5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools

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Nowadays life has an insanely fast rhythm, and all of us are trying to pick up the pace as much as we can, but there is always a feeling that we could do things more quickly, especially when it comes to our work. In addition to that people generally have a tendency to procrastinate, not willing to change their habits, and have an innate fear of trying new things. 

5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools

There is a massive number of useful tools and apps available that increase productivity and allow us to achieve more in less time, but unfortunately excluding the really tech-savvy individuals, most of us regular mortals never give them a chance, and by doing that we are robbed of the benefits that they can give to our everyday lives.

Today we are going to focus only on totally free and online tools, because they are easiest to implement and don’t require any cash spent or complicated installation. So, to keep this introduction as short as possible, here are the 5 Free Online Tools that you should definitely check out:

1. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is a fantastic Google Chrome add-on that help focus on important things while you are working, a thing that almost everyone has troubles with. It works by letting you select the desired amount of time that you can spend on websites that are distracting you from regular duties while working. 

5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools

When you use the time that you previously selected, these sites become inaccessible for the rest of the day, and you can customize it very precisely (you can block whole sites, just subdomains or specific pages on a site).

2. PDF to Word

PDF to Word is an online tool with which you can easily convert your PDF files back to Microsoft Word format. 
5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools

The PDFs are used across the planet for sending files among computers, but cannot be edited without specially designed tools and software just for that purpose. This tool is free, and it only asks for your email address.

3. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a reminder tool that you can connect with any device (tablet, phone, computer and gmail), and with over 6 million users you can make a conclusion that it functions pretty good. 

5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools

It’s always tedious to keep track of all your tasks and obligations, but with this tool managing your tasks is way more fun.

4. Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me is designed to simplify your email subscriptions and allows you to see them all in one place, which is fantastic for unsubscribing from anything that you don’t want to receive any more, an issue that most of us surely have. 

5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools

It also has a feature that is called the Rollup, which connects all your subscriptions to one mail digest, so you don’t need to open every email individually.

5. Mystickies

Mystickies is basically a sticky note tool, but it allows you to stick them on any web page, and when you visit that same page again, the sticker remains. 

5 Fantastic Free Online Time-Saving Tools

It is similar to bookmarking but more user friendly, because you don’t have to recollect why you’ve saved the page at the first place. You can also sort, edit and browse all the stickies you saved, which is also quite convenient.


This is all we have for you at the moment, hopefully you will try some of these tools if not all of them, and make your every day living more productive and far more awesome.

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