Sharp HEMS : Next Generation Home Energy Visualization System

Description :

Sharp is developing a next generation Home Energy Management System to manage and control consumer electronics (01/03/2012 on PV EXPO). 

The system provides a visualization of the amount of power consumed by devices individually and the home as a whole, and each device can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone

Next Generation HEMS - Photo 18

Sharp plans to release the Wi-Fi module used in this concept demonstration later in the year. 

"As you can see on the wall, there's a white box plugged into the socket, which measures power consumption. For example, over there, the TV's power consumption is being measured, and the measured data is sent by wireless connection to this tablet, so you can see how many watts the TV is using. This is the system we've developed, and we're now working on a commercial version."

Next Generation HEMS - Photo 6

The commercial version of this system will include five units and a router as a set, and the system will support up to 30 units simultaneously.

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"This demonstration includes not just visualization, but also control. For example, if you select "LED" like this, you can adjust the tone and brightness of the LED lighting. At the same time you can also check on the tablet how the adjustment changes the power consumption."

Next Generation HEMS - Photo 12
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As a part of the concept demonstration, the devices controlled include a Sharp TV, air-conditioner and refrigerator as well as the LED lighting. To actually utilize this system, each device needs to have a built-in receiver for remote control commands.

Next Generation HEMS - Photo 14
Next Generation HEMS - Photo 8

"Thinking about this from a customers perspective, we'd definitely like this to be able to control products made by manufacturers other than Sharp. We're currently discussing the unification of control protocols with the Government. It'll take another one or two years, but we think it will become possible to use, for example, a Sharp tablet to control products from other manufacturers."

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This system can also be used to manage total energy consumption in the home, by connecting it to solar generation systems and electric vehicles as well.

Next Generation HEMS - Photo 4

More on the video below :

Great video! I'm surprized they didn't use powerline aswell. I guess Wi-Fi supports more devices. That idea would take decades before it can accomodate for a large population. At least proof of concept is there, because that's what's most important. 

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