5 States with Highest Paid Teachers

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In these states, teachers are more fairly compensated than in others. 

5 States with Highest Paid Teachers


Though it might come as a surprise to some people, Pennsylvania pays it teacher’s more per year than most other state in the United States. Teachers make just a little over $60,000 per year on average, and since Pennsylvania is a fairly inexpensive state to live compared to larger ones like California or New York, many teachers are able to save and invest more than those in other states. Pennsylvania also boasts the 6th highest scores in reading and the 13th highest in math as of 2009/2010.


The average starting salary for a teacher in Connecticut is approximately $49,500, and experienced teachers average nearly $20,000 more, pulling in about $69,165 per year. As of 2011, Connecticut pays it teachers more almost all of the other states in the United States. However, competition can be somewhat fierce when it comes to teaching in Connecticut because of the high pay and the small size of the state. Still, teaching isn’t nearly as competitive as being a stock broker or working in the business sector, and qualified teachers are always in demand.


Massachusetts pays its teachers just a little over $71,000 per year, making it the second highest paying state in the United States on average. Along with the high pay, Massachusetts ranks as the number one state in both reading and mathematics skills, though the state somehow falls to 20th when it comes to graduation numbers. Still, Massachusetts is an excellent place to be a teacher, and since the cost of living in Massachusetts isn’t as high as in a lot of other states outside of Boston, teachers can easily afford to provide for themselves and their families.


Despite its reputation of being one of the worst states in the US for education, California actually pays its teachers more than most states. In California, teachers make about $70,000 per year; however, the cost of living in most major cities in California where jobs are available for teachers is high. California also lives up to its reputation, with student test scores putting California in 46th and 49th place when it comes to math and reading scores. California also ranks in the bottom half of all of the states when it comes to graduation percentages, ranking 31st on the list.

New York 

Teachers in New York are the highest paid in the United States as of the 2010/2011 school year, averaging nearly $73,000 per year in salary. While teacher’s salaries in New York are high, the cost of living in the most expensive state in the US needs to be factored in. Despite high teacher salaries, New York State is still in the bottom half of states when it comes to math and reading scores, ranking number 31, even though average attendance is strongest in New York State.

Louis Schultz is a school district administrator and guest author at TopMastersInEducation.com, where he contributed to the guide to top-rated online master of education degree programs.

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