Why Alarm Dealers Should Be Promoting Video Surveillance

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In the earliest days of electronic home security, video cameras were considered an extra only the wealthy could afford. Times have changed. Video surveillance is now affordable enough that virtually any customer with a moderately-priced alarm system can include video surveillance. Alarm dealers should be promoting video cameras to take advantage of this market.

Why Alarm Dealers Should Be Promoting Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can be included in a base package with 24-hour monitoring. The local alarm dealer can also offer it as an add-on to a standard system that only provides burglary monitoring via window and door sensors. It's really up to the alarm dealer and the home security dealer program he or she is affiliated with.

Videos Offer Evidence

Thanks to the proliferation of video cameras, police agencies around the country are now having an easier time identifying and pursuing criminals. Simply put, videos offer evidence that can be used for investigative and prosecutorial purposes. This is a strong sell for consumers looking to protect their homes.

Every bit of evidence makes it easier for law enforcement to punish those responsible for crime. But there's an added bonus: criminals aware that video surveillance is taking place are further deterred from attacking a known target. For example, a burglar that knows video surveillance is monitoring his activities is likely to choose another target that appears more accessible.

Around-The-Clock Monitoring

Combining video surveillance with home automation gives customers the option of monitoring their own video cameras 24 hours a day. This is another strong selling point, especially for working parents forced to allow their kids to be home alone after school. With video monitoring, mom and dad can check in to make sure the kids arrive home safely. They can periodically check in on them to ensure they stay safe.

Video surveillance is also an effective tool for keeping track of your property while away on vacation. Again, this is another strong selling point. Owners can always know what is happening with their properties, even if they are thousands of miles away.

Front Door Monitoring

One of the latest video surveillance technologies to hit the market is the smart video doorbell. A smart video doorbell takes the place of a legacy doorbell and makes it possible to see who's at the door without having to actually open it. Homeowners can answer the bell whether they are home or not, simply by responding to a push notification that comes through their smartphones.

Monitoring the front door with a smart video doorbell adds an extra level of security that customers truly appreciate. The local alarm dealer can use the video doorbell as a means of providing a dual-purpose device that increases exterior surveillance and allows the video identification of visitors before opening the door.

Value for Money

When you add up all of the advantages of video surveillance, it becomes apparent that value is there. The local alarm dealer that encourages customers to add video surveillance to their packages is able to increase safety and efficiency through wireless technology. And because the cost of video cameras has come down dramatically in the last ten years, there really is no good reason not to encourage customers to include video.


Of course, affiliating with a nationally branded home security dealer program helps a great deal. But even so, pushing video surveillance with remote cameras and 24-hour monitoring is a good way to expand market share, drive revenues, and make customers safer all at the same time. If you are a local alarm dealer not yet on board with video surveillance, you need to be.

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