Could Your Business Run From a Tablet Computer?

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Think about your workplace, everyone sat in front of their monitors tapping away, but do we all really need to be shackled to our desks? 

Could Your Business Run From a Tablet Computer?

Image: Adam Grabek

Tablets can do some amazing things, but could they do everything you needed to in the office?

Test 1: 49 Unread E-mails

How many emails do you get a day? More than me? I very much doubt that! Really? That many? Ok, so you win (or lose depending on how you look at it). Well now you can have your e-mails at your fingertips wherever you go! What do you mean that sounds like your worst nightmare?

Test 2: Words Per Minute 

So, you may have your emails at the ready whenever you need them, but what about actually replying to them? You don’t want people to think that your ignoring them do you? No, of course not. So why don’t you sit there awkwardly tapping away? The worst thing about typing on a touch screen is that when you do inevitably look down and see a mess of words that resemble nothing more that alphabet spaghetti, there is no guarantee that your fat fingers will be able to hit the backspace button to get rid of them.

Test 3: The Big Presentation

Have you noticed how still the models hold their hands in the Apple TV adverts, so still in fact that you would be mistaken for thinking that they were actually robots. It’s just not natural. Well, in real life when you are trying to show your colleague a scatter graph of plummeting sales, you better make sure you have practiced standing still. It’s a million times easier for someone who is holding the tablet to read from it, but somehow handing it over feels like you are losing your sense of power and control. Not that you had any in the first place.

Test 4: The Client Meeting

Need to print out a sheet for everyone to see? Want to refer back to an e-mail you received but can’t access it on the conference room computer? Well yes, a laptop may do exactly the same job in this position but it definitely doesn’t look as cool.

Maybe tablets can just give you the edge in the client meetings stages of the day. The sophistication, smart presentation and slick interface all help when it comes to the presentation of your business.

Sure, you may need to do some work when it comes to application performance management to make sure your tablet business empire doesn’t come crashing down, but I think if you really wanted to, you could do it. You could run a business from a tablet. Office workers of the world, rise up from the shackles of your desks! No? Oh alright then, let’s go and have a coffee instead.

James Duval is an IT specialist living in the hope that one day we will all become robots and robo-boogie for the rest of our days. He writes for centeractive from his tech castle.

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