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Presentation Prep: Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Description :

It’s highly likely that you have, at some point in your life, faced the struggles of public speaking. As you might know from general experience, public speaking is an art form in itself and is not for the most faint hearted. It takes guts, dedication, talent and a swimming pool of self-confidence just to get started and double of everything to be proficient at it. So, is everything lost for the common man?

Presentation Prep: Convert PDF to PowerPoint

No, because there are online tools that you can use to help you out when you’re in a one way street. This time, we are focusing on a tool that can help you prepare your presentations and save countless of hours in the process. To put it simply, it’s Investintech latest protege: PDF to PowerPoint converter

Why Would I Convert PDF to PowerPoint, you May Ask?

Well, look at it this way: before you can hold your presentation you need to prepare it and the digitally literate person of 2016 usually prepares his work online. Since the PDF is the most popular file format on the Internet it’s only logical that you will, at some point in your prep, get a hold of a bunch of PDF documents that you will need to use for your presentation. With that in mind, Investintech created this PDF to PPT converter to save you time, money and nerves. And let’s face it, since you’re about to go speak in front of a bunch of people, you might as well spend more time preparing the actual appearance instead of manually retyping PDFs. 

The tool is completely web based and simple to use. There are no limitations to the file sizes or the number of conversions at that matter, but there is one really important feature to address. 

This one, unlike its competitors, enables you to convert scanned PDFs to PowerPoint as well since it has an integrated OCR. OCR is basically an Optical Character Recognition software, which reads the image, recognizes the letters and turns them into their corresponding digital values. Sounds neat, right? 

Let’s see it in action as all it takes are just 3 simple clicks:

1. Select and Upload Your PDF 

All file sizes are supported and you can go through the same process virtually unlimited number of times.

Presentation Prep: Convert PDF to PowerPoint

2. Type In the Email Address 

You’ll get your converted file delivered here so make sure to use a genuine email. 

Presentation Prep: Convert PDF to PowerPoint

3. Hit Start to Commence the Conversion 

The output file is a fully editable .pptx document and all files are kept on Investintech servers for 24 hours, after which they get deleted.

Presentation Prep: Convert PDF to PowerPoint

 If you do miss it, do not be worried as you can just re-upload your file and go through the same process again. 


The tool is definitely worthy of bookmarking as it does a great job at what it says. It keeps the formatting as close as possible to the original document, while maintaining the document layout and it quickly provides you with a usable PowerPoint document. This simple web app can save you hours, believe it or not, and even though it’s something that’s used from time to time it’s great value for the fact that it’s completely free. 

So bookmark, convert and go and make history.

Get involved, help us to help you in a better way. Let us know your feedback.

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A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

Description : 

Hey guys. We hope you're as excited for the summer as we are! Do you have free time for reading? If so, then what we have in store for you could be worthwhile.

In the world of most modern business professionals, a lot is depending on the everyday sharing of files among colleagues. And ever since the early 90s, the PDF (Portable Document File) is the absolute champion of file formats for this type of operation, and it still reigns supreme. The key to its decades-long success and the sole reason that differentiates it from all other file formats is that it is the only file type that can be viewed on every operating platform there is (Macintosh, Windows, Linux etc) exactly like it is and without any glitches, bugs, or other issues whatsoever.

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

This is why so many programs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCad, Publisher and plenty others have the option to save the projects in PDF form (if you’ve ever wondered why). But as you probably suspected, there is a significant downside when using PDFs.

The main (and probably the only problem) with this format is that it cannot be edited. Once you’ve created a PDF file out of a Excel spreadsheet for instance, it becomes a read-only file, and the person who received it can’t implement any kind of changes to it without the use of programs and tools designed specifically for the task of converting the PDF back to its native state, in this case an Excel spreadsheet. 

Most of the conversion software available on the market come at a high price, and for people who don’t need to edit at least several files a day, it is probably a waste of money. A lot of the free online tools on the other hand give mixed results, and it’s somewhat difficult to find the one that works good. Today we will introduce a tool that offers great results, and can be used for converting a PDF to Excel, a program that is used by a lot of different professionals (accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers) and also by educators, students and many more.

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

We should now cover how the tool functions, and as you will see, everything is achieved in a few simple steps.

1. Select the File You Want to Convert

The first part is selecting the file you need to convert, and that can be done either from your hard-drive, or from one of the cloud services listed below (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive). 

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

It is important to mention that you can convert regular PDFs, and also scanned ones, using Optical Character Recognition technology.

2. Click the Download Button

After you have chosen the desired file, the download button will appear.

A Simple and Free Tool to Overcome PDF to Excel Troubles

 The fantastic thing about PDF to Excel is that absolutely no user information is needed (not even an email address), and that the file that was uploaded for the conversion is kept on the company’s server for just 6 hours, and will not be used under any circumstances.


This is pretty much what we have for you today, and if you ever have a spreadsheet locked in PDF form that need to edit quickly, try this tool and you won’t regret it!

Would love to hear any feedback you have, just leave your nice comment or shoot us a note.

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There Is a Shirt Out There for Everyone

Description :

Everyone comes in different sizes. It can be hard to find the right size shirts for you, especially if you differentiate of the “standard” male. Maybe you are a tall man with long arms that don’t fit into any regular fit dress shirts for men. Or maybe you rather go with classic fit shirts. Nothing wrong with a little class. 

There Is a Shirt Out There for Everyone

You will need a good shirt to look good for work or that dinner, so better get one now. Want to know more on what to look for?

Regular Fit Dress Shirts for Men

Regular fits dress shirts for men are a little wider around the waist and the sleeves. They leave plenty of room for you to move around in. They are and stay comfortable, even on those long work days. You have them in all sizes, colors and patterns. A few fine choices to wear are a light blue and white striped shirt for example. Wear a regular fit dress shirt when you are up for a work day at the office. 

Men’s Extra Long Sleeve Shirts

Are your arms too long for normal shirts? Time to get some men’s extra long sleeve shirts! You can find both slim fit and regular fit shirts with extra long sleeves. Regular fit shirts are by far the most comfortable, though! Just like normal regular fit dress shirts you have a very broad choice in sizes, colors and patterns for those shirts with extra long sleeves. Go for something a little bright and wear a shirt with pink, green and white in a checkered pattern. Cheerful and yet subtle. 

Classic Fit Shirt

Do you like it a little authenticity? Classic fit shirts have just the right amount of class and give off an authentic feel. Making it possible for you to look your best. They are comfortable and roomy and men have been wearing this kind of shirt for centuries and they have always looked good in them. Wear a classic fit shirts when going out to a romantic dinner with your wife, a meeting with your boss or when you are meeting new clients. A classic fit shirt is also perfect if you are giving a speech or an elevator pitch. Try wearing a nice classy white shirt with a black or dark blue tie.

The Best Colors and the Best Patterns

It’s not enough to just wear the right shirt. It has to have the right color and pattern for whatever you are about to do. You can’t go to a dinner with clients in a murky green blazer with a mustard yellow striped shirt. That is just not the right choice, especially not when you are trying to dress to impress. No, what you want is something quite the opposite. Just a regular day at the office? Wear a shirt with a light color. Think pastels or white. Shirts with just one color or a pattern of either checkers or stripes are the best. 

Meeting with the boss? Go classy with a white shirt and a black or dark colored tie. Don’t wear a grey shirt, as those are a little bleak, but you could definitely go for a grey blazer. When you have a meeting with your boss nine out of ten times you will want to impress him or her. Keep that in mind when picking what shirt to wear in the morning. 

Got a fancy gala to attend? Go for wealthy colors like purple and red, or for the classical colors like black, white and grey. Even better is to mix it up a little. A grey blazer can never go wrong and with a beautiful bright, but subtle purple or red shirt underneath it you will steal the show. For those of us who don’t like to stand in the spotlights it is an option to go for a black blazer, with a nice white and cream colored striped shirt and a black tie. 


Every shirt has a certain standard measurement. Get to know what your measurements are so you can find the right shirt of whatever type you like for you. It might be a good idea to get your shirts hand tailored for your measurements so you will be able to wear a shirt that fits you perfectly, no matter what shape or size you are. There is a perfect shirt out there for everyone. Now it’s time to find yours!

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Self-Driving Cars of the Imminent and Distant Future

Description :

Sadly, the flying car is still the domain of science fiction. On the bright side, self-driving cars are not only feasible, they're already here. In fact, Google's self-driving cars have logged more than 1.5 million miles of trouble-free driving (clearly those miles don't include a recent incident with a public bus), and can currently be found in California, Texas, Washington, and Arizona. Google is so confident in its self-driving technology that the company makes it easy for the public to follow along with monthly reports.

Self-Driving Cars of the Imminent and Distant Future

Eventually, the lessons learned – and the technology that is developed – will find its way throughout the industry. The gist of this continued development is plain to see; before long, autonomous cars will be an everyday reality. Just as smartphones and texting have transformed the world around us in just a few short years, it's entirely feasible that autonomous car technology could do the same.

But like any technology that is destined to cause a paradigm shift in the way we interact with each other and the world around us, there are still many questions left unanswered and puzzles ready to be solved. The technology may be ready, but are we? Are you willing to strap your toddler into a baby seat and then let the computer do the driving? The self-driving cars of the future are likely to evolve as we evolve with them.

The Promise of the Autonomous Car: A Personal Chauffeur

The ultimate expression of the self-driving car is likely yet to be determined. However, most people probably envision self-driving cars as mobile versions of robotic butlers. Available at our every beck and call, there for us when we need it, and able to take us anywhere we want, leaving the passengers to their own devices. Imagine if your car could drop you off in front of a busy downtown restaurant and then drive around or find its own parking space, only to come and pick you up when your meal was done. Well, that sounds terrific, but we're not there yet!

At the moment, self-driving applications (those that are commercially available, anyway; we're not counting Google's self-driving car) are limited to semi-autonomous auto pilot programs. Though far from being truly autonomous, they are helping both driver and engineer come to terms with what vehicle autonomy really is. Tesla offers auto pilot on its Model S and Model X electric cars, and manufacturers like Volvo and Mercedes-Benz offer or are developing similar technologies. These technologies allow vehicles to maintain speed, steer themselves, alert drivers to potential hazards, and even park themselves. If that much can already be accomplished, perhaps the autonomous personal chauffeur isn't too far away!

Self-driving Taxi Fleets Will Provide Cars on Demand

But the question must be asked: if cars become truly autonomous, do we even need to own them? Companies like Uber, Tesla, Apple and Google think there could be a future in the shared car (as well as autonomous public transportation). Fleets of autonomous cars could be the next natural evolutionary step of a concept already practiced by companies like ZipCar, Car2Go, and Paris and London's electric share car programs. Rather than own cars, why note hire them, on demand? With a smartphone in every pocket, it's easy to see how such a program could work.

Obviously, such autonomous fleets would have to be quite large if everyone gave up on car ownership in the coming decades, but it isn't hard to imagine punching in a request on one's smartphone and having a self-driving car arrive 10 minutes later to take you to your destination. Once you get there, leave the car, close the door, and be on your way. As with Uber and Lyft's current pay structure, you would be billed automatically and that would be that. You wouldn't have to worry about car insurance or even a driver's license. Nor would you have to worry about parking. For all but the most diehard gear heads, it's an attractive idea.

But What of the Obstacles?

Self-driving cars are close. As software, hardware, and technology companies like Snapdragon continue to work on vehicle applications for mobile processors, autonomous cars will continue to become more and more advanced. In fact, the odds are good that at some point in the near future, your car could be the "smartest" thing you own. But there's still much to be determined before your car drives you to work, and not the other way around.

One of the most obvious questions is who should be responsible in the event an autonomous car is involved in a crash. Volvo has already stated that it will take full responsibility in any accident involving one of its self-driving cars, but will other manufacturers follow along? And what of vehicle insurance? If your car is driving you, and not you it, should you still be obligated to purchase and maintain car insurance? Insurance companies are certain to lobby for this, but is it fair or logical? Finally, at what point can an autonomous car be trusted completely? In other words, how far away are we from being able to sit in the back seat of our car on the way to work (rather than having to babysit the wheel and pedals in the off chance the car loses control)? Taking this concept one step further, will cars in the future have steering wheels? At what point do human interfaces in cars become a liability rather than a benefit?

These questions are mostly rhetorical, of course. There is no clear answer. But we will, collectively, need to figure out the answers to these questions and more before autonomous cars become commonplace. In this case, it might not be prudent to jump into the deep end and learn to swim - better to ease into it. The future does show promise though, there can be no denying that. We are on the cusp of one of the biggest milestones in personal transportation since the original automobile was introduced over a century ago. Exciting, to say the least.

Any questions? Write me a comment below!

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Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

Description :

There are multiple reasons for using labels: to inform users about the product’s contents, to make the product look attractive so people would be interested in trying it out, to help people organize their belongings, to alert others about potential dangers of using an item, etc.

The most basic, simplest label would be a piece of paper applied to an item with a sticking tape. That certainly does the job of identifying a product, but it’s not the best solution if you want to sell an item or make a gift that includes a sticker. In most cases you want your label to look presentable.

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun
Not everyone can afford to hire graphic designers when branding their products. And in many cases people need labels simply for their private purposes (labeling their kids belongings for summer camp, making stickers for a beer party or a small, intimate wedding, etc.), so paying someone to design their label is out of question. 

That’s where a simple, smooth tool such as Labeley comes in. It’s a custom label maker that only requires users to have some imagination, playful spirit and, of course, Internet connection. The tool is web-based and completely free, so it’s definitely worth trying out. 

Use Labeley to Create Beer, Wine, Kids, Household or Any Other Label

Here’s how to use this neat label creator:

Go to the tool’s main page ( and first click on Start Designing. You’ll see four category options: beer, wine, kids and general. Check out all four to see different options, backgrounds, illustrations… Then choose the one you like.

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

Let’s say you chose the Beer category. Select an appropriate label shape from the selection on the left side of the screen.

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

Now click on Border and pick one whose color you like. This step is optional.

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

The following step is optional as well. If you want some interesting background, click on Background and choose one from Labeley’s backgrounds gallery. You can also choose the background color.

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

Next, click on Graphic and pick any graphic that you like. Maybe these illustrations will also give you ideas for a name for your beer brand.

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

If no illustration is quite what you want, you have another option: to upload any photo/design you want from your computer. Just click on the Upload tab, then on Upload Image, and then browse your computer for an appropriate photo for your beer label.

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

Then go to the Text option, click on the green Create Text button that will appear, and select from a wide range of fonts. 

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

You can also choose the font’s color, style (normal or italic) and weight (normal or bold).

Finally, here’s what we’ve created for the purposes of this tutorial:

Labeley: Designing Custom Labels Has Never Been This Easy and Fun

Play around with Labeley’s design options to see how the tool works, and after 10 minutes you’ll be able to create a professional-looking label for any purpose and occasion. You might even surprise yourself with your newly discovered design skills and talent!

Give us a shout if you have any questions. Thank you for reading!

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3 Reasons the Hoverboard Is So Important

Description :

You may have heard rumblings in the past of companies trying to develop the first ever hoverboard. The company that manages to conquer the finer points of gravity in order to create a board that doesn't need wheels will be worth millions instantly. But any such invention could be decades away, if not longer. So why our fascination with the hoverboard?

It all goes back to Back to the Future II, a 1989 film and the second installment in a three-part series starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The first film in the series has Fox's character traveling back to 1955; the second film has him traveling forward to 2015. It is in 2015 that the movie's main character, Marty McFly, sees and uses a hoverboard for the first time.

3 Reasons the Hoverboard Is So Important

Aficionados of the Back to the Future series also know that McFly 'invented' skateboards when he traveled back to 1955. In order to get away from an unfriendly gang chasing him through the town square, McFly grabbed a homemade wooden scooter from a kid, pulled the handlebars off, and used it like a skateboard.

The prevalence of the skateboard in the film series is important from a cultural standpoint. Why? Consider the following three reasons:

1. Skateboarding Was Just Beginning

If you are younger than 40, you might assume that skateboards are a turn-of-the-century thing. They are not. Skateboarding goes back to the early 1980s; to an age when kids were looking for things to do in the absence of computers, cell phones, and most of the rest of the technology we take for granted today.

3 Reasons the Hoverboard Is So Important

In those early days, skateboarding was about hanging out with your friends and learning to ride tandem down a steep hill without killing yourselves. Most people considered skateboards a fad the kids would outgrow. Yet the writers of the Back to the Future series thought otherwise. They saw skateboarding as something that would survive well into the future.

2. Skateboarding Technology Keeps Advancing

Introducing the hoverboard in the second film proved that filmmakers believed in the future of skateboards. And while we may not have the technology portrayed in the film yet, skateboarding technology continues to advance year after year. Boards are getting better, they are lasting longer, and skateboarding becomes more exciting and challenging by the day.

3 Reasons the Hoverboard Is So Important

Any student of sports history knows that advances in technology tend to make a given sport better. That is certainly true in skateboarding. The things our parents were doing back in the 1980s seem so passé to us; the things we do on skateboards today they never would have considered on first and second generation boards.

3. The Skateboarding Culture Has Survived

The 2015 of the Back to the Future series is one in which punks and thugs use hoverboards to do what they do. In part, that might be a reflection of the 1980s mentality that believed skateboarders were troublemakers just looking to disrupt communities whenever they could. We certainly know that thinking is by no means true. More importantly, the skateboarding culture that grew out of our parents' love for boarding has remained intact for decades.

Today, the skateboarding culture is still about hanging out with your friends and having a good time enjoying something you all love. Futurist predictions and hoverboards aside, what many people thought was a fad has become a staple of American youth. Perhaps some of it is due to the iconic nature of the Back to the Future series. But most of it is because skateboards are just plain fun.

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The Best Men’s Dress Shirts to Wear this Summer

Description :

Don’t you love the summer? Lovely hot weather, a holiday in sight, being able to barbecue at night. Summers are amazing, even when you’re at the office. So dress for the occasion with a few of the amazing men’s dress shirts we have coming up for you. 

The Best Men’s Dress Shirts to Wear this Summer

Don’t worry, you can roll up those sleeves when it gets too hot during those long summer days. Wear some regular men’s dress shirts, go amazing with Thomas Masons shirts or wear an exclusive handmade men’s slim fit dress shirt!

Men’s Dress Shirts 

Your office attire isn’t ready until you have a great men’s dress shirt to wear. The options are limitless. Go with or without a pattern, in all colors of the rainbow or just one. Dare to be different and go with a striped shirt with bright colors like pink, purple or green. Great for those summer days. Or go dark and keep it classic with colors like dark blue mixed with black stripes, a dark purple shirt under a nice quality blazer or a red shirt with a gorgeous black tie with gold stripes. Those are especially good options for a dinner with colleagues in the warm evenings. 

Thomas Mason Shirts 

Thomas Mason shirts are definitely a great choice for this summer. Want to know why? Thomas Mason is a great, over 275 years old company that offer amazing quality fabrics, with great original and sometimes even eccentric patterns and colors. Their fashion designers get inspiration for their shirts from anywhere and everywhere, like for example the English landscape, an album of the beatles and of course from the themes that the season bring with them. They are loyal to their British heritage and that is something you can definitely see when looking at the work they did when they made in collaboration with J. Crew. Thomas Mason shirts have an authentic, classical feel that not many brands out there have, plus they make sure to use a wide variety of colors and patterns. That is what makes this brand a must have and must wear around the office this summer. 

Want Something Exclusive this Summer? 

A few amazing handmade men's slim fit dress shirts shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. Handmade shirts give you an exclusive one of a kind edge. Get it hand tailored exactly to your measurements so it’s comfortable for those long summer days when you need to be anything but uncomfortable. Have a beautifully handmade slim fit shirt will also give you that extra boost of confidence you might need for that meeting with your boss, investors or clients. Or maybe to finally ask that girl out you have been wanting to ask out on a date for a long time. She won’t be able to resist you in a handmade men’s slim fit dress shirt! 

What Colors Should you Wear this Summer?

The colors you wear are very important. There is a lot of scientific research that shows that our brains associate colors and emotion. For example: White gives people a very neutral, sterile feeling, while blue gets people relaxed, focussed and awake. Why do you think Facebook and Twitter are blue? That is some fine psychology at play right there. You can use these proven scientific facts to influence your clients, colleagues and even your boss a little. Wear a shirt in a certain colour to make them associate you with a certain feeling. Of course, they won’t suddenly start to like you if you wear a certain colour, but it will get you in the right direction. And, you can use it to influence yourself, too! Got the feeling you are trapped in a cubicle too much? Wear a green shirt. Your brain has associated the colour green with the great outdoors, so by seeing the colour green you will immediately start to feel way less trapped. This may come in handy when it’s a hot summer day and you’re working inside an office. 

Match It Up 

Match your clothes up. Not just the colours and the patterns of your shirt, but also things like ties and blazers. This summer ties don’t just have to be made of silk. Try a denim tie for a change! Looks great, especially with a nice white or dark blue and white striped Thomas Mason shirt. Wear a nice and classy blazer every once in a while. 

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 This summer will bring a lot of opportunities and if you look right you will be ready to take them on!

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You can't Attend a Business Meeting Without the Right Shirt

Description :

Everyone has to attend a business meeting every once in a while. It’s important to make a good impression during every meeting, but you can’t do that without the right shirt. 

You can't Attend a Business Meeting Without the Right Shirt

Whether it’s a meeting with your boss, your colleagues or new clients, if you don’t wear the right clothes you are probably not making a very good impression. It’s time to change that!

What Shirt Should You Wear During What Meeting? 

Each type of meeting has their own “dress code” so to speak. The clothes you wear, and especially your shirt tells the people you have a meeting with a lot about your attitude towards your work. So, what shirt belongs to what meeting? 

1. A Meeting With the Boss 

It’s time to look as professional as possible. Think Van laack shirts in Van Laack tailor fit. These shirts have an amazing professional feel about them. The Van Laack shirts are completely tailored to fit you smoothly to give you the perfect professional look you need during a meeting with your boss. 

Examples of what to wear: A blue or white shirt with a matching tie. Also consider wearing a blazer in a matching colour. Match a light blue shirt, with a black or grey tie and a dark blue blazer. Or go classic with a white shirt, a black tie and a black blazer. 

2. A Meeting With Your Colleagues 

The number one reason to dress like a professional is so other people perceive you as a professional. Keep this in mind when you have a meeting with your colleagues, because their impression of you matters when it comes to your work relationship. Dress like a professional, but don’t overdo it. Don’t make it too flashy. 

Examples of what to wear: Go with the flow of your colleagues. Do they wear business casual then you should, too. Professional? Wear a tie. Unlike in meetings with your boss a little more colour is appreciated! 

3. A Meeting With Your Clients 

Dress for success and make sure you don’t differentiate too much of what your clients wear. Are they in suits, then you should be as well. Do they wear business casual shirts? You might want to do that, too. This helps to influence the way your clients feel when they have a meeting with you. 

Examples of what to wear: Go for cheerful colours if the dress code of your office allows this. Think something like a white and soft yellow striped shirt, or maybe one with blue plaid. Go casual with short sleeves or stay with long sleeves. Anything is possible. 

4. A Job Interview 

This is a business meeting, too, and as such you need to dress to the occasion. You want to have a good first impression and as you probably know people judge a book by its cover. You need to look professional, like you can handle anything the new job will throw in your way. Especially when you are applying for a job at a large firm. Maybe it’s time to get a handmade men's regular fit dress shirt that will look extremely well on you with a tie and a blazer.

Examples of what to wear: Just as the meeting with a boss you should think grey, white, black and (dark) blue colours as these give you a professional look. This depends on the tone of the company, of course, but especially large firms prefer that their employees dress according to the sometimes unwritten dress code so it’s good to immediately start off on the right foot. 

5. The “Casual” Companies 

As you’ve probably noticed the aforementioned meetings are all focused on companies that have a few strict rules on how their staff should dress. But, what about companies that focus on design and other creative artworks, or small businesses? What do you wear during a meeting of a company that isn’t as strict on dress codes? It’s time to go business casual! Of course this doesn’t go for all small businesses, but most startups and small businesses want to keep that comfortable, familiar feel. Suits just don’t cut it, although a nice dress shirt without a tie might. 

Examples of what to wear: Think about a plaid casual shirt, with for example jeans. Keep it neat and professional, but loosen it up a bit. Roll up those sleeves, keep the top button open. Keep it both casual and professional!


Getting ready for your next business meeting? Then you should look and feel good! Depending on the industry, consider those 5 real life examples that will get you through the meeting. Start dressing for success!

Do you have any tips? Your help and feedback is always appreciated!

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Spotify vs Apple Music; Where Does the Scale Lean?

Description :

If you are one of those people who cannot live a day without listening to music, chances are that you have done so via a popular streaming music platform. As of late, the two main contenders in the arena seem to be Apple Music and Spotify

Spotify vs Apple Music; Where Does the Scale Lean?

These streaming services are the present and future of music industry. Each has its own unique advantages; but which one will surpass the other?


Spotify is a platform that uses streaming as its means of media acquisition. Streaming is quickly becoming the dominant choice among media consumers. It doesn’t eat up memory on the device, new music is refreshed to the package, and playlists are sharable among friends, and the world, if you wish. Gone are the days of entering a password every time you make a purchase.

Spotify vs Apple Music; Where Does the Scale Lean?

Soundtracks and compilation albums have been proven money makers in the music industry. Think of the playlist as a graduated version of the variety CD. These shared playlists benefit the user and composer alike. Every time and artist’s song is played, they get paid for it. Likewise, the user gets to enjoy the music at a fraction of the price, had they downloaded it.

Apple Music

Apple Music has been the dominating force when it comes to media downloads. You have the option to download a single song or an entire album from the 45 million in the iTunes Library, 15 million of which are unavailable to stream though. Also you have the option to get the digital art if you miss the old school days of CD booklets.

Spotify vs Apple Music; Where Does the Scale Lean?

Apple has about 1 billion registered users on its network as well as a reputation for continued longevity. Despite iTunes’ staying power, Apple has seen a decline in downloaded albums and songs in 2015 by 16% in nominal terms, according to music industry analyst Mark Mulligan at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. This decline is expected to increase between 25% and 30% this year, nevertheless, iTunes music downloads are still estimated to be worth $600 million in 2019. Does the decline in sales spell the end of iTunes as Apple is preparing an aggressive two-year termination timetable for iTunes store?

Spotify vs Apple Music: the Clash

With music crossing over to the digital, the industry is poised to offer better quality, at a competitive rate. One of the major down sides to having music so readily accessible is that the sound quality suffers a bit. Even on the newest devices the compression technology doesn’t offer the same fidelity and listening quality that a CD does. Although the idea of streaming is still catching on, eventually the growth will plateau. This will give the music industry the chance to introduce ‘premium packages’ in which they can charge a slightly higher fee, for better sound quality. This may seem a tad on the greedy side, but compare this to the days when you were forced to pay $13-$17 dollars for one song, and maybe a few others you might like. When the two are seen side by side, streaming seems like a much more agreeable option.

1. Subscription Plan:

When comparing the subscription prices, Spotify and Apple Music have similar competitive packages. For example if you decide to go with either Spotify Premium or Apple Music Membership, the cost is $9.99 a month (with a 3-month free trial on both platforms), or you can sign up to a Family Plan for $14.99 a month, for up to 6 different people. Most people opt for the $9.99 option, so the actual cost is $120 a year, but that’s still pretty good. Apple Music also offers a Student Membership for $4.99 a month, which is quite cheap considering its benefits.

Another advantage that Spotify has is that you can listen to an entire album the day of its release, rather than just samples. A major downside to this service is that it doesn’t have all songs available. That ends up being true with both services because even Apple Music has a few bands that you won’t be able find in its libraries.

2. Compatibility:

In terms of beating the competition in providing digital services, one major factor comes down to compatibility issues. Spotify adhering to this concern, is compatible with a number of devices and even supports older versions of iOS. It also has native clients for Windows, Android and Linux. A strong advantage, Spotify’s web player will work almost on any operating system. 

Apple on the other hand, has taken a leap of faith by working on different operating systems, including Android. However, it is still not possible for users of older iOS devices to enjoy Apple Music, as it is not supported on iOS 8.4 or less. In addition, Apple Music has the disadvantage of not working on a web player and needs iTunes to play on a desktop. Practically, it is therefore inconvenient to play Apple Music for example when you are not using your own computer and have to install iTunes.

3. Sound Quality:

Music is all about the sound quality, right? Both Spotify and Apple Music bring decent audio quality to your ears. Spotify premium offers an adjustable rate with extreme quality as it calls it reaching a peak at 320 kbps Ogg, whereas Apple Music uses 256 kbps ACC. Hearing the experts’ viewpoint on the matter, findings from a listening study conducted by CNET comparing Spotify and Apple Music audio quality, it seems that Spotify wins this battle over their rivals.

4. Music Discovery:

This list of examining the pros and cons of each music streaming service, would not have been complete without looking into the discovery features of each platform. 

Spotify has a number of options to find songs and artists or albums. Spotify’s “Discover” feature is perhaps not as effective, and does not recommend playlists but only artists, albums and individual tracks. However, its more recent addition “Discover Weekly” is a great way to browse new releases, as it offers a custom playlist of up to 2 hours of the hottest hits each week according to your preferences. There is also the “Now section”, a smart feature which recommends songs based on the time of day and day of the week using a grid instead of Microsoft’s hip tiles. 

Their competitors, Apple Music shares a similar feature with the “For you” screen, a cool layout offering a mosaic of music suggestions inspired by Windows Phone’s live tiles. The feature allows you to find playlists, individual tracks and artists though it might take a bit longer to incorporate your preferences to know what suits you. There is also its “New” section which indicates suggestions of what other Apple Music users are listening to, and current playlists to enhance your music experience. 

Spotify has a “Browse” section serving for similar purposes, yet it seems to have a more user friendly interface with top lists, genres and moods, as well as news.

5. Free Music:

Spotify is an exclusive streaming music service provider of free in-demand music. Users can enjoy any song or album for free, although intermittent ads subsidize the streaming. This free service feature has been heavily criticized by artists who claim that there is little gain money-wise. Nonetheless, Spotify claims that their free service prevents piracy and artists do get compensated through Spotify. 

On the other end of the scale, although the impression is that Apple Music does not allow users to listen to songs for free, the reality is that Apple Music is available for free, including the Beats 1 station. This feature is available although interfered by advertising and you can enjoy up to 6 songs per hour. 

6. Voice Control:

As far as apps is concerned, perhaps not surprisingly, Apple has the upper hand. On iOS for instance, only Apple can use Siri with apps, a feature that has been integrated into Apple Music. This digital assistant can handle requests like playing songs, albums or artists, and even locate and play the top playlists from a given year. 

Spotify on the other hand, does not offer this type voice control or digital helper. You can enhance your overall Spotify experience with third-party apps like Vela, yet they are not integrated into iOS.


It’s tempting to look for a winner-looser situation when it comes to rivalry services or software. 

The above comparison, was not meant to be exhaustive. In a perfect world we would just be able to combine the services, and then use it as we saw fit. Some songs that you like may not be on Spotify, and likewise, Apple Music may not have the songs you’re looking for either. There are people who use both services and cherry picking the features they like. People like the convenience of access to songs on the go, as well as being able to download and save them once in a while. Both services have their advantages and disadvantages. Who knows? Maybe soon the companies will merge and then we can enjoy all the benefits. 

Until that happens, the answer to the question of which is better, Spotify or Apple Music, boils down to personal preference. If you like owning your music and having the files physically on your computer, Apple Music is the way to go. If you don’t want to be hindered by computer memory loss and have access to a ton of songs at any time and virtually from any device with decent sound quality and different discover music options, then check out Spotify.

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