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Panasonic continues to expand its Eluga line of droids. Three summer models are the first to be released under the Japanese carrier NTT Docomo, Eluga power P-07D, ELUGA V P-06D and ELUGA Live P-08D.

The first is the Eluga power P-07D. My hands are a little bit big, but this is a 5-inch display. When you hear that it's 5-inch, you might imagine a bulky device that's hard to hold. But here, the bezel is very thin. So a feature of this model is that you get a 5-inch screen in a smartphone that's a regular size." 

"This model is mainly intended for Business people who are power users. Recently, some customers have said their battery runs down fast. So we've given this model a fast charging capability. It also comes with a dedicated AC adapter, for extra peace of mind."

"Another new model is the ELUGA V P-06D. This comes in various color schemes, as we wanted to offer a rather stylish smartphone. The coloring is intended to appeal to women especially."

"One feature common to both models is a unique application to enhance security. For example, everyone uses passwords, but this application provides better compound security, such as smart card authentication and pattern setting for account locking."

ELUGA Live P-08D :

"Finally, here's the ELUGA Live P-08D. This is designed to give a full-featured video experience. Naturally, it supports 1seg mobile TV, and it's also the first 10-inch model to support NOTTV. We hope this will help to make NOTTV even more widespread."

"This device is intended for families. It includes several illustrated children's books. This is a fun application, so for example, you can read aloud while watching the pictures move."

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