New Windows 8 Book : Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript

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Today we'd like to show you a brand new Windows 8 Book that is available for pre-order. It's called "Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript" and it's being written by Jaime Rodriguez. 

New Windows 8 Book : Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript

I hope you guys are already familiar with these coding languages (HTML5 & JS). Here's the promo about the book :

Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript will help web developers quickly get up-to-speed with developing next-generation “Metro” apps for Windows 8 with HTML and CSS. Microsoft Windows 8 Principal Evangelist Jaime Rodriguez guides developers through constructing a real Windows 8 Metro app from start to finish, using expert techniques and Microsoft-recommended coding patterns and practices.

Along the way, Rodriguez shares unprecedented insider insights into Windows 8 and Metro, making this an outstanding introduction to the platform for any developer. Readers will start by taking a “lap” around a typical Windows 8 Metro-style application, understanding its elements, how they fit together, and how Metro development differs from what they’ve done before.

Rodgriguez introduces Microsoft’s development tools and resources for Windows 8 Metro development, including Visual Studio 11, Expression Blend, and Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). Readers learn how to integrate data with REST, JSON, and XmlHttpRequest, use Microsoft’s new Metro controls and Store API, manage views, provide notifications, provide multi-touch interface support, integrate with hardware, the shell, and the Windows 8 OS, and much more.

Useful reference appendices present HTML5 and CSS3 standards, Metro design principles for developers, and more. I hope to contact and do an interview with the author in the future.

You can order the book from Amazon.

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