Japan : Rallying for Solar expansion

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The potential for building a completely new energy infrastructure in Japan based on solar and renewable energy technology is being aggressively pushed for with the leader of the movement Masayoshi Son putting forward 1 billion yen of his personal wealth to kick start the process.

Of course this upsets the powerful nuclear industry who were expecting many years of lucrative rebuild contracts as they aimed to replace the ageing stations with third generation technology. The possibility that the wealth will instead be spent on the less powerful Solar industry is causing a lot of hand wringing by the Nuclear Village.

The writing is on the wall though as the Japanese people realise the true extent of the damage that has now been done to their country after 6 months of Toxic Nuclear radiation has been spread throughout the nation be the Toxic Cloud of Death continuing to stream forth from the Fukushima facility. Latest estimate are that over 100,000,000 cubic meters of topsoil will have to be replaced if they want to reclaim the land around Fukushima Facility Number One.

That is a lot of earth to move, and where do they expect to put it? If a hectare is 10000 square meters that means they have to relocate 1000 hectares of dirt. A hectare is a square that measures 100 meters x 100 meters. So the dirt would make a 100mx100m block of earth 1 km high or 100×1000/10 which equals 10000 km long.

Either way no one will want that earth placed next to their house so it looks like they are going to have serious issues with decontaminating the areas that have already been irradiated let alone the ares that are going to be irradiated as the radiation continues to spread outwards from the Fukushima Facility. 

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