Microsoft’s Discovery of the Decade: ‘The Nadella’

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Satya Nadella has been working as the CEO of Microsoft for two years now. Throughout the past two years, he has revolutionized Microsoft. Therefore, people even describe Nadella as the Microsoft’s Discovery of the Decade. The main objective of Nadella is to drive the company forward along with a cloud and mobile focus. The decision he took has created a significant impact behind the success of the software giant. 

Microsoft’s Discovery of the Decade: ‘The Nadella’

Microsoft got the opportunity to feel fresh throughout the past few years under the guidance of Satya Nadella. Some people say that Nadella is running the Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft.Under the guidance of Nadella, Microsoft paid special attention towards protecting Windows. Windows Vista came out during the Ballmer’s period and it was not a success. Even though Vista took a long time to hit the market, the company was not able to cater the expectations of the users. It also created a negative impact on the mobile platform of Microsoft. This fact played a major role behind the popularity of iPhones over Lumia.

As we can see, the plans created by Ballmer are not perfect. However, Nadella has executed some of the plans that were created by Ballmer. He takes a whole new approach when executing these plans in order to deliver positive results to the company. Taking Microsoft Office for iPad can be considered as a perfect example.

The strategic vision of Satya Nadella has contributed a lot towards the success of Microsoft throughout the past two years. Microsoft was there on every desktop, but it was not so popular on mobile devices. Nadella noticed the increasing popularity of mobile devices, so he took necessary measures to make Windows popular in the mobile industry. Therefore, Office was released to Android tablets, Apple iPads and even Raspberry Pi devices. At the moment, Office is a popular application that can be found in these devices.

Microsoft’s Discovery of the Decade: ‘The Nadella’

Nadella did not abandon windows. During the Windows 10 Technical Preview release, he said that he has very big hopes and aspirations on the Windows operating system. He dreams about having people want Windows to choose Windows. In addition, Nadella took necessary measures to give life to very capable versions of Microsoft Office. Office has been the greatest selling point of Microsoft throughout the past few years. 

Satya Nadella is a person who is equipped with a tactical vision. In fact, he does not make short term plans. He thinks few years ahead and creates the plans accordingly to deliver positive results with measurable outcomes. Moreover, he can be defined as a person who communicates very efficiently. He can convince his ideas to someone and grab another person’s ideas in an effective manner through communication. 

As you already know, Satya Nadella has guided Microsoft in the correct track under his leadership. The company has seen many different changes in its board level throughout the past two years. Ballmer left his position and Nadella did not discover any crocodile tears from the people who stayed with the company. Few months later, some other board members resigned and they were replaced by suitable candidates by Satya Nadella. However, the senior leaders did not change under the guidance of Nadella. Bill Gates is supposed to devote more time towards the success of Microsoft after his step down. However, it didn’t happen as expected and Satya Nadella got the responsibility of driving the company. Nadella was able to manage everything accordingly and he did not face any hassle. His excellent leadership qualities helped him throughout the difficult times. The secret behind the success of Nadella was that he took necessary measures to attract individuals and maintain an excellent inner circle. This helped the entire top management to stay away from frustration.

Satya Nadella is a person who identified the exact difference in between Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile. It seems a bit confusing. Windows Mobile is the name that is given to the operating system, which powers up Windows smartphones. This operating system can also be found in Intel and ARM based tablets. However, Windows Mobile has a bigger scope. As per Nadella, Lumia phones, Surface tablets, the Band and the HoloLens are expected to be a part of the Windows mobile ecosystem in the future. In addition, the CEO is extremely concerned about developing stable services and applications to be run on Windows mobile devices. In the world we live, people prefer to use their mobile devices over personal computers. However, Windows smart mobile devices are not popular among them, when compared to iOS and Android devices. Satya Nadella has the vision of making Windows mobile popular among smart device users who live in every corner of the world.
Microsoft’s Discovery of the Decade: ‘The Nadella’

Satya Nadella is also concerned about cross platforms. Once he stated that Microsoft will not be developing services and software for the platforms of other companies. Instead, he is concerned about developing applications that are compatible with cross-platforms and making them a part of the Microsoft’s DNA. 

Microsoft has started focusing on bundling after the supervision of Satya Nadella. Nadella wants to bundle up all the services and applications that are offered by Microsoft. The business apps developed by the software giant became very successful when they were packaged as the Office Suite. The release of Office 365 in many different suites can be considered as a great example to prove the above mentioned fact. 

Last but not least, Satya Nadella is concerned about being ahead of the customer demand. They have done big mistakes in the past by not paying attention towards the demands of the customers. Nadella has understood these issues and he has taken necessary measures to deliver a service that customers really need. Therefore, Nadella can be considered as the best discovery of Microsoft in the decade. 

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