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Introducing Flux OS : Adair Corp. Develops A Brand New Operating System

Description : 

Hello folks. As a President and Developer on Adair Corporation i'd like to announce "Flux", our upcoming Operating System which is expected to be released in the year 2015

It is under heavy development and is coded mainly in C#, C++, Java, VB.Net and HTML5 - some small tools are coded in CSS3. Most of the information though is now confidential.

Making an Operating System was an idea that was really wonderful and useful for people all over the world. "Flux", is an operating system that is fast, clean, minimal, smooth and yes, it is compatible. 

Flux is not using the Linux Base or any Windows Copy but has it’s own uniqueness. Promising stability, compatibility and speed. The smooth and clean + minimal look makes this operating system unique. 

Made by the Adair Corporation, the OS gets it’s name, “Flux”. This certainly promises to be a sleek, very fast, snappy operating system.

What we'll see on this OS :

- Metro UI

- Setup, Boot, Lock & Log in Screen, "Desktop"

- Cloud Sync

- In Built Super Fast Web Browser & Download Manager - Native

- "App Launch Pad"

- Interesting games

- Wallpapers  with "Desktop Slideshow" feature

- Utilities (Youtube, Patro Text Editor etc.) 

Surprises & Yes >> Compatibility!

Be sure to visit the Flux Facebook Page for the latest screenshots, updates and more.

Comment below what you'd like to see on this OS. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe also on our RSS feed.

*by andreascy*