Sony : First USB 3.0 Flash Drive - Micro Vault MACH

Description :
USB 3.0 has been around for over two years now, and it is slowly filtering down to all portable storage devices including pocket-friendly flash drives. The latest manufacturer to embrace the fastest SuperSpeed USB standard is Sony with the announcement of a new range of flash Micro Vault sticks.
The Sony Micro Vault Mach will be offered in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities with transfer speeds of up to 120MB/s reads and 90MB/s writers. The only exception to that is the 8GB Mach, which is limited to 60MB/s reads. Real world usage will most likely be well below those figures, but still a significant boost over USB 2.0.

The Mach range includes a silver aluminum casing and retractable USB connector. Sony has been very generous with the warranty and your Mach will be covered for 5 years. There’s also a couple of pieces of downloadable software in the form of File Rescue for recovering deleted files, and Pict Story for creating photo presentations automatically from the pictures stored on the drive.

In terms of the overall design of the stick, it’s nothing special beyond having a metal rather than plastic casing. It weighs a mere 14 grams and measures 19.7 x 9.7 x 69.4mm making it easily pocketable, but not something you want to hang of a key chain.
All models of the Mach range are set to become available before the end of January, but so far pricing hasn’t been announced. A 16GB USB 3.0 stick typically costs upwards of $25, a 32GB around $40, and then prices spike for 64GB drives. Expect pricing in the same region for the Mach drives.

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