Urban Farming is a Green Way to Improving Cities

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Urban farming is a process of growing foods within vastly populated towns and cities. These regions use up a lot of our foods and needed resources. A meal could journey greater than 4,000 miles to get from the farm to the markets and restaurants. Growing food nearer to the areas of greater demand decreases the amount of gasoline required to transport it from start location to its final destination.

Minimizing the number of trips saves money and time. Additionally, this strategy can decrease maintenance cost of transporting vehicles. As a result, there is less need to purchase new vehicles. Toxic gases spewed into the atmosphere is greatly reduced. Urban agriculture is not restricted to fruits and vegetables.

It calls for raising livestock in the midst of the metropolis. Our "carbon "food-print" is the amount of greenhouse gases produced as meals go through the food system. Humans contribute to nitrous oxide emission when we consume food sprayed with chemical fertilizers.

Top 10 Ways to Make Cities Greener

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