How To Survive a Nuclear Holocaust

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The Fukushima meltdown reminded a new generation of the danger posed by nuclear disasters. With one in three Americans living within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor, it is time to learn the basics of surviving nuclear contamination.

Radiation is invisible, but exposure can still be minimized. Internal contamination is up to 100 times more damaging to health than external exposure. This suggests several important steps to minimizing exposure. Radioisotopes should be viewed as dust potentially covering every surface of the home. Surfaces can be cleared using wet wipes and a wet-filter vacuum at least twice a day.

As airborne particles, radiation can be kept out of the home by sealing cracks with duct tape and recirculating air via an HVAC unit for 12 hours per day. More than a few minutes spent outdoors should be followed with a shower, and overalls or a duster worn over clothes while outside.

Survive a Nuclear Holocaust


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