Five Modern Car Safety Technologies That Make Safer Roads

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The roads today are safer to drive on as compared to the past years. With the advancements in technology, car manufacturers are now equipping cars with high-end safety features that can prevent and lower the risk of car accidents. While purchasing a vehicle with these safety features can keep you and other people around you safe, it is still important to be a responsible driver when you're on the road.

Five Modern Car Safety Technologies That Make Safer Roads

The latest car safety features are very intelligent. It can even help impaired drivers avoid car collisions and other road hazards. But despite the modern cars' ability to reduce car accidents, this doesn't give drivers the excuse to drive recklessly on the road. More importantly, these car safety features don't encourage driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated.

Automatic Seatbelts

This feature may not be the latest in car safety equipment, but it is still very important. Drivers and passengers are required to buckle-up once they get on the vehicle; however, this can be easily forgotten. This is where the automatic seatbelts come in handy. It serves as a guarantee that the driver and passengers are strapped in once the vehicle is in motion. You should know that the use of seatbelts have saved over 15,000 lives every year. To this end, automatic seatbelts should not be taken for granted.

Cruise Control And Collision Monitoring System

The latest cruise control not only maintains constant speed, it also uses sensors that can detect when a collision is imminent. In fact, the cruise control in modern vehicles can adjust the throttle and brakes to ensure that the vehicle is always at a safe distance from the car in front of it. If the car senses a possible collision, it will either warn you or it will brake hard, tighten the seatbelt, and veer your vehicle to its original cruising speed to avoid getting into an accident. All these are done by the system without your input.

Lane Departure Warning System

This system judges the incoming traffic's speed and distance and warns you of possible danger if you change your lanes. It also warns you if your vehicle is veering off the right lane, which is very useful when you are distracted or if you are drowsy. The warning may come in the form of a seat or steering wheel vibration, or an alarm. Remember that drifting away from the right lane can result to fatal accidents. If your vehicle is equipped with this latest car safety feature, you can be assured that your vehicle will stay in the right course.

Driver Status Monitoring

This system works hand-in-hand with the lane departure warning system. It monitors your head position, eye activity, and your body posture to determine whether you are falling asleep and the car is behaving erratically through the use of sensors in your seat and internal camera. This system will then give a warning if you take your eyes off the road or if you fall asleep.

Blind Spot Alert System

Every car has some form of blind spot. This is the area where driver has reduced visibility; thus, they are unable to see vehicles that are traveling in adjacent lanes. Thankfully, more and more vehicles now have a blind spot alert system which uses a sensor to warn you if you are about to hit another vehicle. This system will prevent you from changing lanes if there is an incoming vehicle in your blind spot.

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