3 Best Tools For Construction Project Management

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With the right tools at their disposal, construction managers attempt to deliver projects on-budget and in-time. That’s the exact aim of the developers behind construction project management tools. 

Previously, these software-based tools had a limitation of tying contractors to a computer. But with the development of the cloud & mobile-based applications, the information and applications allow construction company employees to work in collaboration without being tied to a specific location. 

3 Best Tools For Construction Project Management

Also, contractors are able to access their information from any portable computer, smartphone, tablet, or device. The only thing required is a decent internet connection. So moving to the cloud and deploying mobile resources have answered many challenges faced by the construction industry. Additionally, modern software solutions are well-equipped in terms of security and can provide better information protection. 

Acknowledging all these developments, here are the 3 best tools construction managers and other users can leverage for seamless construction project management: 


Beyond texts and email, there are tools like Fippex that provide comprehensive collaboration and communication with clients. Such tools also provide documentation on material, order changes, and allowance items. One of the main benefits is improved communication between you and your clients as well as your sub-contractors and your staff.

3 Best Tools For Construction Project Management

Fippex also provides an update when a client logs-in, streams a video, executes a document, downloads an agreement, or carries out any other system activity. You can also upload items to keep clients updated on the progress particular projects. Think of Fippex being a central repository of all the content of each project; you don’t have to worry about if everyone has the latest content at hand and it can be accessed 24 hours a day from any remote location over the web. 

Procore Construction Management Software 

This software bypasses the ‘specific machine’ trap by letting users have instant access with a user ID and password. This means every web-connected machine has access to the software, so that your team members can get their work done wherever they are. Procore becomes the central repository for all change orders, RFI responses and statuses, schedule changes, project documents, and photos. Any documents impacting the project can be stored within the cloud.

3 Best Tools For Construction Project Management

Users can also contact Procore for dedicated account management, tips on implementation, and customer support. 

Infor CRM 

This software lets you manage relationships with prospects, clients and contractors in a single location; from the start of the contact till project completion, Saleslgoix helps in keeping track of all documentation, interaction, and communications throughout the project’s duration. Users are empowered to share data across departments via a single database that can be accessed from both within and outside the office.

3 Best Tools For Construction Project Management

Other features include entering all contacts and communicating with them in a consolidating place, keeping track of client meeting by role, and flagging and setting reminders for client communication about status updates, change orders, RFIs, and more.

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