The Best Winter Gadgets

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It seems like new gadgets and electronics come out every single day. While it may be true that you can find new gizmos whenever you want, there are some that are especially appropriate for the chilly winter months. 

Winter Gadgets

Sit back and explore the must-have gadgets for this winter season, and make sure you grab the ones you want before they’re gone! 

Stay Warm in the Great Outdoors 

One of the best items for staying warm while outdoors is the Poseidon Patio Heater. If you don’t want to give up lounging on your deck or patio just because there’s a nip in the air, you don’t have to - not if you have this heater working for you. While compact, the Poseidon packs a powerful punch of warmth, easily providing heat up to 13 feet away. It’s even capable of reaching an impressive 2,700 watts of heat. This heater doesn’t just provide warmth either; it also adds a healthy dose of entertainment thanks to the media player that comes as part of the unit. In addition, the gadget is electrically powered, so there's no need to worry about buying and loading fuel into the heater. 

Get Your Groove On (And Stay Toasty Doing It!) 

Leave it to PC World Australia to introduce an item that’s incredibly simple but wonderfully useful. The Speaker Beanie looks, at first glance, like your standard winter hat, great for keeping your head warm but little else. Upon closer look, however, you’ll see that this beanie is much more than a hat - it’s a full-on sound system. Speakers are built right into the design, so when you slip on your hat, you can slip into your favorite tunes. This item is perfect for any jogger, walker, or just plain music lover who still wishes to stay warm while listening to his or her favorite tunes. 

Make it Snow 

As long as you have the right weather conditions going on (freezing temperatures are a must), using the SG7 snowmaking machine, you can actually create snow to blanket your own yard. This is a great way to provide a white Christmas for the entire family or to entertain bored kids who are desperate to make a snow man or engage in a snowball fight. 

Get a Thermostat that Gets You 

Unlike the standard thermostat, the Nest thermostat pays attention to and records your habits when it comes to heating and cooling. Over time, it is eventually able to guess as to when you’re going to want heat or air and what temperature you will choose. It then makes those adjustments for you as necessary, but you can, of course, always manually override the chosen settings or temperatures if desired. While it’s certainly convenient that you won’t have to get up to fumble with the thermostat anymore, what’s even better is that this device can eventually end up saving you money on your heating and cooling bills by keeping your home at a more stable, comfortable temperature for longer periods of time. 

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