Metro Ethernet - Its Uses And Benefits

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There are plenty of protocols in the Internet world and one such protocol is something known as Metro Ethernet. The term denotes a metropolitan area Ethernet which is based on Ethernet standards and is used to connect subscribers of a particular metropolitan area to the Internet or to a larger service network. 

Metro Ethernet - Its Uses And Benefits

The Metro Ethernet can also be used by a particular business entity to connect his own branches or offices to each other. There are plenty of advantages to be enjoyed by using a Metro Ethernet network and depending on the business’s communication needs there are many service providers that can come up with the right kind of connection.

Simple, Flexible and Cost-Effective

Metro Ethernet services are a staple offering of most Internet service providers. In fact the usage of the word “Metro” is slightly misleading because some of these providers have enhanced their reach well beyond metropolitan areas and have covered wider areas with network access! Among the many benefits that such Metro Ethernet users enjoy are simplicity of use, flexibility and cost reductions as far as Internet access is concerned. By using Metro Ethernet services, a business organization can reduce operational expenses and capital expenses in many ways. Some of these ways include scalable bandwidth which can be increased when business needs to grow. 

Some of the business challenges that can be met and dealt with in an easier manner include burgeoning bandwidth demands, budget constraints and a limitation on the number of IT qualified people that a business can recruit. Therefore when such a business uses a Metro Ethernet service then he can link up all his offices with this tried and tested technology and enjoy support for a wide range of internet based services such as high speed data transmission, video data and VoIP based services. A business can also limit the investment or costs as far as using a Metro Ethernet is concerned because more often than not, such a connection uses existing router interface. This eliminates the need to buy any other equipment or additional equipment for accessing the Internet through Metro Ethernet.

QoS & Productivity 

Flexibility is one of the key deliverables when a business uses Metro Ethernet services. As a leading Metro Ethernet service providers states, Metro Ethernet can easily be integrated with a business’s existing layer 3 VPN or virtual private network. This puts a comprehensive networking solution in the service of a business entity. A vast range of applications such as VoIP and video have unique latency requirements and by using a Metro Ethernet service any business organization can cater for these unique requirements and enjoy optimized application performance. Quality of service (QoS) is an extremely important aspect of any leading Metro Ethernet service provider and most of them will give their clients something known as service level agreement which promises a level of availability which can go up to 99.9%.

Other benefits of using Metro Ethernet services include a greater flexibility and productivity because mobile employees are supported as far as the Internet needs are concerned as they move across a metropolitan area. Upgrades to this network are also easily conducted especially when you go with leading telecom service providers.

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