The Real and Unreal Science of "Star Trek"

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Since 1966, Star Trek has encouraged our imaginations to boldly go where no one has gone before. Star Trek dared us imagine moving faster than the speed of light, being locked in deadly combat in the vacuum of space and finding common ground with intergalactic beings light years away from Earth.

However, it was not merely the concept of interstellar travel and super-intelligent aliens that drew us in but the promise of the spectacular technology the future could bring. It is hard to imagine any Star Trek episode without thinking of all the gadgets. Tricorders, phasers, and the fantastical allure of the holodeck were an integral part of the immersion this reality we hoped was not too far in the future.

Perhaps we are living in the infant stages of that future. Just how far away are we from a Star Trek universe? Set aside the fantasy for a moment and consider just how feasible our idealized future could be.

The Science of Star Trek

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