Here Is the Software That Can Save Your Business in a Pinch

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While the giant, hydra-headed monster known as business moves slowly, the actual work of business happens fast, extremely fast. Just ask BlackBerry: a company that ruled the smartphone roost in the beginning. They thought they had a long time to sit on their lead. They never saw Apple coming. The iPhone struck so fast that even once it got here, they didn’t really see it. Now, they’re dead.

Here Is the Software That Can Save Your Business in a Pinch

BlackBerry (known at the time as RIM) could have used a bit of help with technology that could have saved them in a pinch. And they are not the only cautionary tale from which we can learn. From the outside, business moves at a glacial pace. From the inside, it moves at the speed of light.

While most businesses will never have to face what RIM did, there comes a time when every business is confronted with a situation that might have left them paralyzed were it not for recent technological developments. Here is a handful that just might help your business in a pinch:

A Custom Event App

Doing a corporate event the old-fashioned way is just flushing money down the old-fashioned corporate toilet. If you find yourself responsible for making event arrangements, you probably know how important it is to have a branded, custom-made app. What you may not realize is how few people inside your company could actually pull that off.

You will find companies like DoubleDutch exist to make custom app development possible for those businesses without the internal resources to manage it for themselves. There are lots of moving parts to getting the most out of your corporate event. For starters, an event app gives you higher engagement from the participants, and better analytics to track the effectiveness of your corporate spend.

Corporate events are some of the best corporate dollars you can spend, but only if you do it right. Doing it right means providing what most companies can’t: a custom app for a more immersive and productive experience. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to commission your app. But it is great to know that it is there for the save when you need it.


The same tech that helps consumers move on short notice can be leveraged for companies when they have to relocate. When moving a business, a thousand things can go wrong. There are small things like finding the packing supplies you need at a reasonable price, to the big things like having to find a different moving company at the last minute.

Setting up the office at the new location is also a part of the moving adventure. There will be special cables that are lost or damaged. You won’t be able to start your servers without them. And you can’t get them from your local retailer. How many days can you afford to go without restarting your server?

Between local search on mobile, and 24/7/365 online retailers that can get you any conceivable part the next business day, businesses are saved on a daily basis.

Document Markup and Signing Apps

The fax machine was really great at one thing: Receiving a document that you could fill out, sign, and send back. The last thing you wanted to do was depend on mail and parcel services to move documents from one place to the other. If you didn’t have access to a fax on both ends of the deal, you would likely lose the deal. That is probably the main impetus for courier services.

Today, neither fax nor couriers are necessary for those tasks. We can just use sign and markup apps to scan documents, fill them out, include a real signature, and send them on their way. It takes longer to sign a document than it does to send it anywhere in the world.

Sometimes moving at the speed of business means crawling at a snails pace. And other times, it means zipping along at light speed. When it’s the latter, don’t get left behind. Use custom event apps, apps to help with relocation, and document signing apps. The next time your small business is in a pinch, just remember, there’s an app for that.

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