How to Dress for Success

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We all know it’s important to dress for success, especially around the office. The way you dress tells people a lot about how professional you are, what your role is in the company and how serious you take your work. It’s the number one thing people notice during that first impression and therefore it is extremely important to dress the right way. 

How to Dress for Success

Want to know how you can do that? Here are a few business shirts and mens blazers that will get you in the right direction.

Thomas Mason Shirts 

Have you ever heard of Thomas Mason fabrics? We have, and it’s definitely one of our favorite brands. Want to know why? Thomas Mason offers a wide arrange of fabrics that feel professional, authentic and above all classy. All important for the workplace. Together with J.Crew they have designed a ton of great and amazing shirts that range from clear and classy blue to cheery red, green and white stripes. All Thomas Mason shirts are influenced by certain themes, people and places. For example; A few fabrics of their Autumn/winter 2014 line were influenced by the Beatles and the English landscape. 

What does your business shirt say about you 

There is a pattern and color for everyone and whatever shirt you go with tells a lot about who you are and how serious and professional you really are. 


Pastel colors - Pastel colors are the most popular colors used for business shirts. Pastel colors give off a relaxed and professional vibe that’s especially important if you work in an otherwise chaotic environment. This also counts for white shirts. 

Dark colors - The only time shirts with dark colors really work is if they are either mixed up with some lighter or brighter tones, or during a special occasion like for example a gala, dinner or fundraiser. Dark colored shirts can be very classy, but only on those occasions. 

Bright colors - People who wear shirts with bright colors often want to get noticed and are confident about themselves and their work. If you need to get noticed during an interview or a meeting make sure you wear something that is bright, but at the same time discrete. If you wear colors that are too bright people might start to view you as obnoxious or unprofessional. 


No pattern - Shirts with no patterns are by far the most popular and professional shirts out there. This is because they offer no distractions and can be mixed and matched with any men's blazers or other accessories, but more on that later. Go for a shirt with no pattern when you want to look like you are a serious professional. 

Stripes - Big stripes, small stripes, blue stripes or white stripes. You can find all different variations of striped shirts. It’s a very common pattern for business shirts after all. A shirt with stripes can be very classy and professional, as long as it’s not all colors of the rainbow. 

Checkered or plaid - Shirts with a checkered or plaid pattern are a little less professional than stripes or a shirt with no pattern at all. However in an environment that allows business casual they are a perfect fit, because of the cheery combinations of colors used in checkered or plaid shirt.

Men's Blazers

Honestly, a nice business shirt is nothing without a tie and a blazer. Men's blazers come in just as many colors and patterns as shirts. You have them in an even black, blue or grey, or with stripes or without them. Anything is possible and by matching a nice grey blazer with for example a few black examples at the hems of the pockets to a white shirt you will definitely be well on your way to dress for success. 

So what do I choose when I want to dress for success...

You choose clothes you are both comfortable in and that are appropriate for the work you do. If you work at a bank, for example, it’s probably not the best idea to go in checkers. Instead go with some classy grey, dark blue, white or black tones. Do you work at an office that allows business casual and you are confident of yourself? Go with something with bright colors and a striped or plaid pattern. When you dress for success you want to get noticed, and the way you do this is completely up to you!

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