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The Latest Updates on Cancer Treatment

Description :

Cancer treatment is considered as one of the highly discussed topics in the medical industry. In light of the above, it is extremely important to figure out the treatment options available for cancer in order to provide the best possible treatment accordingly. 

The Latest Updates on Cancer Treatment

Finding the best possible cancer treatment is essential as it can help healthcare professionals to treat tumors while causing the least damage to the body. In other words, proper cancer treatment can minimize the changes of cancer cell redevelopment within the body as well as side-effects. 

Understanding the Treatment Options Available for Cancer

The treatments available for cancerous infections are severe and need to be handled with extreme attention and with reference to the patient's medical background. As a result, they should be done in the appropriate manner according to individual needs and not be identical for all patients. Taking unreliable or unsuitable treatments for cancer can be risky and has the potential to cause irreversible damages to your body tissues and cells. Healthcare professionals have paid special attention towards this fact in the recent past. 

As a result, they offer the treatments based on growth and character of malignant tumors. It has been empirically found that cancer cells can be treated effectively when they are detected at an early stage. However, it should be noted that the chances of curing cancer cells reduce with age. 

The increasing intensity of cancerous infections has contributed a lot towards the aforementioned fact. Therefore, an appropriate diagnosis of cancer is extremely important to plan out the proper treatment option available. Treatment options are available for almost all types of cancers and it is possible to reverse it and recover from the illness when detected at an early stage and the person is relatively young. 

Cancer treatment rotates around the efforts taken to diagnose cancers as well as the treatment method used to cure abnormal cells. One of the primary objectives of cancer treatment is to restrict the spread of cancer cells. Some harsh medical techniques are being used to restrict it, based on the condition. If the cancer cells are not treated properly, they invade the healthy body tissues and cells as well. Lack of vital resources such as blood and oxygen contribute a lot towards this abnormal behavior. This can cause a tremendous damage to the vital parts of your body in the long run. 

The most convenient option available for patients to stay away from this damage is to control the growth of cancer cells in time. The latest updates on cancer treatment have given more attention towards cancer detection as a result of it. In the meantime, necessary steps are being taken in order to strengthen your immune system. This can help the victim to create a body that is more resistible to future attacks. It will also help to gain maximum benefits out of prescribed medications. 

The Dimensions of Modern World Cancer Treatment

It is extremely important for the patient to take an appropriate treatment as such action can restrict the abnormal growth of cancerous cells. In this regard, more attention is paid towards the origin of cancer cells during the treatment process. Not all types of cancers metastasize at the same speed. Some forms of cancer, such as the ones that develop in your breast, lymph nodes, abdomen, lungs, bloodstream, neck, head and bones develop at a faster rate when compared to those that develop in other parts of your body. A closer look into stats, indicates that the above types of cancers have given rise to cancer deaths that are registered yearly around the world. Therefore, it is considered best that people who suffer from cancers in those areas need to get an aggressive treatment done. 

The treatment options available for cancer depend a lot on the type of tumor and location and size. The tumors are either cancerous or benign. The benign tumors are defined as pre-cancerous or non-cancerous because of their harmless nature to the human body. In other words, they do not have the ability to invade or kill the ordinary cells of your body. The pre-cancerous cells can easily be controlled because they do not have the ability to metastasize. Regular medication or minor surgeries are in a position to control such tumors. They have very little chance of redeveloping as well. 

On the other hand, cancerous tumors are responsible for the development of cancers within your body. They can damage the live tissues and cells in your body. Those cells would get abnormal along with time and accumulate to create a tumor or lump. They are associated with a high chance of reoccurrence as well. Therefore, you will need to opt for a drastic treatment in order to restrict their growth. 

Latest Updates on Cancer Treatments

Different types of cancer can affect human beings and the type of treatment should be based upon it. Surgery can be considered as the most common treatment that is offered to the modern world for cancer patients. It has the potential to treat the cancerous tumors that belong to an initial stage in an effective manner. 

The surgical methods for cancer treatments have gone through some significant developments throughout the past couple of years and they can even be used to treat tumors that are in their second or third stages. However, it would be better to accompany a surgery with other treatment methods such as radiation therapy or chemical therapy in order to receive the best possible results. 

Chemotherapy is another cancer invasive and toxic treatment, which has received a lot of attention in the recent past. People who suffer from cancers that have reached an advance stage are encouraged to go for this treatment. Chemotherapy is also prescribed to patients who have second and third stage cancer. 

Radiotherapy is thought of as the most advanced cancer treatment method available at the moment. In fact, it is known as the last resort of treatment for malignant tumors. Radiotherapy focuses on killing the cancer cells while destroying infected areas. This can cause severe damage to the adjacent tissues however it does attack healthy body cells as well. There have been medical case reported where permanent damage can impact the overall functioning of the body. 

As time passes by, the proliferation of technology leads to significant advances in research and practice around cancer treatment. In this sense, people should not hesitate to visit a healthcare professional if they suspect the existence of tumor or in order to get a treatment done once they are diagnosed. There are less invasive forms of treatment including alternative medicine which has become a growing trend. This type of approach focuses on the use of specific diet and a healthy lifestyle among others as a way to treat cancer. Nevertheless, it has not been extensively proven that such treatment can be more effective in comparison to traditional medicine. 


Overall, depending on the type and stage of cancer, different treatments are available to eradicate the tumor or slow its development. This could include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy. It is important that above all, appropriate supportive care is available for the patient and the family as they go through this difficult stage in their lives.

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6 Steps to Help Startups Establish as Businesses

Description :

Starting a new business is not an easy thing to do under the prevailing economic conditions of competitiveness. Once you manage to launch your startup, still you will have to go through a lot of hassle in order to establish it as a business. We’ve gathered a list of some useful tips that you can keep in mind in order to establish your startup as a strong business within a short period of time. 

6 Steps to Help Startups Establish as Businesses

As a young entrepreneur, you need to be equipped with a good sense of timing. In other words, you need to figure out the best moment to launch the company. This can be considered as a balancing act, which is influenced by many different factors such as the floes and ebbs of your industry, your personal circumstances and the faltering or success of competitors.

1. Business Plan

Before you start the business, before anything, it is recommended that you develop a solid business plan, although some successful entrepreneurs suggest this is not a prerequisite to launching a startup. However, it is considered a safer route as it can assist you to make decisions quickly and move forward with your business. This doesn’t mean that you need to rush through things. You need to stick to your plan and develop it carefully. 

2. Self-Discipline in Financial

It is also important for the aspiring entrepreneur to be equipped with self-discipline. You need to have complete control over your finances and stick to the budget at every time. In other words, you need to have discipline in all aspects when you are starting a new business. You should always seek to make important decisions ahead of time. Otherwise, you will end up doing silly mistakes in the last minute. You should also take necessary measures to figure out the perfect balance between work and life. Many startups fail because the entrepreneurs tend to let their business take over their lives. Every business requires a bit more nurturing at the initial stage. Therefore, you need to figure out what needs to be accomplished in your business and what is the perfect time for it. It might be necessary to force yourself in order to stick to the benchmarks. 

3. Conquer the Networking Game

If you take a look at the lives of successful entrepreneurs, you would realize that all of them are equipped with excellent social skills. They have a clear understanding about key people who are at high places. As a result, they always prefer to get in touch with the individuals who are at the top positions of the industry. This can contribute a lot towards their success in the long run. Networking is extremely important for the success of modern world businesses. The sharp social skills of entrepreneurs can help them to create excellent relationships within the industry and make their businesses grow within a short period of time. 

4. Be Flexible

Flexibility is another vital aspect that a startup should have in order to establish as a successful business within a short time period. You put a lot of faith, effort and time on your new business. Therefore, you don’t want to change the plans that you have created any time soon. However, it is essential to be flexible; especially during the startup stage in order to make sure you don’t run into trouble after a couple of months. All the successful entrepreneurs who live out there in every corner of the world invest their emotions and energy on the business plan. However, they do not prefer to get married to a specific course of action. They do a background study and figure out the best possible option available for them. Then they implement it at the right time in order to achieve success without any hassle. 

5. Manage Your Budget 

As you already know, every startup requires money to survive. Without funds you will find it as a difficult task to execute your plans. However, the amount of money you need depends on the type of your business. Whether its angel investments, seed money from your own wallet, or small business loans, you need to figure out the best method available to invest it on the business. Otherwise, you will be just wasting your money. You need to fund your business appropriately and if you can’t stick to your plans with the funds you have, you would need more money. It is extremely important for a startup to be equipped with the cleanest budget on the block. In other words, you need to create a detailed budget and stick to it before you spend even a single penny. The investments should be done at the right time according to a proper plan. 

6. Follow Up – Take Risks

Last but not least, all the entrepreneurs who are planning to establish themselves as successful professionals should make it a habit to follow through. Even the most thoughtful business plan will not be able to deliver positive results if you don’t follow up in a proper manner. You should have the ability to get things done at the end of the day. That’s where experience comes into play. If you have some sort of experience in the industry, you would not think twice before taking risks. Your ability to take risks has the potential to create a tremendous impact on the business. In addition, you should have the energy to get your hands dirty. 


The above are not meant to be used blindly as a recipe for success. However, these simple tips can contribute towards establishing your business as they cover almost all the aspects of a startup. Successful entrepreneurs have reportedly utilized these methods and appear to have enabled them to establish their business. 

To conclude, if you want to achieve success in your business, there are some practical steps analyzed above which can be followed. These steps will possibly offer positive results to any type of business out there. You just need to follow through and you will be rewarded in the longterm.

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4 Key Elements to Redesigning Learning Spaces for the 21st Century


Within a field of fast changing nature of technological progress and the emergence of new pedagogical theories such as design thinking, maker-spaces, flipped learning and blended learning among others, it is extremely important for learning spaces to evolve along with time. Here we sum up ways in which to re-design your school or classroom in a way that is meaningful to nurture 21st century learning.

4 Key Elements to Redesigning Learning Spaces for the 21st Century

At the moment, millions of dollars are being invested on constructing new school buildings. Are they really worth the investment? These schools can be considered as monuments to obsolescence. It is common practice that a lot of money are spent to build a 21st century school without really going deep into how and why the school should look like. Instead, people go ahead with the construction that they always wanted to have.

Nevertheless, it is necessary that a substantial theoretical background exists before providing the learning environment that kids need. In fact, it is considered that an appropriate learning space is one of the most convenient practical methods available to enhance the effectiveness of the education system. This redesigned space has the potential to create a better environment that meets the needs and requirements of 21st century learners

4 Key Elements to Redesigning Learning Spaces for the 21st Century

The following paragraphs address some of the critical elements which are essential when taking up the re-design of a learning space:

1. Instruction Should Be the Driving Force of Design

It has been a common belief until recently that it is important to have classrooms that are separated into subject-area departments. This was an old fashioned trend and it has changed during the past couple of years with reference to the benefits of cross-disciplinary work. Usually designers of modern world schools are not aware about the instructional and learning models of the 21st Century or the actual curriculum. However, it is appropriate to create awareness among designers, architects and practitioners in order to design the learning spaces in an appropriate manner to cater the requirements of 21st century learning. Otherwise, we would be trying to fit the learning of 21st century into the industrial age learning spaces that existed in 20th century.

2. Learn to Question Everything

None of the preconceived notions about learning spaces and instructions are sacred. Just question yourself some important questions:

- Is it important to have a classroom where the teachers are in front or in the center? Can learning take place only within classrooms?

- Is it essential for a learning space to have a capacity of about 30 students?

- Can there be smaller or larger groups or can we have both?

- Is it essential to stick to a 9 month school calendar?

You need to question everything when designing 21st century learning spaces. Questioning all of our preconceived notions would help us to get a better understanding on how 21st century learning spaces should look like. It will also help to organize these learning spaces in a proper manner.

3. Incorporate Technology to the Learning Spaces

Technology has gone through rapid development over the last two decades which have not left the educational world untouched. The use of educational technology and technology enhanced learning in general has been associated with a variety of benefits. These benefits maximize significantly by redesigning the learning spaces in order to meet 21st century needs.

Trying to incorporate the use of technology to existing learning spaces will not be effective since it will prevent from gaining the maximum benefits out of the investment. The entire learning space needs to be redesigned in order to capitalize the strengths of the technology. The school, classroom or library, should be re-designed from scratch in a way that will fit the use of advanced technology.

Towards this end, it could be meaningful to design a conference room within the school, which would be equipped with the latest video-conferencing capabilities. Such a facility would potentially allow international collaborations and global networking projects for the students to be engaged in. Therefore, redesigning the learning spaces by incorporating technology can simply be defined as rethinking the spaces to meaningfully capitalize on technology.

4. Design Collaborative Learning Spaces to Suit the Needs of 21st Century Learners

Redesigning learning spaces for the 21st century is all about accommodating the specific needs and requirements of the 21st century learners, both students and teachers. It is evident through empirical research that digital natives learn through use of technology within carefully designed learning instruction. To do so, they must be engaged in modern world school designs that facilitate collaborative learning, and in this sense it is useless to build classrooms or lecture halls row after row.

Instead, the conceptualization when constructing contemporary learning spaces should focus on how to enable room for students to engage with each other in collaborative projects. The learning spaces should assist students to learn things independently from teachers, with facilities to explore new things on their own in groups and conduct research without much guidance. Hence, special attention should be given towards making room for research work and brainstorming when re-designing learning spaces. We don’t need to be designers in order to engage with this process. All that is needed is to have the capability to conduct a preliminary research and figure out the essential changes that need to be introduced to the classroom, school or library. For example, as a teacher, you can retrieve different information on tips to create a more collaborative space within the classroom. The teacher could then use the space as a resource through which to facilitate an effective learning experience for the students.

It is imperative also to consider ways in which the learning space designed will facilitate classroom flow. Towards this direction, it would be meaningful to ask the students' feedback in order to get some useful inputs about how the classroom should look like. In fact, you can ask how the student will intend to move around in the classroom. To make things simple for this sort of discussion, you can print a diagram of the classroom and ask the student or students to sketch where they will move. It would be better if you can trace the movements of the teacher in the same diagram with a different color. This sheet of paper can be useful when determining the heavily used areas of the classroom. Then the inputs can be used to support fluid movement within the classroom.

It becomes obvious that there are a lot of factors which should be considered when redesigning a learning space to suit 21st century education standards. If you have a proper plan and a solid theoretical framework in mind, you will not find it difficult to deal with the entire process of redesigning classrooms in order to respond to the needs of 21st century learning environments. Once you are done, the next step would be to obtain required support and supplies so as to make your space rise to the occasion!

It is apparent that delivering a re-designed learning space requires a lot of money to be invested on. However, the investment is totally worth the money because it has the potential to deliver excellent student learning and aesthetic outcomes in the long run.

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Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

Description :

How Fast Do you Lose Track of Your Cash?

Do you find it hard to keep track of your daily spending? Many people often have problems with handling their finances, day-to-day spending and taking care of their bills, so they turn to technology for help. Ask any millennial and they will tell you the importance of managing your cash in today’s world… There just isn’t any money we are ready to give up that easily!
Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

If you are an avid fan of money, you should consider using technology to help you save your money. There are many useful apps that can provide the same user experience as if you were reading out the receipt just handed to you. One such app is Image to Word, a mobile app converter that will help you track your spending. This app allows its users to take a photo of their receipt, or a screenshot of an image, and convert it to the easily editable MS Word file. The apps developer Cometdocs has recently released a bunch of new apps, among which this was one of them, if not even the most successful of all apps in this past release.

Money in the Bank, Tracking Ain’t Easy!

Well, not really in the bank since you are spending it, but at least this way you will know how to track it. Here are some of the standout features that make Image to Word one of the best converters on the market:

- Great conversion quality and absolute data recognition

- Screenshots and complex tables are convertible too

- No limitations when it comes to file sizes and numbers

- Won’t drain your battery

- Very intuitive and easy-to-use

The app offers two ways of converting files: by choosing a file from your library, or taking a photo with your camera and then selecting to convert it.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

If you click on Photos, you will see a list of folders which are located on your device, and from there you can select any image you want to convert. If you wish to convert a screenshot of you receipt, or a photo you previously made, this is the option you need to select. If you click on Camera, the app will open your rear camera, with which you can quickly snap a photo of your receipt or maybe a newspaper. 

Once you’ve selected your file, the conversion will begin. The file being converted will appear on the main screen. You can also see all active and finished conversions on your main screen below the part where you choose between Camera and Photos. Those files are saved on your phone for future use, unless you choose to delete them by hand.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

The converted file will be in .docx format, which is the primary format for editing text in many apps, mainly MS Word. By clicking on your converted file, you will see a preview of your new file and you can export it to the app where you wish to edit it by clicking on the Share button in the bottom left corner. The app will then open a list of suggested apps to use, as well as all previous editing apps you used.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

If you are having trouble using the app, click on Options and then click on Guide for better results for a few quick tips. This guide will take you through the app and show you the proper way to take a photo of your receipt, or how to make a screenshot suited for conversion.

Image to Word App: How to Convert and Edit Your Receipts

From there you can also rate the app, stop all conversions or contact customer support in case you have issues with using the app. Also, by clicking on Settings in that same menu, you can allow and deny Image to Word access to certain parts of your iPhone/iPad, such as the Photos and Camera, as well as managing the notifications you get from this app.

With this app you shouldn’t have anymore trouble tracking your receipts because now you can have them all stored in your phone. While this app is very popular among iOS users, Image to Word is also available on Android so feel free to try it out, and let us know how much it helped you in managing your finances.

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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: The Importance of Leading by Emotions

Description :

"A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them."-- M. D. Arnold

Emotional Intelligence And Leadership: the Importance of Leading By Emotions

Effective leaders share their own unique qualities. Emotional intelligence (EQ or EI) holds a prominent place out of them. In fact, emotional intelligence has been identified as one of the prerequisites for business success in the 21st century.

What Exactly is Emotional Intelligence? 

The term introduced in 1990 by Salovey and Mayer refers to the “accurate appraisal and expression of emotions in oneself and others and the regulation of emotion in a way that enhances living” (Mayer, DiPaolo & Salovey, 1990, p. 772). In other words emotional intelligence is defined as the act of understanding, knowing, overcoming stress in the moment, responding to emotions and being aware of how your actions or words affect others. This sort of qualities would assist you to perceptive in tune with your emotions and developing is crucial for understanding, empathize and negotiate with other people.

When it comes to leadership, emotional intelligence can be described in five different attributes. They include effective communication, relationship management, empathy, self-management and self-awareness. Natural born leaders are thought to share these attributes whilst aspiring leaders should pay special attention towards the aforementioned attributes if they are to develop a sufficient level of emotional intelligence. 

It is critical for leaders to tackle EQ since a leader who lacks emotional intelligence will have difficulty to gauge the needs of employees and the public in an effective manner. Furthermore, leaders who act without emotional intelligence would run into hassle in the long run. For example, some leaders tend to spontaneously react to different situations in life without filtering their emotions. Such a stance can create serious issues in relationships and negotiations which can prevent from closing deals. Therefore, it is extremely important for the great leaders to be self-aware about themselves. They need to have a clear understanding about their verbal as well as non-verbal communication and attitude. This approach could create a tremendous impact on their lives in the long run. 

In order to understand the core of emotional intelligence that is required for effective leadership, the below elements are crucial. 

1. Effective Communication 

Effective communication can be considered as one of the key elements of emotional intelligence. If you are a leader, you should know how to appropriately communicate with whoever you deal with. Lack of effective communication can often lead to misunderstandings. Effective communication is not just focusing on your words. Recent studies have indicated that only 7% of effective communication comes from words. The remaining 93% comes from body language and tone. Misunderstandings can be considered as one of the major reasons behind issues that take place among individuals. For example, if you fail to communicate effectively at your workplace, you would have to experience confusion among employees along with bitterness and frustration. On the other hand, effective communication has the potential to strengthen the relationships at your workplace. When the employees have a clear understanding about their specific role within the company, they would stick to their job description. It could benefit the company at the end of the day. 

2. Relationship Management 

If you are distracted, it will most likely be a hard task to establish deep connections with other people. Almost all employees will have their own families as well as other obligations. However, it is important to maintain productive and healthy relationships in order to achieve higher emotional intelligence at the end of the day. In other words, leaders should have the ability to manage relationships properly to move a team forward in the desired direction. 

3. Compassion and Empathy 

Empathy can simply be defined as the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Then you will be able to get a better understanding on how others feel. You will even manage to predict how others react in different situations. When a leader has empathy, he/she would be able to open up the capacity to feel compassion. This can create the desire within leaders to help others. In other words, leaders with compassion and empathy will be able to relate to others in an effective manner. 

4. Self-Regulation 

Self-regulation can be considered as another important element that leaders should have in order to gain a high level of emotional intelligence. Self-regulation is simply defined as discipline. This involves redirecting or controlling all your disruptive emotions which in return will allow to adapt accordingly to different circumstances and guide your team in the right direction. As a result, you end up with positive results at the end of the day. Leaders do not afford to lose their coolness under any circumstance. Instead, they should remain calm and act completely natural in such instances. This will allow to communicate the company objectives to relevant team members in a clear manner. Concurrently, it is a strategy that will help to ease things and contribute to stay away from frustration. 

5. Self-Assessment 

Self-assessment is the ability to figure out your own values, weaknesses, strengths, emotions and drivers. It also rotates around the ability to understand how those values can create an impact on others around. Therefore, leaders with emotional intelligence should have this quality. Without the ability for self-reflection, we would not be able to figure out who we are. In addition, we would not have been able to realize where we fall short, what we are good at and why we make certain decisions in life. In order to achieve your maximum potential, you need to be confident about who you are. As a leader, you need to have a clear idea about your good and bad qualities. Then you will be able to use them accordingly in your day to day life, especially when dealing with other people and constantly having to make important decisions. 

As it appears from the previous, it is important for a leader to have innate highly developed emotional intelligence. The aforementioned can directly contribute towards the emotional intelligence of a leader which in turn can contribute to eliminate mistrust among team members, and maximize productivity in the workplace. If you do not feel you naturally exhibit high levels of emotional intelligence, you should not despair since there are ways to improve your emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, emotional intelligence is so complex that it cannot be simply acquired through reading a book or attending a seminar. However, when put on a practical basis, within a rapidly demanding daily routine such as is the case in a fast-paced growing company, for a person to learn EI requires: team-based learning, practice, and accountability. The following infographic draws on the work of Gordon Tredgold and provides with some further practical tips on how to improve your emotional intelligence and become a better leader.
 Emotional Intelligence And Leadership: the Importance of Leading By Emotions


Conclusively, building on your emotional intelligence is considered as an excellent investment done towards the future of your business. It is incremental to strive for empathetic, thoughtful, responsive and reflexive leadership, be open to conversation and listening to others’ needs as well as be willing to present yourself as vulnerable and put yourself in others’ shoes. Such attitude will lead to a positive environment where employees will be inspired to bring out their best self.

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Personal Learning Networks for Educators

Description :

A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the learning theory of digital era; it tries to explain complex learning methods within a rapidly changing digital social network.

In their world famous book on learning networks introduced by Stephen Downes and George Siemens posit that “For the first time in history, we know now how to store virtually all humanity's most important information and make it available, almost instantly, in almost any form, to almost anyone on earth. We also know how to do that in great new ways so that people can interact with it, and learn from it.” The previous conceptualizations draw on the theory of connectivism, which integrates principles from chaos, network and complexity and self-organisation theories.

Personal Learning Networks for Educators

Nowadays, these informal learning networks are popular among the educators all around the world. Basically, Personal Learning Networks aim for educators to benefit by extending their knowledge and experience beyond their schools, as well as their geographical boundaries. To achieve the latter, Personal Learning Networks are forming connections and making personal relationships with educators, subject specialists, teachers, university professors and experts all over the world.

How it Works

It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you live, you can always be in the network and get connected with the people available, share your experiences, and discuss with them about relevant subject matters and the class room. Mainly, the educator chooses whom to get connected with on these networks and how often to be involved.

Within a PLN, educators have distinct goals, interests, needs and matters that are often expressed to the group they include in their network. Other than that, the educator will work together and connect with various members, beginning to develop strong relationships with some people and have a low level of interactions with some other members. Not all crossings will be equally treated. There are several pre-existing Personal Learning Networks, which are highly famous among the educators globally.

Examples of PLNs Around the World

Powerful Learning Practice’ is one of the professional development programs for liberal minded learners. It’s a year round program of studies which provides groups of educators with new ideas and practical experience in order to support their technical knowledge and talents, revising classroom activities and making them applicable for today’s classroom, finding other educators with same ideas and plans, and creating their own interactive learning tools. Unfortunately, this Personal Learning Network costs $1,500 per person for a year of professional development in a school and $1,000 per district team individual. Moreover, teachers can get education credits for their participation in this network.

EdChat is another popular Personal Learning Network, which started as a Twitter conversation for learners and now has been expanded to a PBworks wiki that inspire the ideas made on Twitter that interpret in to practical advice. To participate in the EdChat on Twitter, you just have to click the hashtag #edchat and then you can join in the EdChat conversation. EdChat members can also go through the success stories of the network, joining in two live conversations each Tuesday, and join the EdChat group at the Educator’s Personal Learning Networks.

The Educator’s PLN is a Ning website which is an online platform for creating one’s own social network that makes interactions between educators around the globe. It is enriched with an impressive collection of resources like downloadable audio files with education chives such as invited speakers, discussion panels with specific topics like experimenting the Bernoulli’s theory in the classroom, and descriptions of relevant blogs, documents, and lists of resources, videos and events. is a newly introduced online social network that is freely available and it allows educators to connect with their colleagues and to work together on their work plans and projects based on their own professional learning groups, mentor each other and practice using a variety of new methods. Particular strategies inside the network follow a game-module learning assembly that brings together teachers and the game developers to discover the best practices and conduct further discussions relevant to their field.

Classroom 2.0 is another Personal Learning Network designed for the ones who are interested in sharing ideas and methods on using Web 2.0 and latest media in education practice. This is a meaningful and accessible way of connecting with associates, and organizing events, merging different groups, participating Webinars each Saturday and mainly discussing everything about online projects.

Leading a PLN

Many early believers in Personal Learning Networks have now become major leaders of this approach in educational systems. Not surprisingly, most Personal Learning Networks seem to advocate a great amount of collaboration and reflection. Activities within Personal Learning Networks facilitate self-expression, chatting, blogging and referring e- books. Other than that, many existing educating leaders proceed to upgrade Personal Learning Networks to maintain relevant contents, spread the good ideas and encourage discussions and resources. Personal Learning Networks always accept educators for their ideas and not for their titles.

Numerous books, blogs, newspapers, journals, magazine articles and research papers maintain the continuous development and active use of Personal Learning Networks as a tool for learning. This ongoing process of evolutionary practice is benefiting educators both professionally and personally in many ways.

However, educators need to remember that life-long learning needs continues effort. Similarly educators expect this dedication from students. Personal Learning Networks are always in the form of collaborations. Collaboration is a method of educating which has been among us from the beginning of modern education system. Nevertheless, it was mostly constricted to confronting interactions within classrooms, divisional areas or, in some instances, conferences, only if educators get a chance to participate in one. This is the way educators collaborated and connected and through the time. Some may think that we don't need internet to be connected as educators. However, internet technology is the most prominent way of removing barriers of the time and geographical location and connects people.


Based on the above, it would be meaningful therefore to engage in learning via Personal Learning Networks, since schoolchildren exchange several information on cultural studies, history and many other studies with other students around the world. Educators also share methods, work plans and strategies. Resources are readily accessible when they are on internet. The popular social media application, Twitter is the pillar for most Personal Learning Networks. Interestingly, that view of Personal Learning Networks will continue to change along with evolution of the technology.

Overall, it could be claimed that it is worthwhile to proceed and engage in Personal Learning Networks as these hold a prominent place in the future of education. Nevertheless, like any trend arising, it should be adapted based on the needs of the particular institution and people.

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The Growth of Cloud Computing Markets

Description :

The cloud computing markets are growing at a rapid pace. People prefer to incorporate cloud technology in their day to day work because of its convenience. According to the reports of IDC, public cloud spending is expected to grow to more than $195 billion in 2020 from $96.5 billion in 2016.

The Growth of Cloud Computing Markets

Cloud computing is growing at a robust rate at the moment and it has a promising future. If you are making plans to invest on a technology based company, you are provided with a variety of advantages, thanks to cloud computing. 

What Exactly is Cloud Computing? 

The concept of cloud computing is somewhat abstract. However, it is not as difficult to understand the heart of it. The service providers that offer cloud services help people to store applications and data remotely on servers and then access those files through the internet at any time they want. In other words, you can simply upload videos, documents and photos to the cloud and retrieve them at your convenience. 

Cloud computing consists of three main services. They include: 

 Software as a Service (SaaS) – Software as a Service is associated with the licensure of applications to customers and it is deployed online. The licenses are provided in two different mechanisms as on demand or pay as you go model. 

 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Infrastructure as a Service includes offering everything from servers to operating systems through IP based connectivity. 

 Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Platform as a Service can be considered as the most complex layer of cloud based computing. It offers a platform, which can be used to create software. The developed software is then delivered to end customers through the Internet. 

What Factors Are Responsible for the Growth of Cloud Computing Markets?

The development of cloud based services has delivered a variety of benefits for companies that belong to many different sectors. For instance, companies have the opportunity to use software from any device by just connecting to the cloud. The connection can easily be established through an Internet browser or a native app. This can help individuals to carry over their settings and files to other compatible devices in a seamless manner. 

As a result of cloud computing, people are able to check for their emails on any computer or mobile device. In fact, most people prefer to store their files on cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. On the other hand, some people use cloud services to back up their photos, music and files. This way they can make sure all their files are immediately available through the cloud service when the hard drives crash. 

Cloud computing markets can be divided into several categories. All these markets have seen an unprecedented growth over the past couple of years. These markets include: 

 Centralized Data Centers – Along with the increasing demand for cloud computing, a lot of centralized data centers have been established. Necessary plans have been taken in order to construct many more in the future as well. Some of the industry giants such as Amazon have figured out that the future lies within the cloud. As a result, they are investing billions of dollars on the development of data centers throughout the country. According to the reports of Reuters, Amazon is planning to make cloud computing as the largest part of its business in the future. 

 Security – Security is one of the major concerns associated with cloud computing. People tend to store their sensitive information on the cloud and they are always concerned about the security. As a result, a lot of companies have started offering cloud security solutions for the people in need. Qualys and Websense can be considered as perfect examples of the aforementioned trend. 

 Storage – Modern world people do not prefer to store information on local storage devices such as hard drives. Instead, they prefer to seek the assistance of cloud based solutions as they can save the files to a remote database. This can be considered as the main reason behind the popularity of Vendors such as Dropbox and Mozy. Now people can easily move all their files to a secure storage cloud in a convenient manner. It is even possible to sync the files stored in your hard drive with the cloud automatically. 

 Cloud Based Applications – Cloud computing offers a variety of services for the people as well. Software as a Service holds a prominent place out of them. Taleo, SalesForce and Keynote Systems are some world famous companies, which offer their services through cloud computing technology. A lot of other companies are making plans to offer their services to the people in need via cloud computing. This is one of the most convenient methods available for the software developers to let their end users access the applications with slow internet connections. 

 Virtualization Technology – Cloud based solutions are in a position to deliver some sort of application technology or desktop virtualization. VMware and Citrix are ideal examples for leading vendors who offer virtualization technology through cloud. 

Apparently, based on the demand of the public, a lot of money is being invested on cloud computing markets by the industrial giants. According to the financial predictions of IDC, revenue generated by worldwide cloud computing markets would rise to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.4% over the 2015-2020 forecast period. Currently the industries at the forefront of public cloud services spending consist of discrete manufacturing, banking, and professional services, which makes for nearly a third of total worldwide revenues in 2016. 

In respect to the five year period predicted by IDC, the industries that are expected to reach the fastest revenue growth are media, telecommunications, and retail. Nevertheless, all 20 industries who share profiles in the spending guide will see revenue growth of more than 100% over the forecast period. The cloud computing markets are thus rapidly expanding on a daily basis and it would be a great idea to invest on these markets, given that you have this sort of budget.


The future of cloud computing looks promising and it is expected to grow exponentially in the future. It is predicted that cloud computing would establish itself in the IT industry. Given the technological progress and research currently taking place, people will also be able to experience an explosion of new solutions in cloud computing markets. It remains to be seen how this technology will continue to grow.

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Is There Life on Exoplanets?


Most of the planetary scientists believe that there can be at least one exoplanet in our Milky Way galaxy, which has life. They have also figured out that 20% of the sun-like stars that exist on the Milky Way are circled by planets, which has the same dimensions as Earth. These planets are located in habitable zones around the stars as well. Therefore, life on exoplanets has become a popular topic among planetary scientists in the modern world. 

Is There Life on Exoplanets?

The habitable zone of a planet can simply be defined as the area where the temperature is not too cold or too hot. These conditions help water to exist in those planets in the form of liquid. It is vastly known that life cannot survive without water in its liquid form. Therefore, while it has been figured out that there are about 2,000 exoplanets circling beyond our own sun, the possibility to have some sort of life in these planets depends on a variety of factors. The obliquity of the planet holds a prominent place among them. Obliquity can simply be defined as the angle of axis of a planet relative to its orbital axis around the parent starts.

The planet Earth has a low obliquity when compared to other planets. It rotates around an almost perpendicular axis of its own while rotating around the sun. Planetary scientists have figured out that the obliquity can vary from one planet to another. They believe that the planets with an extreme tilt have a very low chance of having life in it. 

Recently some research scientists as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology figured out that water exists on planets that have a very high obliquity as well. Therefore, we can keep some hope that life can exist in the planets with a high obliquity. They also figured out a shallow ocean with a depth of about 50m in a specific planet, which has a comfortable temperature. According to their calculations, the average temperature of that planet was about 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit per year. 

However, a planet with a high obliquity usually has an extreme and inhospitable climate. The North Pole would receive sunlight for a period of 6 months continuously and it would have to go through an unending night for the other six months. As a result, they believed that such a planet has a very little chance of having life. That’s mainly because the planet would freeze and boil throughout the year, which is really tough for life to exist. Nevertheless, this can differ under some conditions. For example, the oceans can store heat during the summer period and give it out during winter. This can create a somewhat mild climate in the planet. Therefore, we cannot neglect with extremely oblique planets by saying that they are not in a position to inhibit life. 

It has been assumed that the Milky Way has about 200 billion stars. In addition, it has been calculated that there are about 11 billion planets with “habitable” living conditions. All these consist of hydrogen gas and they are seething hot. The planetary systems have been established circling such stars. In fact, sticky and fine dust particles melt together to create rocky cores, which eventually turns into major planets. 

The very first exoplanet was discovered by research scientists 20 years ago. It was circling a sun like star and was named as 51 Pegasi b. Since then, they have discovered a large number of exoplanets, where most of them were smaller than their very first discovery. They even discovered an exoplanet, which is 150 smaller than 51 Pegasi b. 

Many different methods are being used by research scientists in order to discover new exoplanets in the Milky Way. The Doppler Shift method can be considered as the most popular one. This is an effective method, which can be used to discover giant planets that exist closer to fiery stellar planets. This is a sensitive method and is associated with a higher chance of discovering earth-like planets. 

Throughout the past two decades, scientists have figured out many other methods to discover exoplanets apart from the Doppler Shift method. The major drawback with the Doppler Shift method is that it cannot be used to discover smaller planets that have a wider orbit around the stars. However, the recently discovered methods are in a position to help the scientists with discovering such planets. At the end of 2015, they have been able to discover more than 1,900 exoplanets that belong to over 1,200 planetary systems. 

The Kepler Space Telescope of NASA helps a lot for the scientists to discover new exoplanets. It was launched back in 2009 and has discovered few thousand candidate planets up to now. Most of these candidate planets were confirmed as exoplanets by scientists. Several statistical methods such as the verification by multiplicity were used by the scientists to figure out whether they are in a position to inhibit life or not. The Kepler Space Telescope follows a unique methodology when discovering exoplanets. It differs a lot from the Doppler Shift method. This method searches for extremely small dips in stellar brightness when a specific orbiting planet passes ahead of the glaring face of parent star. 

In the meantime, the scientists at MIT spent their efforts in order to create a model of a highly oblique aqua-planet. This planet had the same dimensions of earth and it was positioned at a distance similar to the earth’s separation from sun. This 3D model simulated circulations among sea ice, atmosphere and ocean. The effects of winds and heat were also taken into consideration. They also created a motionless planet for comparison and discovered the possibility of having life in such a planet. They had the ability to control the obliquity of this planet and they discovered that the ocean absorbs heat during the summer period. 

Given the scientific evidence and ongoing research therefore it appears that it is not science fiction to believe in life in other planets. While there is still a long way to go before we start packing, we can keep our fingers crossed for the prospect of habituating an exoplanet in the near future.

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An Overview of the Human Genome Project

Description :

Mapping human genome can be considered as one of the main endeavors of modern world bio scientists. They have been pursuing this for decades and so far have achieved some measurable results. In simple terms, human genome can be defined as a map of how the cells of human beings are made up. If human genome is properly documented and researched, it could deliver answers to a myriad of mysteries.

An Overview of the Human Genome Project

Human genome is significant as it can provide with answers to questions like why we age, what genetic markers are, what causes and cures illnesses and many more. As a result, finding answers for this scientific puzzle has become part of an interesting competition. Entrepreneurs who start working on this field will be able to learn a lot of new things.

History of the Human Genome Project

The National Institute of Health in United States has established a partnership with the British government in order to solve the mysteries that are associated with the human genome project. They have hired the finest bio-scientists from different parts of the world and have created excellent equipment and facilities to complete their work successfully. A substantial amount of funds were approved generously to contribute to this project by both governments. According to statistical information, the government of United States has spent about $3 billion on this project. The British government has spent even more. 

1998 was an important year for the human genome project. In this year, a scientist named Dr. Craig Ventner was going through some published papers of the project and figured out that a different approach can be followed in order to get quick results. This method also had the ability to deliver more accurate answers for the complex issues and therefore he decided to undertake a project on this area himself. Nevertheless, as Dr. Craig Ventner was in need of financial assistance, he sought to get help from capitalist funding sources. His efforts became successful and was able to make $300 million within a short period of time. This motivated Dr. Craig Ventner to start working on his unique approach in the human genome project. His venture was named as “Celera” and it was charged with mapping the human genome to commercialize the findings. 

The Main Objective of the Human Genome Project

The primary objective of the human genome project is to figure out the consequence of chemical base pairs that are responsible for making up human DNA. It also focuses on mapping the genes of human genome through a functional and physical standpoint. As mentioned earlier, a lot of parties are involved in this project. Therefore, it can be considered as the world’s largest collaborative biological project. It was declared complete during 2003. At the early stage of this project, the main objective was to map the nucleotides in human body to reference genome. The genomes that can be found in human beings differ from one another. Hence, mapping the human genome is an extremely complex process for which scientists involved in this project hoped to succeed to eliminate that complexity.

State of Completion

The human genome project was not focused in sequencing the entire DNA that can be seen in human body cells. It only focused on the euchromatic areas of genome. In fact, euchromatic areas make up about 90 percent of human genome. The remaining area of the genome was called as heterochromatic and they were not considered in this project. 

As mentioned earlier, the human genome project was completed in 2003. The initial draft of the human genome was available by 2000 and a working draft was completed one year later. The final consequence mapping took place in 2003. This project was completed with a success rate of 99.99%. However, further analysis is being carried out at the moment and researches are scheduled to be carried out on HGP. 

Proposed Benefits of the Human Genome Project

The findings of the human genome project can be used for a variety of applications. These applications in turn have the potential to deliver tons of benefits, which range from molecular medicine up to human evolution. For instance, these findings can help people gain a better understanding about diseases. In other words, people will be able to get a clear view of the genotyping process of specific viruses that can be directed to appropriate treatments. It can also be used to identify mutations that are connected to different types of cancers

On the other hand, the human genome project is being used to design medication in an appropriate manner while ensuring their accuracy. The effects of medication on different people can also be predicted based on this theory. Commercial development of genomics is another major advantage that is associated with the human genome project. Therefore, it can be considered as a multibillion dollar industry. 

The sequence of DNA figured out from this method is stored in a database. The database is then being uploaded to the Internet, so that anyone can access. This database is well known as GenBank and it is being managed by the United States National Center for Biotechnology Information. Some other organizations are contributing towards it as well. 


It becomes apparent that the human genome project is one of the most important and useful projects in the biotechnology industry. It is in a position to deliver a variety of benefits for every human being that exists on the planet. From this project, it has been identified that around 20,500 genes can be found in human beings. The same range of genes can be found in mice as well.

On the other hand, the human genome consists of a large amount of segmental duplications. These duplications are nearly identical and can be defined as repeated sections of DNA. Even though the human genome project is completed at the moment, more and more studies are yet to be conducted on the same field to discover additional benefits that can be reaped out of it.

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