LG's ' Dual Play TVs Let Gamers Share a Single Screen, Different Perspective

Description :

Challenging Sony's Playstation 3D display, LG's new LW980T "Dual Play" TV lets Xbox users see two different views on the same screen -- ditching the standard split gaming view. Spotted this week at IFA, the technology requires a pair of snazzy all-right / all-left passive specs and a compatible 3d Xbox game to get two different 2D perspectives on one TV. 

Compared to Sony's $499, 24-inch active-shutter offering, the 47-inch and 55-inch passive 'tubes are significantly larger and more expensive, rumored to retail for £1799 (or $2915) and £2499 (or $4050), respectively. According to sources, this feature will join LG's lineup of Cinema 3D displays sometime in September -- offering gaming as well as LG's smart TV and 3D movie support

We get to grips with an application of 3D glasses technology that splits up a single TV's signal into two 2D feeds. And guess what, it's pretty great!

*by andreascy*