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In today's Internet driven world if you are not online you are losing business. Billions of pages are published daily and internet competition is at its peak!

Services & Web Solutions

Do potential customers know where you are or that you even exist? Why waste your own valuable time trying to figure it out though? 

Let us Help Your Business Grow 

It’s a challenge to deal with online challenges when you’re busy running your business. Thriving businesses need more than a presence on the web; they need web-based solutions that fuel growth! 

1. "You have an established business and want to reach more clients with your products and services but you’re not sure how to use the Internet to make that happen;" 

2. "You have an existing website, but it’s old, nobody visits it, and it doesn’t “do social media” - you’ve now realised your business is being left behind in this new Internet age." 

You just need to know someone who can help you, someone who can deliver results!

At Your Service! 

THE OFFICIAL ANDREASCY can help you solve any of these problems with a wide spectrum of creative and professional yet affordable tools that lead to a successful business on the world wide web.

Services & Web Solutions

We provide best quality services at very affordable and reasonable cost, to suit every need and requirement, including:

1. Writing (Academic e.g Papers for Journals, Conferences and Studies / Thesis - Dissertation / Any type of Essay - Assignment / Reports / Abstracts / Summaries / Homework / Reviews / Presentations, Technical, SEO Content, Storytelling, Blog Articles, etc.)

2. Research (Scientific, Web, etc.)

3. Graphic Design (Logos, Social Media Covers, Vector Landscapes, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Labels, Icons, Business cards, Books, Letterheads, Magazine Layouts, Online Newsletters, etc.)

4. Web Design, Development & Security (Site Re-Design / Re-Branding, Business Blogs, Custom CMS, Parallax Scrolling, Website Protection, etc.)

5. Web & Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, etc.)

6. Desktop Apps Design & Development (Windows, Linux, etc.)

7. Game Design & Development (Desktop, Web, Mobile)

8. Marketing (Internet, Local, E-mail, Social Media, SEO / SEM, etc.)

9. Video Production & Animations (Intros / Logo Reveals, Website Backgrounds, Promos, Time-Lapse / Hyper-Lapse, Pixelation, Commercials, Explainer, Testimonials, Promotional, GIFs, etc.)

10. 3D Modeling & Photography

11. Translations (English to Greek, Greek to English, etc.)

12. Professional Training & Development 

13. Economics & Finance (Investments, Legal advice, etc.)

Plus Instant and Unlimited Email & Telephone Support 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

The delivery time, depending on the complexity of the project, is anything from just a few days to a few months but we always give you an approximate timescale.

Why Us?

From website designing to internet marketing, and also web hosting we are here to assist you, to facilitate your Internet presence and make you win potential business opportunities.

Services & Web Solutions

With a motto to serve our clients, we offer cost-effective and requirement oriented services.



When you combine our knowledge and expertise, THE OFFICIAL ANDREASCY can bring your vision to life in a way you never thought possible. It’s time to stop thinking of the possibilities and start creating and bringing your project to the forefront.

Services & Web Solutions

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