and women stand out amongst others.

3. Reflecting the Brand Image

Every employee represents the company. If they don’t create a good impression in the market, then the company’s status drops. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

A proper dress code will prevent this from happening. When every staff member is perfectly dressed, the reputation of the organization rises. 

4. Dress for the Post you Desire 

Juniors and back-office staff can get away with slight alterations in the dress code. If they wish to climb the corporate ladder, then they must dress accordingly. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

If you want to get promoted to a manager, then follow dress codes that will suit the respective role. Your dressing will create an impression on the authority. They will take you as a serious and ambitious candidate. 

Right fabric and size

You are in the office to work. No one will pay you only to look good. If you are not comfortable in your clothes, then you will fail to concentrate on the task. Your productivity, performance, and chances of promotion will dwindle fast. Many offices demand their employees to wear blazers

Though these are not an issue during winters, wearing a blazer is quite a challenge during summers. It is here that selection of fabric comes to the forefront. You will get cotton, linen and silk blazers in stores. They are light, comfortable, come in several colors and helps in abiding by office dress code. Light, breathable and soft fabrics are top picks for professional clothing.

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

If you are lucky to work in an office that has no restrictions on clothing, then you can opt for bright and printed blazers as well. In that case, opting for softer fabrics like silk and linen will be ideal. Team up a deep red T-shirt with black jeans and a grey linen blazer to complete your fun office look. As for shoes, your sneakers will be enough to offer comfort throughout the day. 

Pay attention to accessories

Whether it is a pantsuit or a formal pencil skirt with crisp shirts, wrong selection of accessories can ruin the entire look. Picking the right trinkets is imperative to make a subtle statement and highlight your refined taste. Going ballistics with accessories will not create a positive impression. Chuck statement and beaded neckpieces, say no to dangling earrings, and a definite no to multi-layered charmed bracelets. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

When dressing for work, less is more. A sleek watch is enough to beautify your hands. If you work in an office that allows casual dress code, then you can deck up as a college student with several rings and chunky earrings. Maintaining a balance will always enhance your beauty, without overshadowing any piece.

Select shoes carefully

Even if you don’t need to run around in the office, investing in a pair of good shoes is mandatory. Men must opt for formal office shoes. It is safe to play with colors like black, deep and light brown and tan. These hues complement all attire colors. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

Women can pick between high heels, kitten heels or box heels. Under no circumstance must any employee come to the office in flip-flops. No matter how beautiful the shoe looks, if it is uncomfortable, it should not be purchased. 

5. Casual Office Dress Code

Though professional dress code is somewhat rigid, there are some offices and startups, which have a relaxed take on office wear. Employees can show up in any dress as long as they are not distasteful. 

Importance Of Having A Professional Dress Code At Your Work Place

The main mantra is to be comfortable in the attire. From comfortable jeans to linen shirts, from jumpsuits to T-shirts, you can wear any casual outfit. As for shoes, both flats and heels will be accepted. 

Summing Up

Admist the hype of emerging technologies and startups growing like mushrooms, there has been a shift in the professional dress code around different businesses. Whereas there is an increasing call for more casual attire to dress to work, you should always keep in mind that a truly professional dress style will have to be formal and above all not exaggerate. 

This article highlights the dos and dont's of your work outfit and how you should go about to impress your colleagues and supervisors. It may not be the case at all situations, however it has been found that an employee's outfit to work contributed to his advancement to a higher post. 

Of course ultimately, no matter what the professional dress code you choose or are required to follow, you must keep in mind that the clothes you wear should be also practical and make you feel comfortable where possible as you want to both feel and look good at your work space.

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