The Secret Side of Military Spending

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Did you realize that there's a secret side to exactly what the military spends its money on? Most people in our nation are not fully aware of what the money is being spent on. During the course of this year alone, $662 billion dollars have been spent for war.

The United States of America has become the location in the world that spends the most money on fighting. It spends 43 percent of all money annually on war; ironically, only five percent of the earth's population is in the United States. What does that say about how we feel about war? We spend more on our military than all other countries do combined.

It is interesting to see these military figures and realize just exactly where the money is being spent and where the money is going. It makes one wonder about the complete financial breakdown and where every single penny of military money is being spent.

Secret Side of Military Spending

From: Online Military Education

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