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How to Convert PDF File to JPG Format for Free

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More than 20 years after its creation, the PDF format is still the most used way of packaging text and images into shareable documents and files. However, if you wish to edit your PDF content, (to export images, for example) you’ll need to get some help, most often in the form of productivity software. The biggest culprit for that: The PDF format itself, which does not allow you to manipulate it easily. 

How to Convert PDF File to JPG Format for Free

Now, there are two options in situations like these. One is to find and buy an expensive PDF conversion software which can easily convert your PDF to an editable file type. The second option is to find a dependable online converter that can do the exact same job. As you might imagine, one of those solutions involves spending a couple of hundred euros and one doesn’t. Can you guess which is which? Bingo! Long live the free online tools. 

Today, we are going to use one brand new PDF to JPG converter (from a reputable company) to show you just how easy it is to transform PDFs into images in 2017. 

Before we go on to the tutorial, here is a list of that tool's features: 

● Unlimited number of conversions

● Conversions are instant

● Completely free

● No ads

● No downloads

● No need to leave your email 

● No limitations on the file size

As you will see, it also has a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can understand. So, without any further ado, here is how to convert PDF file to JPG:

Click on the upload button and select the PDF file from your computer. 

How to Convert PDF File to JPG Format for Free

2. Press Convert and Let The Tool Do Its Job 

Using this app, you can convert almost any PDF file can be converted, large or small, basic or complex.

How to Convert PDF File to JPG Format for Free

3. Your JPG is Ready

Once the progress bar loads up, click the download button to download your JPG file. 

How to Convert PDF File to JPG Format for Free

The conversion quality is spot on and the converted files are delivered in a zipped folder. As for your document security, Investintech claims that once you download your document, both the PDF and the JPG files are deleted from their servers.

So, there you go guys. A quick little tutorial with a tool that can save you a lot of time when the going gets tough. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Ways That Tech Can Help When You Have to Move on Short Notice

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Hi all and Happy New Year! We can’t believe it’s 2017! Hope everyone is getting caught up and settled in after the holidays. 

So you just found out you have to move ASAP. Be it for a new job or unfortunate eviction, the short notice skyrockets your stress levels and panic begins to set in. But have no fear, technology is here. 

Ways That Tech Can Help When You Have to Move on Short Notice

Take control of a short-notice move by taking advantage of all the technology at our finger tips. Here are some key ways tech can save the day. 

1. Apartment Hunting Websites

Say you’re looking for apartments for rent in NYC, currently live in California and don’t have time or the means to travel last minute to find a place. Apartment hunting websites like ForRent let you filter housing requirements and provide extensive information on multiple options that fit what you’re looking for. You can also get a virtual tour of each unit so it feels like you’re there even from afar. 

2. Google It

If you’re moving to a new city and want to get a feel for what it’s like to live there, typing in a good ol’ Google search can give you exactly what you need. Search “Living in…” or “Moving to…” and the World Wide (wonderful) Web will list endless articles and the inside scoop on a particular city. That way you’re prepared to transition from transplant to local as soon as you get to your new city. 

3. Virtual Moving Guidance 

If there’s a need, there’s an app for it. The MoveAdvisor app helps you through a move by taking inventory and helping you visual where you’ll put your items in a new home. It can additionally provide weight estimates for your moving items and lists reputable moving companies near you. A timeline feature further provides a framework for all the work that must be done in a short amount of time. 

4. Match for Roommates 

If you’re in need of a roommate and don’t know where to start, you can use mobile apps like Roomi. It’s like the Tinder of roommate matching. You get the details potential roommates and swipe through various profiles to ultimately match with the one for you. Finding roommates on sites like Craigslist can often be very successful too. With instant communications like email, you can efficiently start a conversation with someone who’s also in need of a roommate and discuss what they’re looking for in a living partner.

5. Mapping Out a Floor Plan

If you’re in a crunch trying to decide what needs to be kept during a move or tossed, you can use mobile applications like Magic Plan to map out where items will go in your new home. It aggregates 3D floorplans and does the measuring for you so you can automatically see where everything will fit. 

6. Mobile Moving Service Fulfillment 

Moving service apps make the process of finding, hiring and paying movers easier and more efficient. You can use Dolly, a mobile app that helps you book reliable movers, coordinate timing and details of the move and pay for those services all on your phone. You don’t need to lift a finger, besides the one that’s used to tap your phone for services. 

7. Sort the Stuff

One of the most stressful parts of moving is organizing everything there is to move and keeping track of it. Sortly is a mobile application that easily organizes all your stuff by taking pictures of items, categorizing them and allow you to search for them via the interface. It provides visual hierarchies of everything you own in tidy folders and also creates QR labels for boxes that can be scanned and identified in the sea of brown boxes. You’ll immediately know which room to put boxes in as soon as they are unloaded from the truck.

Final Thoughts

Technology can be the biggest gift to anyone moving on short notice. Utilize the various moving apps that assist with organization and coordination, and use the internet to access information. These tech tools will give you the greatest advantage to moving on short notice and convenience that’ll directly decrease a potentially stressful time.

With a new year comes a fresh start. Cheers to an epic 2017! 

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6 Ways to Nurture Learning for Digital Natives

Description :

For many people, the term ‘digital native’ might sound a little strange. It’s not literally someone who lives on the internet, as that might be a little bit impossible. What it does offer, though, is a term which has become increasingly popular in the last decade and a half. Coined by the excellent Marc Prensky in 2001, this term – the digital native – describes the inability to help the next generation, namely the digital natives who were born in the millenia learn in and through technology. Teachers and educators are increasingly finding it more difficult to relate and understand the needs of the generations that preceded them.

6 Ways to Nurture Learning for Digital Natives

Today, as the infographic below shows, people like digital natives tend to get their information through the web and have a different means of learning and then processing information. Therefore, academics are often confronted with the challenges that traditional methods of education that they once employed with such success no longer hold the same ideals.

6 Ways to Nurture Learning for Digital Natives

So, what are some other ways can ‘digital natives’ be taught?

1. Multiliteracies and Multimodal Learning

Supporting meaningful teaching and learning for the 21st century requires to adhere to an expanded view of literacy, which reflects the multimodal meaning making of digital natives and not alone. It has been proposed to promote a pedagogy of multiliteracies involving learning using not only spoken and written words, but also images and symbols of all kinds, sounds and music, bodily gestures and movement, and physical and virtual objects. Educators therefore have a new charge in the new era, to teach these competencies and multimodal literacy practices that students need to acquire and utilize in various contexts in order to succeed in the postmodern world.

2. Collaborative Learning

Probably the most striking way in which we can help the next generation learn to change and grow academically is through collaborative learning. Instead of expecting everyone to dig their noses into academic books and read from the same select sources, we should prepare for digital natives to have more diverse sources and opinions on certain subjects.

It’s important that it is realized how collaborative learning is probably the major secret to making the digital natives out there more comfortable to learn. There are lots to consider about the value of learning as a member of a group and by actually taking part in the learning process through up taking different roles. No longer do people get the same enjoyment from just reading from a book and taking cues from there. To add another bow to the way that the next generation will be learning, we have to appreciate that their means of education differs.

3. Avoid Pretension

One of the major flaws in digital native learning is when a ‘digital immigrant’ (those of an older generation without the same comfort and thought process in digital learning) tries to pretend they are from a more modernized background. It comes across as false and cannot be a valid source of helping to stimulate and improve the level of learning that students can do in general.

This is a major issue and one that has to be addressed. A teacher must find a way of working as the core organizer of the subject, and the person who helps the students to learn. What they no longer have to be, though, is the font of all knowledge and fact. Teaching has moved beyond the head of the classroom being the holder of all the facts. Digital natives find it easy to topple the academics and the experts, so it’s important that schools take this into account as it will majorly determine the next steps in the industry.

A teacher must find a way of using the knowledge they do have to offer the information in a way that can be used a supplement, not as the only fact available.

4. Keep Teaching Human

However, whilst it’s important that teachers avoid going down the route of trying to become false in their educational style, they also need to find a way of making sure that they can keep the human interaction side of things burning as bright as it possibly can.

The human element of learning from a teacher is never going to be going away anytime soon. Teachers have to accept that now students can learn from them even if they are not face-to-face. The rapid growth of distance education means that the education process has to be respected as having changed so dramatically.

Keeping the human element – acting as the person to throw logic into arguments and debates – is a key of being good at teaching the digital natives. They need to know they can learn from multiple sources, but also that their teacher does hold information that they can learn from.

5. Provide a Purpose

Nobody wants to learn from you, no matter how humanized you can be and how far away from the authoritarian image of a teacher you can be, if you do not have a purpose to the learning. Students struggle to just listen to you talking on for an hour and a half – if they want to read a massive wall of text or listen to an interview they do not participate in; they will find it.

The days of memorization (thankfully) are gone in the classroom – it’s now madness to expect that students will just put up and let you make your point these days. Students now read into topics that engage them and interest them, rather than always constantly looking to the power of the teacher to help them learn in the first place.

Give a native control, though, in other words encouraging self-directed learning and they will make the most of that. Let them dictate the learning path in the room and they can find their own way there. Students want to know what they are doing, and why they want to know that in the first place. Act as a facilitator, make your ideas interesting, and students are more likely to want to listen and make that a lesson worth hearing.

Try and just narrate from a book and expect them to learn though? You’ll be shocked.

6. Square Pegs, Square Holes

Many teachers fear that learning through hybrid – typical teaching and eLearning – is the wrong way to go. However, this comes from experience personally as they never had this extra side to their education. As such it’s probably something worth avoiding. That’s the train of thought that many teachers go with – and it’s also why many teachers fail to excite or adapt.

Provide a research-based approach to your learning together. In class, use supplementary content from the web that backs up your point but is put in a more “interesting” tone. Digital natives care not for just your take on things, but back it up with some cool content online they can review themselves? They’ll be far more likely to actually listen. In this sense, different approaches have been employed, for instance, using WebQuests to excite and motivate students through extensive use of online resources.

With so many of the digital native generation in need of technology to feel stimulated now, it’s important that teaching does not fall behind long-term. Sticking with the old ideas and refusing to adapt the way that students are asked to learn, though, will create a chasm that cannot be bridged.

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and comment below if you have any questions. Happy Holidays, from all at The *Official AndreasCY*!! :)

The Most In-Demand Online Marketing Skills for 2017

Description :

As we approach the end of the year, it helps to take the time to evaluate where you stand in your industry. Whether you are a new online marketer or you are far more experienced, taking the time to comprehend and understand what online marketing skills are going to be most in-demand in 2017 is very useful. Knowing what people are likely to be looking for over the next 12-14 months helps you to start adjusting your skills and your mindset to make sure you arrive for the latest trends ready. 

The Most In-Demand Online Marketing Skills for 2017

Importantly, as a contemporary marketing assistant or agent it is incremental to know where you should be looking to expand to so that it helps you ensure that 2017 can start as positively as possible, here are some of the most likely in-demand online marketing skills for 2017.

Marketing Demands Are Smaller

One thing to notice is that people aren’t looking for campaign managers, nor are they as obsessed with SEO and SEM at the moment. That isn’t to say they are no longer important because they are still mainstays of the industry, but many companies have their fill or requirement. Even if they don’t, they can probably find someone easily enough locally now due to the massive rise in people offering these particular services.

If your primary skill base is in SEO then you might want to have a little look at branching out. Many other skills are going to become very useful in the near future, which can help you supplement an increasing demand in similar parts of the online marketing industry.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to close your SEO store – there’s no death of SEO on its way. Content will likely always be a constant requirement in marketing, but you should never just presume that the market will stay the same as it is just now. 

People Need Designers

Are you good at designing user interfaces for websites and apps? Then you are the hot property at this moment in time. People are killing to get their hands on a quality user interface designer, meaning that many people will be wanting to interact with your business in 2017. If you are a talented designer looking for a way to get into the world of working in online marketing, then 2017 is the best year to consider making a move into becoming a UI designer.

The role itself allows you to become a central part of many businesses marketing, as a good and effective UI is needed for anyone who wants to see consistent growth and usage from any tools they use.

If you want to make sure that you have reserved your spot in the long-term online marketing world, then it’s time to start considering just how creative you can be when it comes to making user interfaces for as many different things as you can in the industry.

Presentation Really Matters

Data is becoming a major part of business today, and many businesses want to make sure that they are giving people access to data that is easy to take in. Nobody wants to look at massive graphs or huge sums of content just thrown at them all at once.

So, what you should do instead is aim to become the best local online marketer that you can in data presentation. From infographic design to giving people cool and easy to share graphs and PDFs, you can easily make sure that you have a role as someone who can translate data into a classy design.

Mobile Apps Still Rule

Just as UI and data presentation have been around for a while, so will mobile app development. As the years go by, though, mobile development is going to change a lot and give us access to far more intricate designs and possibilities. As an online marketing expert you need to be pretty good at handling mobile app layouts and designs if you wish to make the most of your present situation.

People are going crazy for reliable designers or developers at present, so it’s up to you to get involved and take advantage.

Statistical Analysis is Needed

Just as companies need to present data in an easy to take in way, they need to see that data in the first place in a way that they understand. If you can manage stats and you don’t mind being able to draw accurate conclusions from the information, then you can use your skills as a data analyst to thrive in 2017.

People are going to be pushing that extra mile to make sure they can greatly improve overall statistical analysis. If you have a knack for reading and understanding key data, then you should be offering your services out.

Those who can interpret and offer recommendations from statistics and data are invaluable in the modern era. People are far more secure and comfortable in talking about stats today, and this extra analysis makes that simple.

Smart Storage Systems and Management Teams Are Vital

Businesses today are dying to get in people who they can trust to help them securely manage and store data for the long-term. If you are a storage systems expert or manager, and you want to maximize your chances of being a genuine success, then this is a role that is going to become increasingly in-demand as 2017 goes on.

People need to have access to storage to keep all of the vast information and data they need to run accurate analytics and business performance. Your role, then, is to be the individual who they turn to in 2017 for appropriate assistance.


Using all of this information you can easily begin to make the right calls regarding what your next step in online marketing will be. As the demand change and expertise required alters, a path will likely open up for you to exploit in the future – will you be ready to do so?

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5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

Description :

As the festive period of the year sneaks up on us in a couple of weeks from now, it might be a good idea to plan ahead if you are looking to spend the holidays somewhere special. Not sure on where to go? Then here are some hidden gems to consider if you want to enjoy an experience that resembles the most to a Christmas fairytale like the one you have dreamed about. These are about as close as it gets to the real thing!

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

Whichever idea you may have set as the perfect Christmas fairytale, it probably entails white days, warm nights, campfires, theme markets, warm drinks and cozy nights in. It’s a part of what many of us see Christmas as the favorite holiday season– the white ground laden with a magical feeling floating in the air! There are definitely quite a few places that can fit this description, yet we’ve gathered 5 top choices promising to offer majestically Christmas vacation.

Bibuby, Cotswolds, UK

This wonderful rural part of the United Kingdom can feel like a true Christmas special. If you find that you want to enjoy the beauty of Christmas in a fine festive theme, this might be the place to go. With fabulous thatched roofs to the old-school yellow-stone walls, Bibuby is a location that manages to capture that iconic Christmas look in kind.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

If you were to receive a post card of this place, you would likely believe it was a fictional location made just for the setting of a Christmas movie, such is the quaint and wonderful nature of the town.

Dinant, Belgium

Dinant, one of the most picturesque towns in Belgium’s Wallonia region is a fine place to visit if you want to experience something that is bound to have that true festive feeling to it. This is a lovely hotspot for winter travel, based just on the beauty of the Meuse River. It looks magnificent during this cold weather, with the shine of the frost coming down and landing perfectly across the ground to make that true Winter Wonderland feeling.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

Add in the fact that old ivy-clad castles and forts still stand so proudly here, and you can easily see why people might feel more than comfortable coming here for a winter break. It carries a unique and charming design that is pretty hard to forget, as well as a city that has all the appeal of a true Christmas fairytale story. 

For a picturesque Christmas this year that looks the part, Dinant is the perfect choice.

Rakotz Bridge, Kromlau Town, Germany

Don’t let the name fool you. This stunning bridge called Rakotzbrücke (Devil’s Bridge) as the locals call it can be found in Kromlau, Germany and is one of the most fantastically designed and detailed locations for a festive feeling and shine. It’s got a classy look that can be hard to forget, as well as a fine combination between the beauty of nature and the hardship of man to make that beauty stand out even more than ever before. 

This is a location that manages to fit the two perfectly together. The awesome stone bridge manages to appear almost natural, with a rather uneven look making it appear as if it was all put together without human touch!

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

For a Christmas wonderland design, this is the perfect place to pick and experience winter tranquility like never before. Constructed over 150 years ago, the bridge itself has a wonderful river below it that reflects wonderfully.

This creates the impression of a circular design – especially in the winter, when the snap of the ground illuminates back up and creates the perfect look down below. Hence, it goes to show that choosing Kromlau and Rakotz Bridge as your travel destination is definitely bound to be one of the most memorable sights at Christmas!

Giethoorn Village, Netherlands

This stunning like Dutch ton in the northeastern province of Overijssel, Netherlands is the perfect place to spend Christmas if you are looking for a place away from the bigger cities and be somewhere far more natural, less bothersome and nowhere near as busy. This stunning little town is known by many as the “Venice of the North” due to the fact that it’s loaded with canals like the famous Italian city.

When the frost of the winter helps to bring this all together and create something exemplary, it does create that truly wonderful Christmas fairytale look. If you arrive before the frost sets in then you can hire a little boat and go along the canals, taking in a winter sight that is truly hard to top.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

From the shining lights from the houses and the locals to the stunning reflection of the town on the water, this manages to sell the picture of winter like few other places in this wonderful nation.

If you are going to be in the Netherlands for Christmas, then you should definitely do yourself a favor and pop down to the Giethoorn area to take in one of the most relaxing festive periods around.

Shirakawa Village, Japan

As a location well-known for making the most stunning take on winter-style designs, Japan makes its mark on this list with the pristine and wonderful Shirakawa Village, located in Ōno District, Gifu Prefecture. Easily seen by many as one of the most natural and fitting winter images around, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a good reason. The small traditional village is something that can appear like it came directly from the tomes of a Christmas book, with a welcoming and engaging layout mixed with the tranquil, calm nature of the wilderness.

5 Top Picks for Christmas Holiday Like a Fairytale

From stunning farmhouses which are centuries old to the snowcapped roofs that have stood for equally as long, this is a little location that really helps to show everyone what the true heart and beauty of Christmas is.

Final Words

Feel like you want to grab your passport and take the first flight to reach one of these destinations? We know the feeling! If you want Christmas this year to be a little bit more exciting than before, these magical places are worth considering. Obviously, these are just a few locations to check out, but each offers a distinctive and rather amazing Christmas fairytale type holiday for you and your loved ones.

From the comfort and calmness of a festive period to the beauty of lights and layout, the above list can satisfy any curiosity and preference, adding some stardust to your Christmas! Enjoy!

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Three Ways to Protect Your Students From the Dangers of Technology

Description :

Kids today live in a world where you cannot escape technology. The internet is all around you, from vehicles that use technology to park themselves to home thermostats that can be controlled half way around the world using a smartphone. 

Because the internet is such a beneficial part of our lives, kids have a hard time understanding the drawbacks behind it. It can be a challenge trying to get children to understand the concept of social media etiquette, online privacy, viruses, and phishing schemes. 

Three Ways to Protect Your Students From the Dangers of Technology

Unfortunately, these are real problems that surround the internet. You can’t rely on their parents to educate them about tech security because you have no idea how much experience and knowledge they have of it. 

As a teacher, it is important that you inform your students about the dangers of the internet and how to protect themselves from cyber criminals. This may include a combination protective measures, like using a flash key encryption device, speaking up when they see something strange, or understanding the long-term effects of posting online.

It Can Last Forever

It can be difficult for children to understand that whatever they put online could follow them for the rest of their lives. The last thing they are thinking about is how it can affect their future. It is important that you explain to them the repercussions of posting things on the internet that will haunt them later in life. If it is not something they want everyone to see, then they need to think twice about posting it online.

Express Openness

For many kids, the thought of having to tell an adult about something bad they’ve seen on the internet is scary. They may have fears that they will get in trouble if the tell the adult what they have witnessed. Ease the kids' concerns and explain how talking to an adult is acceptable. Whether they are contacted on their phone, tablet, or computer it is the same as being contacted out in public by a stranger. Encourage kids to speak with adults if they encounter anything odd while online.

Stay Protective

Many technological devices require a password just to sign on. While a password is important, children must understand the need to keep it secretive. Should the password get into the wrong hands, there is no telling what thieves can attain once they get access to a device. 

Additionally, flash drives can be a great way to transport programs and files to school and home. Unfortunately, kids sometimes struggle with keeping up with these types of things. An encrypted flash drive will help secure your information with an added wall of security in case it ever gets in the wrong hands.


These days you can never be too careful about protecting your information. With kids having so much access to the internet, it is a huge concern that their privacy may be compromised. The best way to combat this is by talking to kids about the dangers that lurk with technology. 

Because many parents may be ignorant about some of those dangers, it is crucial that teachers make it a point to educate students involving security issues surrounding technology. Using examples, offering additional firewalls like encrypted flash drives, and urging your students to discuss what they view is just a few of the ways you can help them understand how important security is when using any type of technology.

BE SURE TO READ: The Evolution of Social Platforms and Their Influence on Daily Life

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The Evolution of Social Platforms and Their Influence on Daily Life

Description :

Over the last decade or so, the evolution of social platforms has both been hard to keep up with and understand. The turn of the century had seen the internet become a mainstream platform, with the creation of online chat messengers becoming commonplace across the web. Today, though, we have the power of social media – the websites that allow us to keep in contact with friends and family, and make new friends from all across the world. 

The Evolution of Social Platforms and Their Influence on Daily Life

However, for many, social media is a monster – one that won’t be going back in its box anytime soon. This is a major issue; as social development is going to be majorly dictated to by the evolution of social platforms. So, how does the development of social platforms have an impact on our daily lives? Is it possible that Facebook and Twitter etc. now help to determine the day-to-day existence of many people?

We’ve moved long beyond that period. In fact, many people believe there might be a pretty strong correlation between the rise of social media and the total change in the political sphere across the world in the last decade.

A New Political Climate

One part of everyday life that has changed irrevocably due to social media is politics. Today, if you spend long enough on political debate from the United Kingdom or United States is social media, you can find a few typical terms and phrases.

- “If we had social media, Iraq and Afghanistan could have been avoided.”

- “We voted for Trump/Brexit because of social media lies.”

- “The mainstream media does not inform us anymore – social media does!”

This idea now that we are being lied to by all mainstream media sources, or that the current political climate could have been avoided if social media was faster, is an interesting one. Many people now happily accept that they were lied to by government, and that this has been a major factor in leading society to where it is today.

With so many government lies and scandals being uncovered since the development of social media, and the implication of the media in many scandals, it’s easy to see why people trust social media over mainstream media. This has helped to shape a new, post-truth political climate.

More people than ever, it would appear, are engaged and interested in politics. The only problem is that social media has created a ravenous location for half-truths and full-on fiction be pushed.

Now, people prefer to listen to trusted social media accounts or people who agree with their general view of things. This leads us to another everyday social problem. 

Filling the Echo Chamber

Now that many of us are happy to pigeonhole people into certain tags and themes, we can avoid talking to them. Social media, for all its positive function, has created massive divides in many parts of society. Whereas in the past we would be forced to be around people with differing and even uncomfortable points of view if we wished to be in public, social media changes that.

Now, we can be surrounded by thousands of people and have massive amounts of human interaction all day – with only the people we choose. This is a bad thing in many ways, as it creates the ability for people to deliver themselves to dangerous echo chambers.

These limit debate and stifle the truth of what is being said. When five people all meet on social media today, they are either in full agreement and wish to discuss how right they are, or they are polar opposites and are likely going to start abusing each other for being “deluded”.

This is the modern position of social media. We ignore and revile all those who sit on the other side of the fence of us. Unlike before, in reality, whereby we are forced to interact with people who have different or even opposite views, social media allows us to only speak to people that agree with us.

This is good for self-confidence, but bad for finding the truth. How can you be sure that what you are saying or thinking is going to be right when it’s come from a group of sources who completely ignore any opposing or alternate view?

It’s due to this kind of thinking that the rise of fake quotes, ‘memes’ and partisan social media groups has become a thing. If social media has eroded one thing besides from our privacy? It’s our ability to listen to opposing views.

The Raw Human Emotion

One positive aspect of social media, though, is that it allows those without the social stability or availability to be a major part of society. Many people now have large followings and have influence in their industry due to the awareness of social media. From campaigns to raise awareness for illness to a powerful story of overcoming fear and repression, social media allows those without a voice in person to have a megaphone to use online.

From there, people who had no social mobility or potential can use their sheer emotion and determination to make a critical difference. In the past, man people were not afforded this luxury and instead would spend huge chunks of their time hiding emotions and allowing them to fester inside.

Social media has opened a new age of expressionism. Whilst it can feel suffocating when on the wrong end of it, this kind of open-minded approach (especially for those without the capability to do so themselves) makes for an interesting new take on society as a whole.

If there is one thing that we can agree upon, it's that social media has changed the way that everyone lives. From how we consume media to the kinds of media we would even listen to or trust, social media has transformed how we think, how we feel and how we act.

Even if you aren’t on social media, its overall effect on society is so profound that you cannot help but feel changed by it.

So ask yourself - and please comment - how does social media impact your life and what does this mean to you?

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Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Description :

There are many sites for personalizing greeting cards and sending them to friends and colleagues for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc. However, the personalization process on many of those sites comes down to simply inserting a line of text into an already created image or animation. Those solutions are great when we don’t have much time for original design, but we still want to show we’re thinking of someone. 

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

On the other hand, there are web apps such as Cherami Cards that help people fully customize their online cards, which can make the recipient feel really special. Though this piece of software is not about boosting productivity or revolutionizing any industry, like some powerful programs that we can’t live without, Cherami can be a very handy partner in “boosting relationships” and stirring someone’s emotions. 

Let’s see how it works, and then we can give you some tips on how and when to use it. 

The Basics of Using Cherami 

Head over to Cherami Cards to make your own card. Officially, there is only one type of e-cards that the app lets you create. Those are love cards. However, very soon there will be more online cards categories, such as holiday, humorous, inspirational cards and more. 

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

You’ll be prompted to start the creation process by selecting a shape. All current versions of card shapes can be seen on the left side of the screen. If you inadvertently click on some other option, you can always go back to the Shape category by clicking on it on the top “wheel of options.” 

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Once the card shape has been carefully selected, you can do the same with other design options, such as Background, Border and Graphics. Go to each section and play with different possibilities. For example, in the Background category you can choose between different background patterns (transparent or solid) as well as pick a color for your background by clicking on the color wheel.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Similarly, you can choose a pattern for your border and its color. Of course, you don’t have to apply any border if you don’t want to.

The graphics category currently has a limited selection of illustrations, but if you’re sending a love e-card, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

However, if your online card is not meant to inspire romantic feelings but serve some other purpose (e.g., scare your friends for Halloween or send thanks for Thanksgiving), then we suggest you click on the Media category and then on the Upload Image option. This will let you upload any photo you want from your computer, such as bats, pumpkins or any appropriate image.

When you click on the Upload Image, you’ll be able to browse through your folders to find the photo. Once you click on it, Cherami will let you crop it in the shape you prefer.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Just click on the Apply button that will appear below, and your image will be placed on your online card.

Finally, click on the Text option and write something cute, witty or wise to make your card even more interesting and original. You can then play with font, text color, etc.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

And here’s what we created in a few minutes, but of course, you can do better!

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Now click on the Save button in the upper right corner, and then choose whether you want to share, edit or create a new card. If you click on the Share option, you’ll be able to share your romantic e-card on social networks, or send it to someone special via email. Of course, you’ll need to create an account with Cherami in order to do that. 

And the best news goes last: Cherami Cards is a completely free service, so you can create as many cards as you like whenever. In a week or two the mobile view of the tool will be complete, so users will be able to use the service from their mobile devices as well. 

Use Cherami to cheer someone up, remind them that you’re thinking about them, wish them a happy birthday or without any reason whatsoever. That’s what love, friendship and Cherami Cards are about!

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*by andreascy*