First Year Student Survival Tactics

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Going to college is scary and intimidating for those without an idea of how things work. The first step to survival might seem rather obvious. You would be surprised how many people miss the boat, though. That tip? Study for tests. You don't have to be a library hermit. You will want to put in the necessary time to prepare for tests, though. When you're prepared, college is not that hard.

Take your time choosing a major. Don't feel rushed into one particular field. Get to know yourself and your tastes. You have at least a year to make this very important decision.

Lastly, you will want to make some connections. Make friends with the people in your classes. Make friends with the TA or the professor of your favorite class. Down the road, you will probably need help from a few people. It will be a lot easier if you have put down the ground work prior to asking for help.

Ultimate Guide for Surviving Your First Year of College
Source : Top Colleges Online

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