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Nearby : A Next-Generation Scouting Service that leverages Modern Technologies such as NFC and GPS

Description : 

As a CEO & Founder of "Nearby", i'd like to announce our upcoming revolutionary and next-generation NFC (Near Field Communication) and GPS based scouting service. 

Search no more! Discover places near you, purchase any available product or service online or from your mobile phone! 

Everything Around, Closer To You

Nearby will allow users to easily browse, select and purchase food and other items. Either through our new map interface, or convenient favorite listings and popular browsing options, Nearby turns shopping into an entirely new experience. 

Our homepage and mobile application will feature up-to-date listings of current deals and offers - many of these offers will be available exclusively through Nearby! With Nearby, you can easily: 

- Find local shops, restaurants and more 

- Book restaurants, hotels, make orders and see reviews in just a few taps/clicks 

- Discover offers and earn discount coupons 

- Get real time directions to your destination

- Make use of Voice Inputs, Commands, Calendar Events and Notifications 

- Make secure payments using your mobile phone on merchants’ NFC-enabled terminals

Just a little part of what makes Nearby awesome! ;) 

General Information 

Nearby is based primarily around an online and mobile phone application which allows it's users to search through an extensive list of retail and food service locations either through GPS or by simply inputting a zip code, city or type of location. All listings will feature available products, along with detailed descriptions and pricing. 

All featured locations will also offer the option to purchase directly from your phone for pick-up at a later time - this feature will be mainly focused towards food service locations but will also be available for various participating retail stores.

Maps that guide you to your favorite shops and restaurants, calendar events and notifications will make sure your day goes smoothly, and cached data so even when you are offline you can still find the best of wherever you are. Voice search, GPS tracking, and easy ways to connect with your friends. 

Forgot how to say something? Just say "help" or navigate to the help screen to find a list of phrases and commands. ? We use a database made up of simple to use phrases to ensure that the app always knows what you want. 

The Nearby service and application provides benefits not only to the users of the app, but also to participating stores by offering free promotion and a guaranteed increase in customer base. 

Our service is much more than a convenient way to search for and decide upon any purchase. This application and program will act as a revolutionary new way to pay for virtually any product or service without ever having to pull out cash or a credit card - thus potentially exposing your private and personal information to identity thieves or attackers. 

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If you are interested or would like more information regarding our service or other aspects of the business, please contact us

*by andreascy*