Hack Your Workday

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If you can't remember the last time you went home at quitting time, you probably need to hack your work style. Start your day with a can-do attitude by tackling easy tasks first. As you build momentum and move on to bigger challenges, work in 20-minute periods. Set an alarm, then commit to an uninterrupted burst of productivity. When the alarm goes off, stop working immediately and take a brief walk to stay sharp and prevent restlessness.

Stay on track by controlling how you communicate. If you don't have to answer an email or instant message right away, don't. Holding your tongue for a few minutes can give you time to gather your thoughts or change your mind.

Finally, stay creative. Expose yourself to new ideas that challenge your views. Keep a kudos folder to look at when you feel stuck. And, if you're truly not getting anywhere, take a mental health day to recharge.

Work Hacks

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