How Does Google Trends Help In Your PPC Management?

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Pay Per Click management (PPC) is not easy because a business has to look for multiple faults such as click faults, decline in click patterns, obsolete ads and concepts, etc. All such problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible or you may lose a lot of business.

How Does Google Insights Help In Your PPC Management?

Fortunately there are many tools in the market that help businesses make Pay per click management easy. One of the tools is Google Trends (Formerly known as "Google Insights" for Search that was closed and merged into Google Trends). Google Trends is an application or tool by Google to help web owners manage a lot of traffic. A popular trend tool that helps businesses identify many trends in the search engine market but it has many PPC applications as well. Some of the basic features offered to manage insights on web pages can be used to get information on web ads.

Identifying Keyword Trend

Many businesses sponsor their ads, i.e. they rely on a specific keyword to deliver the ads. Whenever that keyword or set of keywords is used, the sponsor ads display themselves on the results pages and many other popular web pages the user may jump to. What this does is allow your business to be affiliated with a strong keyword that is used to reference the product.

Sometimes however these keywords change. These changes are hard to understand because there is really no traceable reason to understand change in trend. The tool shows you a list of keywords that are doing poorly for your PPC and are no longer in use. Instead many other keywords are being used to search for products of your business. Google Trends can help you identify those few words so you can include them to your PPC campaign keywords. This allows you to always stay on top.

Identifying Trends In Traffic

It is a recent feature in Google Trends that allows a web page to accumulate past traffic details of the webpage and analyze the data. The data showing the number of clicks or visits during the past few years is then analyzed to seek any repeating patterns. Once done the Google Trends application will not only display past history of traffic but also display future predictions that can be best derived from past experience. This allows you to know when your budget for ads or PPC campaigns needs to be high and when it should be low. It is a great tool considering not many applications have this feature. It looks for seasonal trends, price trends and regional traffic trends.

Hence a website will automatically know, which country gives what kind of traffic each part of the year, when it is most effective to increase or spend on budgeting and when the company has enough traffic coming in automatically, it may lower marketing costs.

Identifying Markets

Google Trends also help you see the interest of people in the market of your products. If you have web traffic coming in from many parts of the world, you can use Google Trends to understand the interest of those markets in your products. The app shows of graph of people in different regions interested in the keyword or subject. This helps you see which markets are growing and which are closing.

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