30 Years of Changes : Teenagers in 1982 and 2012

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It seems that every generation has some belief that the one which follows is degenerate. This is hardly a new observation; 3000 years ago, Greek poet Hesiod wrote that all youth "are reckless beyond words" and "impatient of restraint," unlike his own generation, which was taught "to be discrete and respectful of elders."

Are the high school students of 2012 really so different from their counterparts of 30 years ago? In 1982 a kid riding the bus to school might have listened to a Walkman, but today's teens have their music on MP3 players or cell phones. The technology has changed, but the musical purpose remains.

Graduation rates have dropped since 1982, but more students than ever are going on to college. Drug use and cigarette use has dropped considerably, and modern teens are far more likely to use protection during sex. The teenagers of 2012 may be more prepared to face the world than the teens of 1982 were.

Then vs Now: How Things Have Changed from 1982 to 2012

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