Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

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Supposedly half the fun of travel is getting there, but what if traveling could be fun from start to finish? This year's CES was all about travel tech designed to make your next vacation (or business trip) a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. 

Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

Of course, an open mind and adventurous spirit are the most important things to bring with you on any voyage but there are plenty of gadgets and accessories that are worth packing. Here's some of the newest travel tech, some of which debuted at CES 2016, that's equally useful for world travelers and weekenders.

The Egg – a Phone to Cloud Photo Solution

Eggcyte's personal cloud device, the Egg, is a must have for phone-wielding shutterbugs who have more subject matter than storage space. 

Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

The Egg can connect to your phone from anywhere in the world so you can share up to 50,000 snapshots with friends and family back home. And after you've said goodbye to your favorite destination, scrolling through those vacay pics is as easy is firing up the app. 

Samsung's Galaxy S7 – Best in Class Photos on the Go

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has premium specs that include a best in class camera with 4K capture capabilities, low-light optimization, a cool menu of effects and a fully outfitted manual mode. Why make this your go-to travel phone? 

Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

The brand's latest offering brings back IP68 dust resistance and long-term water resistance up to 3m, which means you can bring it just about anywhere. And best of all, if you get it from T-Mobile this phone comes with a free year of Netflix, perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows on the go.

Bluesmart – the Smartest Suitcase 

This four-wheeled, extra strong carryon-friendly bag does more than keep your stuff safe. Bluesmart can weigh itself, has not one but two USB charging stations, and comes with a built-in tracker that's smart enough to alert you if it senses that your luggage is on its way to Timbuktu. 

Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

Want the tracker without all the extras? Stash Trakdot in your suitcase and you'll always know where in the world your bags are. 

Zagg – Untethered Audio Anywhere

The retractable earbuds on Zagg's versatile Flex Arc headset let you curl up and forget about your neighbors on the plane. 

Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

And then when you get to your destination, you can get the party started with built in external speakers that offer surprisingly souped-up sound for such a small package. 

Sol – a Bag that Does Double Duty

Samsung C&T's Sol Bag is a stylish oversized clutch that features integrated solar panels that charge your devices whenever you're walking in the sun. Of course, if you're traveling to an out of the way destination a high capacity power bank makes more sense.
Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

In that case, grab Aukey's portable charger – it has enough emergency backup juice to charge your iPhone ten times plus a built in flashlight.

Bedphones – Promoting a Good Night's Sleep

Bedphones has created a new kind of nighttime earbud designed to combat the challenges travelers face when falling asleep away from home. This speaker sits outside your ear so you can bliss out with white noise or fall asleep to your favorite podcast without the uncomfortable feeling of something in your ears. 

Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

Better still, the Bedphones app senses when you've nodded off and automatically shuts off your audio to save you power. 

Mobi EyeFi – for Faster Photo Transfers

The Eyefi Mobi WiFi SD card makes the chore of transferring photos from camera to device a breeze.

Tech Gadgets That Make Traveling a Breeze

Your snapshots are automatically sent from your camera to your iOS, Android, or Kindle device using wifi. 

What else do you need to stash in your carryon? Definitely check out the latest on-the-fly audio translators and ultra light laptops – especially if it's business bringing you to the far reaches of the globe. Ultimately there's no such thing as 100% stress free travel but with the right tech you can come pretty close.

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