10 Serious Usability Mistakes, You Must Never Do

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Usability relates to the user experience and satisfaction, which means to measure the satisfaction level when user visits your website. 

10 Serious Usability Mistakes, You Must Never Do

To have more satisfied and happy users, you need to develop and design an interactive interface. Let us have a quick discussion on the mistakes, which you must avoid on your website :

Breaking the Web Design and Development Rules

The major factor of the failure of every website is its inappropriate development. If you develop your website incorrectly or poorly then the user experience will be worst. Development of any website majorly focuses on its design. Users always expect logos to appear on the top left corner, header in middle, and search option on the top right corner. These are the standards, which are provided to each designer and he needs to follow them. If he will ignore those standards, then it will definitely create hassle in future. 

Pagination Used for the Wrong Purpose

Dividing content in many pages is called pagination. All those websites undergo pagination, which have lots of items i.e. gallery pictures, shopping cart, etc. Displaying too many items on one single page would leave a bad impact on the users. Instead of this, using the relevant pages i.e. order products page, product descriptions page, and much more is advised. 

Insufficient Padding and Margins 

Lack of sufficient padding and margins leave a bad impact on the users. You must provide users with visual comfort, which would surely let them spend a lot of time on your website. Basic CSS Box model can help you a lot in this regard because proper use of this CSS model would guarantee that your spacing would never interfere with any of your content. These little things must never be taken lightly. 

Duplicate Page Titles 

Page titles are texts we write within <title> tags. Creating generic title and then reusing it in the whole website is not recommended. It always leaves a poor impact on the usability as well as SEO standards of your website. Therefore, always use unique and attractive titles for your website.

Confusing Menus 

This refers to all those sites, which allow users to interact using various menus in different ways i.e. obscure menu titles, confusing menu structure, and improper use of menus. Remember, nobody likes to find a ‘contact us’ option in finance page. 

Content that is difficult to Scan 

To make your website more usable, you cannot only depend on the good design but you need to have a good copy too. Copy relates to the content available on your website. Along with design, you must provide users the text readability to process information. This is an essential part of maintaining usability.

Broken Links 

Broken links always give a bad user experience because they always create 404 Not Found Error for the visitor. That is why websites should be monitored regularly to avoid the broken links. 

Non Functional Buttons 

An awkward moment when you click any button on some website like submit, enter, signup, etc. and you get an error, this is broken or invalid database error. Moreover, you would be further teased by realizing that your data won’t be saved and you need to enter it again. This is one of the most basic usability flaws, you should avoid because this will push your users away from the site. Therefore, keep proper testing and maintenance of your website because the more you test, the more you will explore.

Extra Loading Time 

Humans cannot wait more than 6-8 seconds and if your website is taking more time to load, then don’t expect the visitors to return to it. This includes removal of unnecessary plug-ins, heavy flash usage, and much more. Therefore, try to focus on satisfying your customers instead of annoying them.

Presentation Through Pop-Ups 

In many cases, when the users visit the website, they have to turn on the pop-ups to view the content. It is never recommended to have them on any website because the users will always hate using those websites, which comprise of unstoppable pop-ups. It annoys them too much by constant interference and wasting their valuable time.

Final Words 

People usually do these mistakes and the user has to face the serious problems. You should avoid them for better usability and to enhance facilitation for the users.

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Now it's your turn... Are you making these web design mistakes? Let me know down below your thoughts and ideas. 

*by andreascy*