MetroUI Theme for Blackberry Devices

Description :

Trying to find a theme can be a difficult task. I tend to look for the ones that offer more than just the same wallpaper and icons. Today we'll show you the ultimate sick and smooth theme with 2 options of OS 7/Custom icons and the home screen that can be changed into 4 different colors!

Theme Features

* Clock, date, signal, battery and profiles are all clickable

* Time opens Clock/Alarm

* Notifications opens Today Area

* Profiles opens Profiles

* Signal opens Manage Connections

* Battery opens Options

* Date opens Calendar.

Optional Home Screen Shortcuts

(0) - Show Options Panel. Alternatively scroll to the bottom of the icon dock and click the settings cog that pops up.

(3) - Launch Today Panel. Alternatively click on the notifications bar.

Storm-specific Shortcut :

- Press the bottom of the screen to open the Options Panel.

Supported Devices

OS 5: 8520/9300/8900/96xx/9700 

OS 6: 93xx/96xx/9700/9780/9800

A candy like mix of colors, some of the best custom icons ever made, this theme isn’t just a theme for enthusiasts. It’s a product of fine design and most anyone will find a handful of favorite features/views. Learn more at: Berryfication.

*by andreascy*