Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business

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What sets a successful business apart from one that closes its doors after just a few short months? The numbers 20 and 80. These two figures make up what is known as the Pareto Principle, which is named after an Italian economic expert named Vilfredo Pareto. At the turn of the century, Pareto realized that just 20 percent of the people in Italy owned 80 percent of the land. What is interesting about the Pareto Principle is that it applies to all sorts of business-related statistics. 

Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business

For example, 20 percent of clients are typically responsible for 80 percent of sales, and 20 percent of employees usually help to bring in 80 percent of the customers. The 80/20 Rule, as it is commonly called, can be so powerful that smart business owners can use it to help grow their company. If they can figure out who their top sales people are, they can arm them with whatever tools are needed to help bring in the lion’s share of the clients.

In order for sales people to succeed in business and help become part of the incredible 20 percent who are responsible for bringing in 80 percent of the business, the following technological tools can help them, and managers, stay at the top of their game.

Mind Manager

Successful salespeople typically juggle a lot of plates at once. In order to keep ideas and projects organized, a software program like MindManager will come in handy. In addition to helping sales people brainstorm, it also allows them to create business plans, organize all of their tasks, manage meetings and much more.

Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business

Essentially, MindManager helps salespeople keep tabs on and map out the dozens of ideas and plans they have in their heads in a cohesive and helpful way.

Salesforce Reporting

In order to grow their business, company owners need to know a variety of facts and figures, including which areas of the state or country have the most clients and which regions are less active. Salesforce reporting with InsightSquared allows business owners to effectively analyze how their salespeople are doing. In addition to showing in black and white which employees are doing the best, Salesforce will also help managers identify which team members need to step up their game and bring in more clients.

Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business

As a bonus, while looking closely at regional sales and employee performance can take up a lot of time, Salesforce will do all of the heavy number crunching. This will give leaders more time to effectively manage and encourage their team of salespeople and inspire them to bring in as much business as possible.


Unlike the days of yore when being a successful salesperson only required having good powers of persuasion, these days each employee needs also to be aware of the various tools that can help his or her company succeed. Keeping tabs on the latest innovative tools can help salespeople get into that coveted 20 percent from the Pareto Principle. One Web-based tool that will help salespeople and managers succeed is ClearSlide.

Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business

This tool allows sales reps to easily share presentations about products and services while also getting an accurate indication of their clients reactions with automatic alerts when links are clicked, or emails are opened. This helpful information can impact how effective a sales team can be, and allow them to make changes to their sales pitches as needed.

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