20 Stories You Must Read This Weekend

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Hello guys, long time no hear!

We've been missing in action for a while because we're finishing up another project, which we'll be able to share with you all soon, but we finally were able to come up for air and share some News with you all. 

Weekend Stories

We hope you'll enjoy our selection so make sure to click the headlines below and read the full story. Only at The *Official AndreasCY* - The essential of Tech news, everyday.

1. Introducing node.js Tools for Visual Studio. Tried ‪nodejs‬? Gave up because you couldn’t use a grown-up IDE? Red Gate started the ball rolling with Visual Node, then worked intensively with Microsoft in Redmond to produce node.js tools for Visual Studio. The early results are just incredible.

2. What Does A Navy Do? Confused about what a Navy - a conglomeration of ships, submarines and aircraft - actually does? Here's a quick 101.

3. Front-end CSS Frameworks. This is a nice tool to compare CSS frameworks.

5. PCB Design and Assembly at Human Resources Head. Want to work as a freelance in the field of PCB Design & Assembly? Doesn't matter if you're already working, it's a chance to augment your income and enhance your knowledge. If it excites you, check out the details and apply.

6. Astronomers in Antarctica find neutrinos from outside our solar system. "The era of neutrino astronomy has begun."

9. GetGoing Nabbed Me Better JetBlue Airfare Than JetBlue. Would you pick a random travel destination if it meant a very budget-friendly price?

10. Coupling Transport and Solid Mechanics Models for Better Puffed Rice. Thermal and mechanical effects in the production of puffed rice are studied by a group who recently presented at the COMSOL Conference 2013 in Boston last month.

11. Winamp is shutting down on 20th December 2013. R.I.P Winamp. End of an era.

12. Natural Gas Sets Off a Distributed-Energy Boom. Different gas-fueled technologies - fuel cells, microturbines, reciprocating engines, and turbines - are now competing for a spot in the basements of businesses.

14. Learn to Set a Formal or Informal Table for Your Thanksgiving Meal. Just in case you need a little refresher before Thanksgiving.

17. My Biggest Interview Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them). If nerves take over every time you have an interview, you'll want to read this.

19. Monitor and Control Your Environment with Ninja Sphere. Monitor all of your devices, your pets and even your energy use with NinjaBlock a futuristic environmental controller. 

20. Biologist finds possible new species in his own nose. Sometimes, great discoveries are to be found right under your own nose... literally!

As always, we’d love to hear what you think. If we’ve missed your favorite off this list, let us know in the comments below and we’ll take a look at it. If it’s any good, we’ll add it in. Have a great weekend!

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