CNETTV : Beautiful and Powerful Dell XPS 14 - First Look

Description :
The latest high-end XPS laptop from Dell is a slick aluminum ultrabook with discrete graphics. It offers a minimal design that’ll be instantly familiar to Apple fans. The latest Intel processors and a beefy portion of RAM will hopefully make it your powerful, portable friend.

The flagship of Dell's revamped laptop line, the XPS 14 is a worthy competitor to something like the MacBook Pro, and the two systems share a similar aesthetic. But Dell's new Inspiron ultrabook is nearly as good, and a lot less expensive.

The Dell XPS 14 follows the XPS 13 ultrabook. Equipped with a 14-inch screen, dual-core Intel Core i7 running at 2.4 GHz, 8 gigabytes of RAM, 500 gigabyte HDD (with a 32 gig SSD for quick caching), and discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics, it certainly has horsepower to spare.

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