CNETTV : Panasonic's $30 Retro Headphones Rock!

Description :

With so many similarly spec'd headphones out there, sometimes it boils down to looks. 

With RP-HTX7s, Panasonic gave things a vintage twist. 

Check the old-school perforated leather headband, the generous cans connected to piano-wire sliders, and the muted beige and white colors, contrasting with the big, puffy black ear cushions. Classic looks in a plastic age.

These headphones boast a neodymium magnet and large-diameter 40mm driver units, ready to pump out the kind of crystal-clear highs, present mids, and hefty low-end you'd find with more premium price tags. A generous four-foot cord is suitable for home or portable use, and an ergonomic design and relatively light weight mean they're ready for long listening sessions.

These are built to last too, with tough dome housing to handle outdoor uses, and a gold-plated connector to resist corrosion and help ensure great sound. Check out their basic specs >>

RP-HTX7 Specifications :

- Drive Unit Diameter : 40mm

- Sensitivity : 99dB

- Maxium Input : 1000

- Frequency Response : 7 Hz - 22 kHz

- Cord Length : 3.9 feet/1.2 meters

- In-cord Volume : No

- 3.5mm Miniplug : Yes

- Air Plug Adaptor : No

- Plug : Gold

- Weight : 0.43 lbs

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