What's Ahead in Consumer Electronics

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It's become almost a cliché to look around at our gadgets and declare ourselves "living in the future," but it does seem now that technology is moving so quickly and exciting innovations come along so frequently that we can barely keep up. Televisions, cars, phones, cameras and more keep improving at such a rapid rate that even the devices we used just a couple of years ago seem nearly obsolete now.

Just what is ahead for us? What are the most thrilling trends in consumer electronics for 2013? We still may not have flying cars or personal jet packs, but constant improvement in memory, speed and overall quality of the electronics we do have means our entertainment and communications just keep getting better. And where one leading brand goes the others follow, so we can be sure that the top-of-the-line features we see in the best products will soon be standard in others as well.

CES 2013 Trends:  What Will They Think of Next?

Image source: Best Choice Reviews

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