The True Picture of Health

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The health sector is projected to account for $13,000 per capita spending in 2020, which is well over $4 trillion. Current spending is $8,311 per capita, and many are wondering where all this money comes from and where it goes. The largest share of spending is by the federal government at 29 percent with states picking up another 16 percent. Private sector spending, including out-of-pocket spending, health savings accounts, and insurance plans, comes from households at 28 percent of the total and business at 21 percent.

Where the money goes is a more difficult picture. The two largest chunks nominally go to hospitals at 37 percent and physicians/clinics at 23.6 percent. The size of the chunk taken by health insurers and administrators is a contentious topic. Spending is only part of the story as well. Heart disease alone is estimated to cost $444 billion each year, and this number includes lost income alongside surgeries, services and medications.

Health in America

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