The Multiple Benefits of Owning a PDF Converter

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One of the greatest things about the constant evolution of technology is that it makes our lives easier in many ways. This is especially true when it comes to our professional lives. As the workplace shifts more and more towards computer-related activities and the Internet, there is a constant influx of products entering the marketplace that are specifically designed to make your job easier, lighten your workload and increase your productivity. 

One tool that falls into this category is, without a doubt, the PDF converter. The PDF is a document format that is incredibly popular in today’s business world. There are two main reasons for the popularity of the PDF. Firstly, it is a universal file formats. That means that it looks exactly the same, no matter what platform you are using. So if you have created a PDF on your Windows computer and you send it to someone who is using Linux, the PDF will look exactly the same on both computers. This is a very important feature in the business world when it comes to convenience. 

The Multiple Benefits of Owning a PDF Converter

The second big reason for the popularity of the PDF format is the fact that it is very compact. It allows you to include a lot of data into a reasonably small file size. That’s what makes the PDF great for not only sharing data, but also archiving it. 

The one thing that the PDF does not have going for it is the fact that it is virtually uneditable. So if you receive data via PDF that you have to manipulate and work with further, you can see why this would be a big problem. And that’s where the PDF converter comes in to play. 

There are many types of PDF converters available. There are online PDF converts that are used by people who might only need to convert a PDF into another file format every once in a while. Most are not incredibly accurate and often make you wait a while to get your converted file. But people who need to extract important data from PDFs on an everyday basis tend to go for a professional PDF conversion software solution. One such tool is’s Able2Extract PDF Converter

While there are plenty of PDF conversion tools to choose from on the market, Able2Extract’s most recent version 8 has a lot of features that you just won’t find anywhere else. Let’s take a look at what they are:

A huge variety of conversion options

Able2Extract is designed with just about every type of professional in mind. Are you a bookkeeper or auditor that is constantly working with numbers and tabular data? Able2Extract allows you to accurately convert PDF tables into Microsoft Excel. Are you an architect or interior designer? Convert PDF plans into AutoCAD formats so that you can edit the designs further. Are you a content writer and receive lots of great ideas in PDF format? Convert them into Microsoft Word and begin writing immediately. And that only scratches the surface of Able2Extract’s conversion options. It also supports PDF to PowerPoint, HTML, a variety of image file formats, text, and much more. 

Pin-Point accuracy when converting 

The whole point of purchasing PDF conversion software is to save time. You’re not going to save any time if your converted file is formatted incorrectly and requires further editing upon conversion. Able2Extract provides you with accurate conversions that almost perfectly reflect the original format of the PDF you are extracting the information from. The software even has special custom Excel conversion options, because the makers or the software realize how problematic it can be to convert tabular data accurately. Able2Extract allows you to convert your files and then immediately start working with the information that was earlier trapped within your PDF. 

Fast conversions every time

Have you tried online PDF converters and you’re sick of having to wait for your file? Most online tools in this niche require you to upload your PDF, enter your email, and then wait at least a half hour before you can download your converted file. Able2Extract allows you to perform each conversion in mere seconds. 

Cross platform capabilities

As mentioned earlier, the PDF is a cross platform format that works on any computer. So why should your PDF converter be any different? Able2Extract works just as well on Windows, Mac or Linux. 

Batch conversions

Have you received a zip file containing dozens of PDFs that need to be converted into an editable format? Instead of converting them one by one, you can use Able2Extract’s batch conversion option and convert them all in just one process. 

Ability to convert scanned PDFs

The professional version of Able2Extract also includes the industry’s best OCR technology. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and this technology enables you to convert not only natively created PDFs, but scanned ones as well. So if you are looking to use text found in a PDF of a scanned magazine article, the OCR capabilities of Able2Extract can decipher the scanned text and convert it into an editable Word, OpenOffice or text file for you. 

On top of everything, Able2Extract also has a very sleek graphical interface that is very user friendly. Even if this is your first experience with PDF conversion software, you’ll be able to start using it immediately. 

If you want proof of just how easy it is to use, check out this tutorial video. And if the video intrigues you further, head over to to download a free 7-day trial version of Able2Extract and test it out yourself.

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