Engineering Microsoft Windows 8 for mobility

Description :

Wireless Fidelity or what we commonly called as Wi-Fi was first introduced by Microsoft in Windows XP. Since then 802.11 connections was became very useful in accessing the internet. In Windows 7, user can connect to mobile network but you need the mobile broadband hardware (e.g., mobile broadband dongle or embedded module and SIM). 

And this is the hardest part, If the drivers for your device and software from your mobile operator were not available locally, you had to find another connection type (perhaps Wi-Fi) to the Internet to search for software on the websites of the PC maker or mobile operator. This placed a sizable hurdle in front of users trying to connect with mobile broadband, right when they most needed that connection.

With Windows 8, connecting to wireless network will be smooth-sailing. A fully developed and integrated mobile broadband will work alongside with Wi-Fi. This will simplify user experience in getting and connecting to mobile networks and wi-fi automatically. 

*by andreascy*