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Three Ways to Protect Your Students From the Dangers of Technology

Description :

Kids today live in a world where you cannot escape technology. The internet is all around you, from vehicles that use technology to park themselves to home thermostats that can be controlled half way around the world using a smartphone. 

Because the internet is such a beneficial part of our lives, kids have a hard time understanding the drawbacks behind it. It can be a challenge trying to get children to understand the concept of social media etiquette, online privacy, viruses, and phishing schemes.

Three Ways to Protect Your Students From the Dangers of Technology

Unfortunately, these are real problems that surround the internet. You can’t rely on their parents to educate them about tech security because you have no idea how much experience and knowledge they have of it. 

As a teacher, it is important that you inform your students about the dangers of the internet and how to protect themselves from cyber criminals. This may include a combination protective measures, like using a flash key encryption device, speaking up when they see something strange, or understanding the long-term effects of posting online.

It Can Last Forever

It can be difficult for children to understand that whatever they put online could follow them for the rest of their lives. The last thing they are thinking about is how it can affect their future. It is important that you explain to them the repercussions of posting things on the internet that will haunt them later in life. If it is not something they want everyone to see, then they need to think twice about posting it online.

Express Openness

For many kids, the thought of having to tell an adult about something bad they’ve seen on the internet is scary. They may have fears that they will get in trouble if the tell the adult what they have witnessed. Ease the kids' concerns and explain how talking to an adult is acceptable. Whether they are contacted on their phone, tablet, or computer it is the same as being contacted out in public by a stranger. Encourage kids to speak with adults if they encounter anything odd while online.

Stay Protective

Many technological devices require a password just to sign on. While a password is important, children must understand the need to keep it secretive. Should the password get into the wrong hands, there is no telling what thieves can attain once they get access to a device. 

Additionally, flash drives can be a great way to transport programs and files to school and home. Unfortunately, kids sometimes struggle with keeping up with these types of things. An encrypted flash drive will help secure your information with an added wall of security in case it ever gets in the wrong hands.


These days you can never be too careful about protecting your information. With kids having so much access to the internet, it is a huge concern that their privacy may be compromised. The best way to combat this is by talking to kids about the dangers that lurk with technology. 

Because many parents may be ignorant about some of those dangers, it is crucial that teachers make it a point to educate students involving security issues surrounding technology. Using examples, offering additional firewalls like encrypted flash drives, and urging your students to discuss what they view is just a few of the ways you can help them understand how important security is when using any type of technology. 

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The Evolution of Social Platforms and Their Influence on Daily Life

Description :

Over the last decade or so, the evolution of social platforms has both been hard to keep up with and understand. The turn of the century had seen the internet become a mainstream platform, with the creation of online chat messengers becoming commonplace across the web. Today, though, we have the power of social media – the websites that allow us to keep in contact with friends and family, and make new friends from all across the world. 

The Evolution of Social Platforms and Their Influence on Daily Life

However, for many, social media is a monster – one that won’t be going back in its box anytime soon. This is a major issue; as social development is going to be majorly dictated to by the evolution of social platforms. So, how does the development of social platforms have an impact on our daily lives? Is it possible that Facebook and Twitter etc. now help to determine the day-to-day existence of many people?

We’ve moved long beyond that period. In fact, many people believe there might be a pretty strong correlation between the rise of social media and the total change in the political sphere across the world in the last decade.

A New Political Climate

One part of everyday life that has changed irrevocably due to social media is politics. Today, if you spend long enough on political debate from the United Kingdom or United States is social media, you can find a few typical terms and phrases.

- “If we had social media, Iraq and Afghanistan could have been avoided.”

- “We voted for Trump/Brexit because of social media lies.”

- “The mainstream media does not inform us anymore – social media does!”

This idea now that we are being lied to by all mainstream media sources, or that the current political climate could have been avoided if social media was faster, is an interesting one. Many people now happily accept that they were lied to by government, and that this has been a major factor in leading society to where it is today.

With so many government lies and scandals being uncovered since the development of social media, and the implication of the media in many scandals, it’s easy to see why people trust social media over mainstream media. This has helped to shape a new, post-truth political climate.

More people than ever, it would appear, are engaged and interested in politics. The only problem is that social media has created a ravenous location for half-truths and full-on fiction be pushed.

Now, people prefer to listen to trusted social media accounts or people who agree with their general view of things. This leads us to another everyday social problem. 

Filling the Echo Chamber

Now that many of us are happy to pigeonhole people into certain tags and themes, we can avoid talking to them. Social media, for all its positive function, has created massive divides in many parts of society. Whereas in the past we would be forced to be around people with differing and even uncomfortable points of view if we wished to be in public, social media changes that.

Now, we can be surrounded by thousands of people and have massive amounts of human interaction all day – with only the people we choose. This is a bad thing in many ways, as it creates the ability for people to deliver themselves to dangerous echo chambers.

These limit debate and stifle the truth of what is being said. When five people all meet on social media today, they are either in full agreement and wish to discuss how right they are, or they are polar opposites and are likely going to start abusing each other for being “deluded”.

This is the modern position of social media. We ignore and revile all those who sit on the other side of the fence of us. Unlike before, in reality, whereby we are forced to interact with people who have different or even opposite views, social media allows us to only speak to people that agree with us.

This is good for self-confidence, but bad for finding the truth. How can you be sure that what you are saying or thinking is going to be right when it’s come from a group of sources who completely ignore any opposing or alternate view?

It’s due to this kind of thinking that the rise of fake quotes, ‘memes’ and partisan social media groups has become a thing. If social media has eroded one thing besides from our privacy? It’s our ability to listen to opposing views.

The Raw Human Emotion

One positive aspect of social media, though, is that it allows those without the social stability or availability to be a major part of society. Many people now have large followings and have influence in their industry due to the awareness of social media. From campaigns to raise awareness for illness to a powerful story of overcoming fear and repression, social media allows those without a voice in person to have a megaphone to use online.

From there, people who had no social mobility or potential can use their sheer emotion and determination to make a critical difference. In the past, man people were not afforded this luxury and instead would spend huge chunks of their time hiding emotions and allowing them to fester inside.

Social media has opened a new age of expressionism. Whilst it can feel suffocating when on the wrong end of it, this kind of open-minded approach (especially for those without the capability to do so themselves) makes for an interesting new take on society as a whole.

If there is one thing that we can agree upon, it's that social media has changed the way that everyone lives. From how we consume media to the kinds of media we would even listen to or trust, social media has transformed how we think, how we feel and how we act.

Even if you aren’t on social media, its overall effect on society is so profound that you cannot help but feel changed by it.

So ask yourself - and please comment - how does social media impact your life and what does this mean to you?

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Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Description :

There are many sites for personalizing greeting cards and sending them to friends and colleagues for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc. However, the personalization process on many of those sites comes down to simply inserting a line of text into an already created image or animation. Those solutions are great when we don’t have much time for original design, but we still want to show we’re thinking of someone. 

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

On the other hand, there are web apps such as Cherami Cards that help people fully customize their online cards, which can make the recipient feel really special. Though this piece of software is not about boosting productivity or revolutionizing any industry, like some powerful programs that we can’t live without, Cherami can be a very handy partner in “boosting relationships” and stirring someone’s emotions. 

Let’s see how it works, and then we can give you some tips on how and when to use it. 

The Basics of Using Cherami 

Head over to Cherami Cards to make your own card. Officially, there is only one type of e-cards that the app lets you create. Those are love cards. However, very soon there will be more online cards categories, such as holiday, humorous, inspirational cards and more. 

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

You’ll be prompted to start the creation process by selecting a shape. All current versions of card shapes can be seen on the left side of the screen. If you inadvertently click on some other option, you can always go back to the Shape category by clicking on it on the top “wheel of options.” 

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Once the card shape has been carefully selected, you can do the same with other design options, such as Background, Border and Graphics. Go to each section and play with different possibilities. For example, in the Background category you can choose between different background patterns (transparent or solid) as well as pick a color for your background by clicking on the color wheel.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Similarly, you can choose a pattern for your border and its color. Of course, you don’t have to apply any border if you don’t want to.

The graphics category currently has a limited selection of illustrations, but if you’re sending a love e-card, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

However, if your online card is not meant to inspire romantic feelings but serve some other purpose (e.g., scare your friends for Halloween or send thanks for Thanksgiving), then we suggest you click on the Media category and then on the Upload Image option. This will let you upload any photo you want from your computer, such as bats, pumpkins or any appropriate image.

When you click on the Upload Image, you’ll be able to browse through your folders to find the photo. Once you click on it, Cherami will let you crop it in the shape you prefer.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Just click on the Apply button that will appear below, and your image will be placed on your online card.

Finally, click on the Text option and write something cute, witty or wise to make your card even more interesting and original. You can then play with font, text color, etc.

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

And here’s what we created in a few minutes, but of course, you can do better!

Cherami Cards: A Fun New App for Creating Online Cards

Now click on the Save button in the upper right corner, and then choose whether you want to share, edit or create a new card. If you click on the Share option, you’ll be able to share your romantic e-card on social networks, or send it to someone special via email. Of course, you’ll need to create an account with Cherami in order to do that. 

And the best news goes last: Cherami Cards is a completely free service, so you can create as many cards as you like whenever. In a week or two the mobile view of the tool will be complete, so users will be able to use the service from their mobile devices as well. 

Use Cherami to cheer someone up, remind them that you’re thinking about them, wish them a happy birthday or without any reason whatsoever. That’s what love, friendship and Cherami Cards are about!

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Why It's Worth Investing in Machine Learning for Medical Diagnosis

Description :

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to have a tremendous impact on people in the postmodern world. In fact, the evidence from advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence suggests it has helped improve people's lives

Why It's Worth Investing in Machine Learning for Medical Diagnosis

Machine Learning can be considered as an important subfield of Artificial Intelligence. During the last decade, Machine Learning is widely used in a variety of areas, including the complex healthcare industry. 

The healthcare landscape can be divided into three main categories. These include: 

1. Large Institutions

These could be private hospitals and universities as well as research centers specializing in medical care.

2. Solo Physicians

Physicians who are engaged with private practice belong to this category. They are working hard to resist the trend that focuses on consolidation.

3. Healthcare Professionals

This category includes administrators, physical therapists and nurses who play a major role behind successful practice.

All these practitioners have their own goals and strategies or principles which guide their practice. These goals can further be distinguished into two main categories:

(a) To assist the patients in order to live a healthier life.

(b) To do their work in an efficient way to keep the patients satisfied with treatments.

Challenges for the Healthcare Industry 

Regardless of the background and category of the healthcare industry to which someone belongs, there has been an increasing interest in taking advantage of the potential of Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning for medical purposes, like for example medical diagnosis. 

It is not by random that scientists and researchers invest in Machine Learning in this particular area. There are variant reasons which lead to this decision. The effectiveness of this sort of technology holds a prominent place among the reasons for deciding to take advantage of this vast field for medicine. 

Working in contemporary societies means healthcare professionals constantly have to deal with different challenges under stressful environments. Although there is an obvious inbalance between the number of staff available and patients waiting in line to be served, it is not possible to reduce the quality of treatment just because of the high volume of work. In other words, these professionals need to offer the optimum treatment to each and every patient, even under pressure. Physicians who belong to larger groups face perpetual pressure as well because they need to see more patients within the shortest possible time while maximizing their performance. Therefore, time is of essence, as well as accuracy in diagnosis.

On the other hand, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) which were gradually introduced in most modern healthcare facilities, are constantly being upgraded and changed. As a result, the physicians spend too much time to get the required training in order to effectively use the technology. It is imperative that they follow up any upgrades in order to be able to document all their encounters in electronic medical records.

Cost reduction is another challenge that physicians nowadays are faced with on a daily basis. Both solo practices and large academic institutions have to deal with this challenge. The efficiency of treatments is extremely important on a societal level as well. That’s mainly because it can lead to resource utilization and preventative care.

Investing in Machine Learning

Machine Learning has the potential to provide a convenient solution for all these challenges. Stemming from the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning has gone through a significant development throughout the last two decades. At the moment, it is powerful enough to make near perfect diagnoses. As a result, practitioners utilizing this technology will be in a position to figure out the best possible treatment for their patients. Additionally, they have the potential to figure out which patients are at a higher risk for poor outcomes and predict re-admissions.

In general, it can be claimed that Machine Learning can enhance the health and well-being of patients while keeping the costs low. The improvements in Machine Learning related to medical diagnosis are taking place at a rapid pace. However, it is still under development and a lot of resources need to be invested to enhance the efficiency of this revolutionary technology.

Machine Learning for medical diagnosis is not something new to the world. It has been there from the early stages of healthcare informatics. During this time, the term “healthcare informatics” was not even used. The Machine Learning algorithms were initially introduced at this time and they were supported by vector machines and Artificial Neural Networks. This area was highly researched at that time and that’s the main reason why you can see it in a large number of publications. Research is still being conducted in this area and it has created plenty of investment opportunities which are now renewing the interest in advancing the field.

Such an example can be found in terms of the accuracy of a diagnosis. It is true that experienced physicians can diagnose the health conditions of patients by having a look at them. However, this method is not 100% effective. That’s where Machine Learning comes into play. The chances of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence delivering incorrect results are extremely low. However, it is important to keep in mind that Machine Learning is not advanced enough yet to deliver 100% effective results to healthcare professionals and further research is needed. That’s the main reason why millions of dollars are being invested in this technology.

Research and Practice at a Global Scale

Findings from a recent empirical research paper indicate that Artificial Neural Networks can be used to detect prostate cancer among individuals in an effective manner. The study has a strong interdisciplinary interest in particular among computer scientists and physicians. This is just one study that was conducted in this specific and challenging field of interest; there are several more applications of Artificial Neural Networks which diagnose medical conditions.

Still, despite the different applications of Machine Learning for medical diagnosis, these are not as popular in every corner of the world. The technology is still improving and it appears that a lot of eastern countries invest their money in this technology. However, some of the physicians in Asian countries have not even heard about the concept of Machine Learning. Nevertheless, it is expected that once Machine Learning becomes more widely known there will be high demand because of its real-world applications and practicability.


It becomes obvious that the future of Machine Learning in medical diagnosis looks promising. Healthcare professionals and researchers specialized in different areas of medicine such as cardiovascular diseases and neurological symptoms look to incorporate Machine Learning in their work in order to cope with the aforementioned challenges as well as increase their performance and save more lives. However, it is not possible to advance their science without substantial funding. Therefore, it would be a wise idea for institutions and authorities at large to invest significant proportions of money in Machine Learning since there are numerous benefits as already mentioned in this article.

Overall, it is apparent that professionals and practitioners employing Machine Learning are particularly excited about the meaningful implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry. The most aspiring uses of the technology suggest it has the potential to transform the healthcare industry to a better one which can truly nurture for the longevity of humans. 

The Machine Learning algorithms are constantly being updated in order to achieve better results. Therefore, investing in this technology for medical diagnosis can be considered as an excellent idea for governments and research institutions. This sort of investment decision is a step towards a more fruitful future in terms of healthcare.

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Augmented Reality and Its Applications for Education

Description :

Augmented Reality (AR) has had a tremendous impact on education during the past few years. 

Augmented Reality and Its Applications for Education

It started out as something really “cool” before developing into one of the most useful resources available for learners. 

What Exactly is Augmented Reality? 

Augmented Reality, which is also known as AR can simply be defined as the process of viewing or scanning a trigger image through a mobile device. This process would give life to a subsequent action. This action can be another image, a video, QR code, 3D animations, games or whatever you want it to be. Even a GIF image can be considered as an AR in action.

The Impact of Augmented Reality on Education

Imagine that you are a student who is sitting in a history class. The lesson you are going to learn is about Egyptian Temples. Augmented Reality has the potential to create a realistic 3D environment of the temple and you will be able to learn it in more of an interactive and appealing way without even leaving the classroom. You can view every corner of the temple and get a clear view of it. That’s the beauty of AR.

Augmented Reality can be used in education via many different methods. These include:

 Virtual Reality

Even though Virtual Reality mainly focuses on games, it can be used effectively in training and education as well. The immersive learning experience delivered by Virtual Reality has contributed a lot towards its popularity. A 3D immersive environment or a 360 degree video shot becomes useful when teaching new languages for students. A large number of learners will be able to get connected to the same virtual space as well which is particularly useful at a time of globalization and increased connectivity between countries via the internet.

 Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality glasses have also received a lot of attention in the recent past. More specifically, they have become particularly popular among students who are looking for a convenient method to learn marine biology. That’s because virtual glasses are in a position to immerse the students in a seabed environment and help them learn in an effective manner. This method of teaching is not associated with print books. A tablet is being provided to the student by the teacher and the student is asked to follow what appears on the screen. The students can then simply ask what animals are invertebrates and what vertebrates are. Then the students are asked to point them out by having a look. At the end of the lesson, the teacher would be able to know who has got it right and who has not.

 3D Objects and Motion Capture

Offering training on 3D objects is not an easy thing to do. People who learn about these objects will not be able to get a clear understanding until they interact with the objects. That’s where 3D Objects and Motion Capture comes into play. This method is based on motion capture technology where the students will be asked to reposition the 3D objects that they see.

 Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual Learning Environments involve a platform where students and teachers can come together and collaborate with each other through an intranet. Teachers can use this network in order to create and send homework for their students. In addition, students can complete the assignments and submit them over the network themselves. In this way it is possible for the teachers to have the homework submitted and gathered in an organized manner, as well as being able to access useful statistics at the end of the day. Virtual Learning Environments have changed how traditional class sessions are managed and are thought of as a revolutionary way of e-learning.

Feedback and Monitoring Through Augmented Reality

Feedback and monitoring holds a prominent place in the education system. Otherwise, teachers will not be able to figure out whether they reach the educational objectives or not. Augmented reality creates an ideal platform to achieve this traceability. For example, the teachers will be able to get a clear understanding of what content is mostly viewed by the students and what assignments are completed by them. This type of information can be used in order to make important decisions respective to the students’ learning styles and performance.

Here is a list of some useful applications based on Augmented Reality, which can be used to enhance the quality of education:

One of the most popular applications allowing to bring tagged images, objects and even physical locations to life. Using interactive digital content like video, animations and 3D scenes named Auras, Aurasma unfolds the amazing world of Augmented Reality with the ‘explore’ and ‘featured’ sections to retrieve the latest Auras. This app has been widely used in education since it allows the teacher and student to create their own interactive content. School displays come to life with this great tool!

This remarkable app created by NASA themselves and recently upgraded, as the name probably gives away, is more closely related to science or space teaching. Once you download Spacecraft 3D and print off the ‘markers’, it is possible to use your iPad’s camera to make a three dimensional spacecraft appear right before your eyes. There is also the option of taking a closer look to the structure of Rovers, Satellites and Telescopes while also looking at all angles of the technology since there are moveable parts on some of the crafts. These features can be quite engaging for children yet the app allows also to single handily bring a research lesson to life. Based on the content this app can be used in particular for students aged Key Stage 2 and 3.

Butterfly Fingers is one app that makes use of the Augmented Reality in combination with SEN. What the app does is that it places animated butterflies in the room while you look through the iPad’s camera. You might be stunned but this fluttering of butterflies can create a calming environment in the classroom especially when you have a very vivid student population. Importantly, the app does not require to be excellent in fine motor skills so it can be useful with children with special educational needs and all age groups.

4. Quiver

Whilst for many applications using AR, the user basically points the tablet’s camera at something and watch the effect, there is nothing physical about the endeavour. In contrast, Quiver is a fantastic app which allows you to physically customize the Augmented Reality object using coloring pages as triggers, and this video shows it in action. The way to do this is simply by downloading and print off markers which you can color and redesign yourself. Once the child (or adult) draws a picture and sketches its parts, pointing at the colored image using the tablet turns it into a three dimensional animation with moveable parts. There different markers, all enabling for creative and imaginative artistic learning. For example, the app can help a child visualize a character and stimulate more ideas for scripts, storyboards etc. 

One extremely favourable app is AR Flashcards. The app is rather simple: there is a card for each letter of the alphabet, featuring one animated animal for every letter. You therefore realize that immediately the app allow you to play with twenty six Augmented Reality animals. There are more exciting stuff to do though, like using a huge number of dinosaur flashcards available for free. This creates endless educational potentials, ranging from phonics teaching and early language development, to topic-related learning such as using the dinosaurs which are pretty popular among children. Embedding these flashcards in your classroom teaching can therefore help with story writing, artistic endeavours, research projects and so much more!

A very interesting Augmented Reality app by the colossus focused on learning about astronomy in a fun and engaging way. Google Sky Map allows you to directly identify stars and constellations using a smartphone camera rather than through a book.

A great educational game app to get elementary level kids to overcome their fear of Maths by learning, Fetch! Lunch Rush released by PBS KIDS uses printable cards as Augmented Reality pieces. Designed in 3D, the app uses the smartphone camera to place graphics in real-world surroundings. Specifically, there is a plot in the game where students help Ruff the Dog feed sushi to a movie crew by solving math problems. 

GeoGoggle is awesome when it comes to expanding students’ geography skills and help them measure distances to specific destinations, like latitude and longtitude by applying GeoGoggle to real-world surroundings. 

9. AugThat

One former teacher developed AugThat specifically targeting students that are not motivated to follow the classroom routine. Using the app's features, it is possible to create animated lessons in a variety of topics to engage students, including 360-degree virtual environments and 3-dimensional experiences.

One of the most quality apps created by DAQRI, a powerful AR developer, is the application Elements 4D. As the name implies, this app brings elements of the periodic table to life to allow students of elementary, middle and high school level, see chemistry in action. The app work by printing out and assembling blocks that are used as trigger images for an AR experience. There are also lesson plans available for integrating Elements 4D at the DAQRI's website.

Another amazing app by DAQRI, Anatomy 4D, allows teachers to design their own anatomy lessons by allows to view 3D images of the human body and heart. The app works by having teachers print off one of the target images and have students look at it through the app. This way they can learn about the different biological systems and bring the human body to life in a fascinating way, turning them "on" and "off" with the touch of a button.

12. Layar

This application employs Augmented Reality features to scanned print materials to enable a rich digital experience. Some of the app’s characteristics include seeing magazines come to life with videos on top of pages, browsing and viewing thousands of Geo Layers to find nearby stuff, enjoying interactice print with pop our content, and sharing your interactive print experiences without having to scan. Layar is thus one great app for use on a variety of learning projects. 

These are only a few Augmented Reality applications that are related to education. You can find a variety of similar applications that have taken the entire education system to a whole new level. Given this increased interest in Augmented Reality in the field of educational technology and technology enhanced learning, substantial empirical research has taken place in the past two decades to determine how this technology meaningfully engages students. 


The existing evidence so far suggests a variety of benefits from using Augmented Reality and similar immersive experiences during the lesson. More research however is needed before a conclusive argument is made, and what is certain, is that the use of Augmented Reality for educational purposes, like any other trending method, should be accompanied by a solid theoretical background while also addressing the individual needs of the particular classroom at hand.

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The Enormous Rise of Artificial Neural Networks

Description :

Artificial Neural Networks, which are also known as ANNs have received a lot of attention recently. The increasing awareness of Artificial Intelligence has contributed a lot towards their popularity.

The Enormous Rise of Artificial Neural Networks

The Artificial Neural Networks can simply be defined as biologically inspired networks. In other words, these networks work similar to the human brain. As is probably well known, the human brain consists of billions of special cells named as neurons. To be precise, it has been estimated that a typical human brain consists of about 150 billion neurons. These neurons are inter-connected with each other to form a network. As a result, the human brain can be considered as a collection of neural networks.

The Concept of Neural Computing

The application of Artificial Neural Networks is known as Neural Computing. Neural computing uses a limited amount of concepts that are borrowed from biological neural systems. The main objective of Artificial Neural Networks is to simulate massively parallel processes that are associated with interconnected processing elements in network architecture. An artificial neuron would be the building block of an Artificial Neural Network.

A neuron would receive inputs from the other neurons that are connected to it. And conversely, the output of a neuron will be passed to several other connected neurons. The same mechanism takes place within the human brain as well. Likewise, the artificial signals processed by the neurons can be changed. How Artificial Neural Networks process information entirely depends on its structure. The algorithm that is being used to process information can also create an impact on it.

Application and Benefits of Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Networks can be applied to a variety of scenarios. The benefits that are associated with these applications have contributed a lot towards their proliferation over the past decade. The most popular areas where ANNs are being applied include learning, pattern recognition and interpretation of noise and incomplete inputs.

Humans follow a different approach when solving problems when compared to computers. The objective of Artificial Neural Networks is to make computers think and solve issues like human beings. This can help computers to solve complex problems, which cannot be solved with a rule based approach. In other words, Artificial Neural Networks are being used to solve complex problems that cannot be simulated using analytical or logical techniques. They have the potential to solve issues, which cannot be solved even with expert systems. Pattern recognition is a perfect example to prove the aforementioned fact.

Artificial Neural Networks are in a position to analyze large amounts of data in an effective manner. After the analysis, it can establish characteristics and patterns, where rules or logic are not known. Loan applications are a perfect example for such a situation. After going through a large number of historical cases, the questionnaire of the applicant is either accepted or rejected. Only Artificial Neural Networks have the ability to automate this process of approving loans.

Artificial Neural Networks also have the ability to create profiles or patterns of applications that need to be denied or approved. Then a new application is matched against a pattern by the computer. The computer would gain the intelligence to classify whether it is a “yes” or “no”. Otherwise, it would go for the decision of humans. That’s the main reason why neural networks are being used for a variety of financial applications such as predicting exchange rates, predicting bankruptcy and determining when to purchase and sell stock.

Artificial Neural Networks and Smart Computers

Computer systems have gone through significant development throughout the past few years. Artificial Neural Networks have contributed a lot towards this evolution. As a result, people in the 21st century prefer to use computers to accomplish most of their day to day needs.

A traditional computer has the potential to perform millions of operations within a second. However, this type of computer is not in a position to think like a human and make decisions by themselves. In other words, the traditional computers do not have the ability to perform certain tasks on their own. You will need to program those computers to make them perform certain tasks, but you will not be able to make them solve problems in the way humans do. That’s where Artificial Neural Networks come into play.

Artificial Intelligence can simply be defined as a set of techniques, which are entirely based on the behavioral patterns of the human brain. It can learn on its own and make decisions like humans do. Most of the living beings that exist on this planet are biological systems that learn on their own. They are capable of making useful decisions as well. Generally these decisions are based on the instinct of survival.

Human beings need to learn before they can make decisions. The same principle applies for machines as well. Machines differ from biological systems though in that they will have to learn new things through mathematical algorithms. However, Artificial Neural Networks have given machines the opportunity to learn new things like human beings. This has given life to a brand new aspect in computing as well.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks are being implemented mostly in the software industry at the moment. This has the potential to emulate the parallel nature of an Artificial Neural Network into a linear system. As mentioned earlier, Artificial Neural Networks are being used on a variety of applications such as image reconstruction, character recognition and voice recognition.

Neural networks can also be found in a variety of applications such as robotics. People however are extremely concerned about automation and the danger of robots taking over their lives as a result of advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These fears derive from the fact that whilst Artificial Intelligence is helping the humans to achieve a better standard of living, it is also important to keep in mind that transferring the biological capabilities of humans to computers can make us more dependent on them.

In this respect, special attention has been attributed towards Artificial Neural Networks. This is because Artificial Neural Networks have the ability to make computers think like human beings and solve complex problems which in effect means that it can humanize computers. Such a prospect creates all sorts of anxiety and extreme scenarios. Nevertheless, for the time being, research is focused on different medical applications of ANNs with beneficial results for humans. What remains to be seen is how future research and practice in this exciting area will continue to grow.

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The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Description :

Have you ever pondered what lays beneath the surface of the water? The most amazing creatures are hidden in the deep blue! 

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Should you wish to explore some of them, the following article will provide you with an overview.

1. Bioluminescent Octopus

When you watch the movie Avatar, you will be surprised by the pinkish creatures which look like fancy light bulbs illuminating in the dark. In the movie they are known as Pandoran flora. However, these creatures are not from fiction. They are quite real and the movie gets the idea from actual creatures living in the oceans. These creatures have developed the ability to create their own light and this technique is known as bioluminescence.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Like the creatures in the Avatar movie, this bioluminescent octopus glows with its own lights proving that Pandoran flora are real. This glowing ability exists to attract its prey. There are only a few bioluminescent octopus found half a mile deep in the Gulf of Maine.

There are ample strange deep sea creatures, which are the subject of scientific research and documentaries, such as the one below.

2. Goblin Shark

We live in an atmosphere having temperatures below 40 °C though summers are exceptional. However, underneath the deep sea, there are hydrothermal vents that are more than 100 °C temperature. These hydrothermal vents are fissures in the planet's surface and are commonly found near volcanic areas. Surprisingly enough, there are organisms living there. There are crabs, lobsters, different types of worms and some other creatures living near the hydrothermal vents. Sometimes the liquid coming from these hydrothermal vents reaches temperatures between 100 °C to 400 °C. 

Biology underneath the sea has always been an untold mystery. Part of the mystery is about to be revealed. Do you remember the scary looking fish in fresh waters in South American rivers? Maybe you are confused. But, if I say the word ‘Piranha,’ you would be like ‘oh… yes!’ Thus, there are many other strange creatures in the sea which look at least as scary as piranha.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Goblin sharks dwell in the deep sea and has scary looking sharp teeth. Though it looks scary, it does not cause any harm to humans because it feeds on bottom-feeding fish. It is known as a living fossil since the goblin shark is the only representative of its family.

3. Humpback Anglerfish 

Humpback anglerfish is another scary looking fish with sharp teeth. 

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

It is a deep water fish found in tropical and temperate oceans.

4. Fangtooth

Fangtooth fish also looks scary because of its teeth.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

The fangtooths are found in tropical and cold-temperate water and they do no harm to humans.

5. Christmas Tree Worm

Apart from all the scary looking strange creatures in sea, there are also fancy and beautiful strangers found in the ocean. The Christmas Tree Worm is one such beautiful creature found at Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

These worms use spiral branches as their breathing and feeding apparatus. Amazingly enough, the worm lives in a tube kind of thing and it withdraws like a tree when it is under attack or feels threatened.

6. Marrus Orthocanna 

Another weird creature is the Marrus Orthocanna which looks like a swimming rocket. This creature is microscopic and it is made up of multiple repeated units. It has multiple stomachs and tentacles.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

These strange creatures are also known as physonect siphonophore and look like jellyfish. They are found in the North Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Arctic Ocean, North West Pacific Ocean, and so on.

7. Sea Pig

Sea pig is another strange creature found in the ocean. These creatures live at the bottom of deep oceans and are commonly found in the abyssal plain in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean. Typically they live at depths over 1000 meters.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

They mostly find their food by digging deep-sea mud. Deep sea trawling holds a threat for sea pigs.

8. Harp Sponge

Harp sponge is also a fancy looking stranger found in sea water. This is a carnivorous deep sea sponge discovered deep down in the California coast.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Sponges eat bacteria and filter other microscopic organisms from the surrounding water.

9. Vampire Squids

Vampire squids are also found in temperate and tropical oceans.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

These creatures are very small and they have retractile filaments that helps them to be given their name.

10. Red Lipped Batfish

One reason of existence for these strange sea creatures is evolution. Evolution allows diversity of creatures as they evolve with continued strength and progress. Darwin, whose name is linked with the theory of evolution, is also connected to the Galapagos Islands. Darwin wrote the book “The Origin of Species” after he visited Galapagos. One strange sea creature from the Galapagos Islands is the red lipped batfish, also known as Galapagos batfish.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Interestingly enough, the red lipped batfish actually has red lips. They are not good swimmers, so they walk on the ocean floor. These creatures feed on small fish, shrimps, and mollusks. They are found in depths of 3 to 76 meters in the oceans of the Galapagos Islands.

11. Blue Glaucus 

Blue glaucus is another gorgeous creature found in the deep sea. They are sea slugs and they are found in temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world.

The Mystery of the Bottom: Strange Creatures Found in Salt Water

Usually beautiful and colorful organisms indicate that they have stored toxins inside them, for instance blue glaucus have toxins inside them which they store to use for their own protection. 


In summary, there are many different types of strange creatures under the blue blanket. Some are pretty, making their own light and illuminate. Beautiful creatures like the aforementioned in this article can attract predators easily as they are so visible. On the other hand, some sea creatures look scary but do not harm humans. Some others look so weird you think they are the result of science fiction films. We have only listed a few from the strange sea creatures found at the bottom of the sea. It is profoundly evident that there are numerous more out there worth exploring! 

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The Latest Updates on Cancer Treatment

Description :

Cancer treatment is considered as one of the highly discussed topics in the medical industry. In light of the above, it is extremely important to figure out the treatment options available for cancer in order to provide the best possible treatment accordingly. 

The Latest Updates on Cancer Treatment

Finding the best possible cancer treatment is essential as it can help healthcare professionals to treat tumors while causing the least damage to the body. In other words, proper cancer treatment can minimize the changes of cancer cell redevelopment within the body as well as side-effects. 

Understanding the Treatment Options Available for Cancer

The treatments available for cancerous infections are severe and need to be handled with extreme attention and with reference to the patient's medical background. As a result, they should be done in the appropriate manner according to individual needs and not be identical for all patients. Taking unreliable or unsuitable treatments for cancer can be risky and has the potential to cause irreversible damages to your body tissues and cells. Healthcare professionals have paid special attention towards this fact in the recent past. 

As a result, they offer the treatments based on growth and character of malignant tumors. It has been empirically found that cancer cells can be treated effectively when they are detected at an early stage. However, it should be noted that the chances of curing cancer cells reduce with age. 

The increasing intensity of cancerous infections has contributed a lot towards the aforementioned fact. Therefore, an appropriate diagnosis of cancer is extremely important to plan out the proper treatment option available. Treatment options are available for almost all types of cancers and it is possible to reverse it and recover from the illness when detected at an early stage and the person is relatively young. 

Cancer treatment rotates around the efforts taken to diagnose cancers as well as the treatment method used to cure abnormal cells. One of the primary objectives of cancer treatment is to restrict the spread of cancer cells. Some harsh medical techniques are being used to restrict it, based on the condition. If the cancer cells are not treated properly, they invade the healthy body tissues and cells as well. Lack of vital resources such as blood and oxygen contribute a lot towards this abnormal behavior. This can cause a tremendous damage to the vital parts of your body in the long run. 

The most convenient option available for patients to stay away from this damage is to control the growth of cancer cells in time. The latest updates on cancer treatment have given more attention towards cancer detection as a result of it. In the meantime, necessary steps are being taken in order to strengthen your immune system. This can help the victim to create a body that is more resistible to future attacks. It will also help to gain maximum benefits out of prescribed medications. 

The Dimensions of Modern World Cancer Treatment

It is extremely important for the patient to take an appropriate treatment as such action can restrict the abnormal growth of cancerous cells. In this regard, more attention is paid towards the origin of cancer cells during the treatment process. Not all types of cancers metastasize at the same speed. Some forms of cancer, such as the ones that develop in your breast, lymph nodes, abdomen, lungs, bloodstream, neck, head and bones develop at a faster rate when compared to those that develop in other parts of your body. A closer look into stats, indicates that the above types of cancers have given rise to cancer deaths that are registered yearly around the world. Therefore, it is considered best that people who suffer from cancers in those areas need to get an aggressive treatment done. 

The treatment options available for cancer depend a lot on the type of tumor and location and size. The tumors are either cancerous or benign. The benign tumors are defined as pre-cancerous or non-cancerous because of their harmless nature to the human body. In other words, they do not have the ability to invade or kill the ordinary cells of your body. The pre-cancerous cells can easily be controlled because they do not have the ability to metastasize. Regular medication or minor surgeries are in a position to control such tumors. They have very little chance of redeveloping as well. 

On the other hand, cancerous tumors are responsible for the development of cancers within your body. They can damage the live tissues and cells in your body. Those cells would get abnormal along with time and accumulate to create a tumor or lump. They are associated with a high chance of reoccurrence as well. Therefore, you will need to opt for a drastic treatment in order to restrict their growth. 

Latest Updates on Cancer Treatments

Different types of cancer can affect human beings and the type of treatment should be based upon it. Surgery can be considered as the most common treatment that is offered to the modern world for cancer patients. It has the potential to treat the cancerous tumors that belong to an initial stage in an effective manner. 

The surgical methods for cancer treatments have gone through some significant developments throughout the past couple of years and they can even be used to treat tumors that are in their second or third stages. However, it would be better to accompany a surgery with other treatment methods such as radiation therapy or chemical therapy in order to receive the best possible results. 

Chemotherapy is another cancer invasive and toxic treatment, which has received a lot of attention in the recent past. People who suffer from cancers that have reached an advance stage are encouraged to go for this treatment. Chemotherapy is also prescribed to patients who have second and third stage cancer. 

Radiotherapy is thought of as the most advanced cancer treatment method available at the moment. In fact, it is known as the last resort of treatment for malignant tumors. Radiotherapy focuses on killing the cancer cells while destroying infected areas. This can cause severe damage to the adjacent tissues however it does attack healthy body cells as well. There have been medical case reported where permanent damage can impact the overall functioning of the body. 

As time passes by, the proliferation of technology leads to significant advances in research and practice around cancer treatment. In this sense, people should not hesitate to visit a healthcare professional if they suspect the existence of tumor or in order to get a treatment done once they are diagnosed. There are less invasive forms of treatment including alternative medicine which has become a growing trend. This type of approach focuses on the use of specific diet and a healthy lifestyle among others as a way to treat cancer. Nevertheless, it has not been extensively proven that such treatment can be more effective in comparison to traditional medicine. 


Overall, depending on the type and stage of cancer, different treatments are available to eradicate the tumor or slow its development. This could include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy. It is important that above all, appropriate supportive care is available for the patient and the family as they go through this difficult stage in their lives.

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