Teen In The Driver's Seat - How To Prevent Common Road Accidents Using Modern Apps

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Because driving is such a common activity, some people forget how dangerous it can be to be behind the wheel. Teens are especially naive. They usually forget to consider the risks that come with driving, and many of them even think that accidents can never happen to them. But the reality is that accidents can happen to anyone, and most especially to teens. Their inexperience makes them more vulnerable when driving. Binge drinking is also more common in teens these days, which further increases the risk. 

Teen In The Driver's Seat - How To Prevent Common Road Accidents Using Modern Apps

There are several ways to protect your teen from accidents and from getting arrested for DUI. One is through proper education and training. Second is by making use of modern tools to prevent problems. Today, for instance, there are now so many apps that can be easily downloaded and used by teenagers. With the vast options out there, you can easily find certain applications that have been created to help thwart DUI problems. Below are a few examples:

Apps for Distracted Driving

When people drive, there are times when they can't help but answer their phones or check their emails, and the like. Doing something else while manning a vehicle is known as distracted driving, and this is one of the most common causes of fatal car crashes. Why? Drivers who take their attention off the road, such as when they text someone while driving, will not be able to react quickly if needed because their hands may not be on the wheel or their eyes are focused somewhere else. Luckily, there are apps that can help reduce distracted driving, such as Sprint Drive First, Textecution and DriveSafe.ly, to name a few.

Apps That Gauge BAC

It is hard to measure the blood alcohol content without a breathalyzer. Luckily, more and more apps are being created to help assess a person's BAC. But when using these apps, it's important to understand that these may not as accurate as a breathalyzer. Some, like Breathaleyes, evaluate the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, which is often observed in inebriated individuals. Others can help you take note of how many drinks you've had. Then, there are also apps with detachable devices that can help you determine if you're fit to drive or not. An example is the Breathometer, which you plug into your smartphone if you want to measure your BAC. The BACtrack works in an almost similar manner, with you pairing the app with the BACtrack mobile breathalyzer.

Apps That Curb Speeding

No one wants a speeding ticket, and, thankfully, there are apps that can help you keep track of how fast you're going. My Tracks is a great app for this. Whatever you're doing that gets you from point A to point B, like walking, jogging, biking or driving, this app can help you determine your speed and location. Another way to use this app is to corroborate the findings of the police just in case you're stopped for speeding. If your gadget tells you that you're following the speed limit but the police tell you that you're not, then you can have the devices checked to see which one is providing correct results. The Slow Down app is another creation that can help train you to follow speed limits. The app slows down the music on your iPhone, for instance, once you exceed the speed limit, and it stops altogether if you go past 10 miles more than the stated threshold.

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